Top Midnight Food Delivery in Perth

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Have you and your mates got a hankering for a beautiful, big, juicy beef patty, pressed on the grill, covered in melted cheese, beetroot and onions and sauce at 1am? Uh oh… you’ve all had a little too much to drink and can’t get anywhere *sad face*. Perth, don’t worry; you can get an Airtasker to do a midnight food delivery for you! In case you’re not sure what you’re craving, here are a few great places open late for Perth food delivery via Airtasker.

Alfred’s Kitchen, Guildford

That burger craving you’ve got… Alfred’s kitchen is still awake, serving up just the very thing! They started out as a hamburger stand being run from a caravan decades ago, and now serve close to 40 different types of burgers, not to mention chips, soups and homemade ice-cream. If your appetite is up for it, try the CRAM burger… beef, steak, bacon, egg, cheese, the lot, and get a side of their famous hot pea soup (be prepared to nap afterwards)!

Location: Corner of Meadow and James St, Guildford
Opening hours: Sun – Wed until midnight, Thurs until 1am and Fri – Sat until 3am
Phone: (08) 9377 1378
How to order and pay: You’ll need to get your Airtasker to order and pay upon pick-up, so make sure your post quote takes your order value into consideration.

Perth Food Delivery Alfreds Kitchen
Source: Alfred’s Kitchen

Anytime Deli, Burswood

The Anytime Deli on the Great Eastern Highway near the casino (known to locals as ‘the 24 hour deli’) is seriously one of the best ideas anyone ever had! You can get anything here, from chicken curry and rice, to toasted sandwiches and vegetarian burritos! Whatever your heart (and taste buds) desire you can get it from here.

Location: 277 Great Eastern Highway, Burswood
Opening hours: 24 hours, 7 days
Web: N/A
Phone: (08) 9361 6062
How to order and pay: You’ll need to get your Airtasker to order and pay upon pick-up, so make sure your post quote takes your order value into consideration.

chicken curry rice foter

Fast Eddy’s Perth, Perth

Another incredible 24 hour option (Perth must be the city that never sleeps!) midnight Perth food delivery. Fast Eddy’s is a magnificent café, steakhouse, burger restaurant offering all of the above and more. They do kiddies meals too so if you’ve got little ones who just won’t sleep you can feed them in the middle of the night too (although I heard you’re not meant to feed gremlins after midnight). The American style pork spare ribs are a sure winner, best washed down with a malted milkshake and banana split.

Perth food delivery Fast Eddys
Source: Fast Eddy’s Instagram

Location: 454 Murray St, Perth
Opening hours: 24 hours, 7 days
Phone: (08) 9321 2552
How to order and pay: You can call in advance to place your order, but you’ll need to get your Airtasker to pay upon pick-up, so make sure your posted price takes your order value into consideration.

How to hire an Airtasker for food delivery

The going rate for most food delivery tasks on Airtasker is about $20 (Airtasker), but you need to take a few other things into consideration:

• How far is the food pick-up location to the delivery location? 10 minutes is a big difference to 45…
• How much might it cost an Airtasker to get your food to you? Consider fuel expenses.
• Will you be able to pre-order and pay in advance, or does your payment to the Airtasker need to cover this cost?

To make it easier for everyone involved, make sure that your task includes the:

• Delivery suburb in the task title
• Pick-up location and delivery suburb details in the task description
• Pick-up and delivery date/time
• Details on how the food is being ordered and paid for

For more hot tips on how to hire an Airtasker for Perth food delivery, check out Food Delivery via Airtasker.

Written by: Airtasker Rhiannon Wordsworth

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