Top Midnight Food Delivery in Brisbane

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Have you ever found yourself sitting in bed at 11 o’clock at night and realised that you desperately need that Nutella pizza from that café on Park Road, but you can’t bear the thought of putting on your pyjamas and heading out at this time of night (it is a Tuesday after all…)? Sounds like you need a midnight food delivery.

Brisbane, why not get an Airtasker to do late night food delivery for you? You think that’s a great idea but you’re not sure what you want? Well here are some of the top eating quarters open late for Brisbane midnight food delivery via Airtasker.

Alfredos Pizzeria, Fortitude Valley

Alfredos will blow your damn mind! They have some of the most insane pizza combinations, but they just work! The Sweet Home Alabama is the traditional tasty, stretchy, Italian style pizza base, covered in popcorn chicken (yes, you read that right), Alfredo’s BBQ sauce, crispy pancetta and garlic mayo. I know it sounds too much, but trust me you won’t be sorry (or sick)! I’m kind of addicted to their porcini mushroom and cheese arancini balls too.

sweet home alabama alfredos instagram
Source: Alfredo’s Instagram

Alfredos does have a delivery service to the CBD for $5, but we’re talking a very small delivery zone, so unless you live in the city or valley, you probably can’t use it. But never fear… an Airtasker midnight food delivery can come to the rescue!

Location: 39 Alfred St, Fortitude Valley
Opening hours: Full menu until midnight, 7 days
Phone: (07) 3251 6555
How to order and pay: Order online via menulog and pay with a credit card, voucher, PayPal, or cash on pickup. Or alternatively, ask your Airtasker to place your order and pay in person. Tip: if paying with a credit card, you must present it when you pick up your order, so don’t use this payment method when hiring an Airtasker.

La Dolce Vita, Milton

That Pizza alla Nutella! You’re talking about that soft, warm dough, covered in gooey Nutella with fresh strawberries all over it, aren’t you? Well you’re in luck! La Dolce Vita is an Italian restaurant café open late seven days a week serving meals, desserts and awesome coffee. So jump on Airtasker and get that sweet pizza delivered to your doorstep quick smart!

nutella pizza la dolce vita milton
Source: La Dolce Vita Instagram

Location: 20 Park Rd, Milton
Opening hours: 7:00am – late, 7 days
Phone: (07) 3368 1191
How to order and pay: Order online via menulog and pay with a credit card, voucher, PayPal, or cash on pickup. Or alternatively, ask your Airtasker to place your order and pay in person.

The Pancake Manor, Brisbane City

It’s typical of Pancake Manor to offer pancakes, but that’s not all they serve! Have you got a craving for a 300 gram grain fed rib eye steak at 3am? Pancake Manor + Airtasker = steak love in the middle of the night. You can get pancakes, crepes, steaks, salads, nachos, wedges and more, delivered to your door via Airtasker, at whatever time of the night you wish.

pancakes and waffles pancake manor instragram
Source: Pancake Manor

Location: 18 Charlotte St, Brisbane City
Opening hours: 24 hours, 7 days
Phone: (07) 3221 6433
How to order and pay: You can call in advance to place your order, but you’ll need to get your Airtasker to pay upon pick-up, so make sure your posted price takes your order value into consideration.

Fat Noodle, Brisbane City

Another late night offering, hallelujah! Fat Noodle is located in the Treasury Casino at the top of Queen St, and offers an Asian fusion menu thanks to the talented celebrity chef, Luke Nguyen. I’d highly recommend the laksa.

mixed asian salad fat noodle instagram
Source: Treasury Casino

Location: Treasury Casino building (top of the Queen St mall), Brisbane City
Opening hours: Sun – Thurs until 11pm, Fri – Sat until midnight
Phone: (07) 3306 8888
How to order and pay: You’ll need to get your Airtasker to order and pay upon pick-up, so make sure your post quote takes your order value into consideration.

How to hire an Airtasker for food delivery

The going rate for most food delivery tasks on Airtasker is about $20 (Airtasker), but you need to take a few other things into consideration:

• How far is the food pick-up location to the delivery location? 10 minutes is a big difference to 45…
• How much might it cost an Airtasker to get your food to you? Consider fuel expenses.
• Will you be able to pre-order and pay in advance, or does your payment to the Airtasker need to cover this cost?

To make it easier for everyone involved, make sure that your task includes the:

• Delivery suburb in the task title
• Pick-up location and delivery suburb details in the task description
• Pick-up and delivery date/time
• Details on how the food is being ordered and paid for

For more hot tips on how to hire an Airtasker for food delivery, check out Food Delivery via Airtasker.

Written by: Airtasker Rhiannon Wordsworth

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