Top Midnight Food Delivery in Adelaide

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It’s 11:30pm and you want tea smoked duck, but you can be bothered getting in the car and driving down to Gouger St to get it… Adelaide, did you know that you can order your duck and get an Airtasker to do late night food delivery for you? Yes, it’s a new thing, but we think it’ll catch on! Want to try it? Here are a few great places open late for Adelaide food delivery via Airtasker.

Ying Chow Chinese Restaurant, Adelaide

Ying Chow Chinese is located in the heart of Radelaide’s food district, serving up excellent quality Chinese at reasonable prices. Locals say the shallot pancakes are must have, along with the red vinegar pork ribs, Chinese broccoli in garlic sauce, and of course you already know you want the tea smoked duck. Their reliable quality and late opening hours will keep your tummy happy any night of the week.

Midnight Adelaide Food Delivery
Source: Ying Chow Facebook

Location: 114 Gouger St, Adelaide
Opening hours: Sun – Thurs until 12:45am, Fri – Sat until 1am
Web: N/A, but you check Facebook
Phone: (08) 8211 7998
How to order and pay: You can call in advance to place your order, but you’ll need to get your Airtasker to pay upon pick-up, so make sure your posted price takes your order value into consideration.

San Giorgio, Adelaide

If you’re looking for late night eats in Adelaide, you cannot go past San Giorgio on Rundle St. The name gives it away; they’re an Italian pizzeria serving up the expected pizza and pasta repertoire, but they also do some magnificent chicken, steaks, seafood and salads!

If there are a couple of you, grab one of their meal deals and a tiramisu for a shared midnight snack (or just order it for yourself, we don’t judge). They do have a delivery service for a price and minimum order of $20, but depending on where you are, they may not reach you. Airtasker food delivery is a great way to get around that.

Midnight Adelaide Food Delivery
Source: San Giorgio

Location: 217 Rundle St, Adelaide
Opening hours: Open past midnight, 7 days (check opening hours here)
Phone: (08) 8223 1700
How to order and pay: Order online via menulog and pay with a credit card, voucher, PayPal, or cash on pickup. Or alternatively, ask your Airtasker to place your order and pay in person.

East Taste Cafe, Adelaide

The Asian food scene is strong in Adelaide, so it’s no surprise that we have another Gouger Street special open until midnight. East Taste is where the hospo staff choose to dine after their shifts. They serve up incredible, modern Asian fusion dishes and even cater for the vegan crowd.

If you’re unsure what you want, you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you just call up and ask for whatever’s going on the specials board. Right now their feature dish is fresh scallops on the shell with XO sauce (Source: East Taste). If that doesn’t tickle your fancy (as if it wouldn’t!), the salt and pepper eggplant is said to be one of their best dishes. Yes please!

east taste scallops
Source: East Taste Cafe

Location: 119 Gouger St, Adelaide
Opening hours: Until 1am every night, except Sat which is until 2am. Not open on Mondays.
Phone: (08) 8231 0268
How to order and pay: You can call in advance to place your order, but you’ll need to get your Airtasker to pay upon pick-up, so make sure your posted price takes your order value into consideration.

How to hire an Airtasker for Adelaide food delivery

The going rate for most food delivery tasks on Airtasker is about $20 (Airtasker), but you need to take a few other things into consideration:

• How far is the food pick-up location to the delivery location? 10 minutes is a big difference to 45…
• How much might it cost an Airtasker to get your food to you? Consider fuel expenses.
• Will you be able to pre-order and pay in advance, or does your payment to the Airtasker need to cover this cost?

To make it easier for everyone involved, make sure that your task includes the:

• Delivery suburb in the task title
• Pick-up location and delivery suburb details in the task description
• Pick-up and delivery date/time
• Details on how the food is being ordered and paid for

For more hot tips on how to hire an Airtasker for food delivery, check out Food Delivery via Airtasker.

Written by: Airtasker Rhiannon Wordsworth


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