How to write a good task post:

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July 2013 - blog

Whilst there is no such thing as a “good” or a “bad” posted task, here are some simple tips that can help get your task completed as easily and quickly as possible:

The Do’s: 

1. Details – When describing your task, be as detailed as possible and include any specific skills, experience or equipment required including tools, dress code or vehicle.
2. Location – make sure you include your suburb in the location field so that local Airtaskers know where they will need to go. We won’t share your specific address details until you find an Airtasker that you are 100% happy with.
3. Urgent Timing – if your task is super urgent or your time availability is limited, emphasise this in the task description so Airtaskers can plan around your schedule.
4. Multiple Airtaskers – If you require more than one person to complete your task, make sure you post one task for each Airtasker required.
Images and docs – Where possible, attach a photo, document or instructions that can help explain the task in further detail.
5. Catchy headers – feel free to use relevant words like “important”, “ugent” or “today” in your task title to attract attention from Airtaskers browsing the task feed.
6. Re-posting – if you’re notified that your task hasn’t been picked up, don’t be shy about updating the details and re-posting.  Sometimes tasks don’t get picked up because there aren’t available Airtaskers in the area at the exact time or because there isn’t enough detail in the task description. Consider adding additional details such as estimated time, location or other specifics about the task.

The Dont’s:

1. Pricing – when posting a task, don’t be worried about setting the “right price” for the job.  Airtaskers can always offer you a higher or lower price to make sure you reach a fair agreement and there is no obligation to select an Airtasker until you’re 100% happy with the person and the price.
2. Payment – make sure that the price you include is the total price you are offering the Airtasker to complete the task and not just an hourly rate.  For example, if you are willing to pay $20 per hour and estimate the task will take about 3 hours, the amount that you set for the task should be $60.
3. Private contact details – to protect your privacy, don’t put contact information such as phone number, email address or physical address in the task description or task wall.  Once you assign an Airtasker to your task, you can provide these details via our secure private messaging system.
4. Commissions and rewards – when posting a task, the amount that you offer to pay the Airtasker should not be dependent only on “making a sale” or referring a customer.  It’s fine to offer an extra reward or tip if the Airtasker does a great job, but this should be on top of the base price you’ve set for completing the task.

With these handy hints, there’s no reason to be shy – it’s time to get task posting!

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