House Painting Hacks

By airtasker

Source: Quartzite House painting is not just a big job, but a huge job. It’s messy, time consuming and frustrating; "House Painting Hacks"

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house painting tips
Source: Quartzite

House painting is not just a big job, but a huge job. It’s messy, time consuming and frustrating; not to mention the paint fumes are enough to make you wish you’d contracted a professional. Painting your house is never going to be a stress-free task, but it can be made easier and quicker with a few house painting ideas, tips and tricks to help you along the way.

1. Outsource

Don’t worry we’re not talking about this costing thousands but *spoiler alert* this could be the best hack of them all. Getting someone to help you out regardless if you put up a Airtasker painting task, ask your makes or family, it will make an enormous difference – even if it’s just to keep you company.

2. Plan

It’s not as easy as heading to Bunnings, picking up some paint tins and slopping it on the walls hoping to be done by lunch. You need to plan:
– What and how to cover furniture.
– When are you going to paint – perhaps a long weekend.
– What tools you need e.g. spray gun, brushes, rollers, sand paper

After all there’s nothing worse than getting ready to go and realising you forgot to buy the paint roller.

house painting planning
Source: Calendariu

3. The paint

Don’t just think about colour. Think about finishes, the base of the paint and so forth. Talk to your local paint shop about what would suit your home best and don’t be afraid to take some sample pots to try out suggestions.


Wash your roller thoroughly or run over it with a lint roller before you start. This will eliminate the fuzzy bits getting stuck in your paint job.

5. Primers

If you are painting over previously painted walls, run a swab with some rubbing alcohol over your old-painted walls. If paint comes off, the surface is latex-based paint and if it doesn’t, it’s oil-based paint. This is important as oil-based paint needs a primer.

Speaking of primer, use one. It will make your job look cleaner and last a lot longer.

6. Prepare

Hate cleaning up after painting? Then don’t. Line your paint tray with a plastic bag so you don’t have to wash it up after your job is done.

Buy some old sheets from St. Vincent de Paul or The Salvation Army to place over your floor. They are super cheap and won’t have you giving up your spare room linen.

7. Painting furniture

If you are painting chairs, lightly tap some nails into the legs of the chairs. Voila, you can now paint all over without leaving paint marks on the floor.

Same goes with bigger items; prop them up on blocks of wood to get optimum access with your paint brush.

8. Painting tips

When painting, run your roller in a ‘w’ shape – like a zig zag. This will give the best finish when dry.

house painting hacks
Source: Recycle Torrance

If you are painting on concrete, fear not! All you have to do it coat it with white vinegar and let that dry before painting over the top. This will prevent the paint from cracking.

9. External painting

If you are painting outside, consider hiring a spray-painting system. It will save you a lot of time and will give you an excellent finish.

10. Painting hacks

Put Vaseline over screws and hinges so they won’t get paint on them if you run over them with your paintbrush.

The paint fumes driving you mental? Cut up some onions and leave them around the room; this will neutralise the smell (just don’t eat the onions afterward). For a more pleasant smell, add an extract to your paint, such as peppermint or vanilla, and mix in as much as possible. This counteracts fumes and will leave your house smelling beautiful.

This article was written by Airtasker – Zoe T.

Got any other painting tips? Let us know in the comments below!



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  1. Jasmine

    Put paintbrushes in an air tight container in the fridge to save washing them up all the time

  2. Chris D

    Again some good tips. Just a note on fumes. Sometimes acrylic (water based Paint) can be just as smelly as the enamels. Onions around the room are good although I use lemons cut into quarters in bowls of cold water.
    However some people will never have their houses painted due to the fumes and the fact that they are highly sensitive to chemicals.
    There are organic paints on the market that contain only natural products and give off a citrus smell. These have been round for some time and although more expensive certainly are worth considering.
    Happy Painting. Cheers Chris d

  3. Vasko

    select color which helpful to change your mood

  4. vdplastering

    for house must choose ECO-friendly paint and must have pre plan for it.

  5. new house painting

    painting in a “w” motion is something i had never thought of. thanks for sharing that tip!

  6. Edmond Vandergraff

    I agree, I have never thought about painting in a W motion. I am going to have to try that next time that I paint my house. I could definitely agree that hiring a spray painting system makes outdoor painting a lot easier. You can get it very smooth depending on the kind of sprayer that you use. http

  7. Ellen Banks

    I recently started a painting project but noticed the roller would leave little hairs in the paint. Your suggestion to run the brush over a lint roller first is a great idea. This should help my problem and improve quality of the paint job.

  8. Jack

    Your tips just got me motivated enough to silent that voice within me saying “I couldn’t paint”….thanks mate!

  9. I agree that a plan is essential if this type of thing is ever going to get done. For whatever reason, I am more motivated to purchase and arrange decor than to paint a room, and it recently created a problem when I redid my room. The whole thing was decorated exactly how I wanted but the paint was still a neon blue that clashed with virtually everything. Painting a room is easy and you’d be surprised how enjoyable it is if you can convince yourself that you do in fact have the time. Thank you for the detailed information on how to properly paint inside a house like this!

  10. James Hobusch

    I have been trying to find a way to make the process of having the house painted a lot easier. I like what this article said about putting nails on the feet of furniture. That is a god way to get it off the ground without having to turn it upside down. Thanks for the tips!

  11. Veronica Marks

    I never thought of running my roller over a lint roller before starting. I’ve definitely had fuzzy bits in my paint in the past and never really figured out why! I’ll try that this time and hopefully it will eliminate those little pieces of debris.

  12. Oliver

    Thanks for the great information. useful information about house painting. Especially about the colours!

  13. Paul Marchant

    I read your blog and it was nice you are describe briefly about house painting so it was awesome…..and I agree with you

  14. Gregory Willard

    My wife and I have been looking at different colors for our house for a while now. I had no idea that you should run a lint roller over your rollers before you use them. I think that it’s a great idea to minimize the error room. Thanks for the tips.

  15. john Mahoney

    I didn’t realize that when painting it was best to run the roller in a “w” shape. It makes sense that this would help your paint job look better when it is dry as well as help you not get tired as fast. I will give this a try and see how it goes. Thank you for sharing.