Home To-Do List – June

By Katie

Winter has arrived and brought a nice chill along with it. Whether you like snuggle up with a good book "Home To-Do List – June"

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Winter has arrived and brought a nice chill along with it. Whether you like snuggle up with a good book or would rather jet off to the northern hemisphere to escape the cold, your home will need a bit of love and attention to pull through the chill. Here’s your home to-do list for June:

Keep the heat in
If you’re spending big bucks on air-conditioning and heating, make sure your home is equipped to retain it as much as possible. The main thing here is insulation however that’s not something that everyone can fix if they’re on a budget or leasing. There are small things that you can do to help though.

  • If you don’t have curtains on your windows, get them. Make sure that you draw your curtains when the heating is on, so that the heat doesn’t escape.
  • Close the doors to rooms you aren’t using to heat up your main living rooms faster.
  • Stop drafts with an old-fashioned sand snake and place under the doors where draughts could come in.

Clean is key
It can be easy to keep the doors closed and put off house cleaning however with prime cold and flu season it’s important to keep the cleaning up as much as possible, so that your home remains germ free.

Rake the garden
As the leaves fall, make sure that you continue to rake them up so that your garden remains clean and tidy. It’s also important because the grass and plants under the fallen leaves need all the sun they can get so they continue to stay healthy through winter.

June long weekend DIY
Got something on your DIY wishlist? A long weekend is the perfect timing. Just make sure you’re well prepared with a plan and all the equipment you need so that you don’t waste any time getting started.

Review your finances
It’s a good time of year to reconsider you insurance and other financial expenses as competitors tend to have ‘deals’ in the lead up to the end of the financial year. Think about your health insurance, phone/ internet and cable contracts, home loans, power bills and maybe treating yourself to a new set of wheels.

Decorate on the cheap
End of financial year means only one thing – SALES! Grab yourself a bargain on some lovely things for your home and even new appliances if it’s time for an upgrade.

Mould is gross but when there’s a lot of moisture in a space that’s warm (like your home) it thrives. It’s important to stay on top of it and remove as soon as it appears. Not only will it ruin your home and clothes, but it’s one of the worst things for your health – deadly even.

We’ve put together all the ways that you can remove mould for you.

Do you have any other tips for things to do in your home in June? Let us know in the comments below.



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