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Airtasker Badges

By airtasker

Badges help to build trust in the Airtasker community and give Job Posters more information when deciding who to work with on a task.

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Badges help to build trust in the Airtasker community and gives Job Posters more information when deciding who to work with on a task. When specific requirements are met, a Badge is shown on a member’s profile.

There are three different types of Badges on Airtasker:

  • ID Badges
  • Licence/ Qualification Badges
  • Partner Badges

ID Badges

ID Badges are our way of showing that members are who they say they are. Everyone who holds one (or more) of these has verified their identity with us in some way, with different kinds of Badges showing what’s been proven.

Here are the ID Badges available right now:

CommBank Identified Stand out & let other members know CommBank has confirmed your identity.
Police Check Badge Provide peace of mind to other members by successfully completing a Police Check.
Australia Post Digital iD Give members a greater level of comfort and trust in choosing you for key tasks and verify your identity with Australia Post’s Digital iD.
Payment Method Make and receive payments with ease by having your payment method verified.
Mobile Verified when you join Airtasker, this allows you to receive instant task notifications and to make free calls via Airtasker.
Facebook Connect your Facebook profile to build your online social reputation.
LinkedIn Connect your professional Linkedin profile to build your online social reputation.
Twitter Connect your Twitter profile to build your online social reputation.

Commbank Identified

We’ve joined forces with CommBank to offer you the CommBank Identified Badge.

It’s available to any member who is a CommBank customer, and will be displayed once a member’s full name and date of birth on Airtasker are verified against their CommBank details.

To ensure verifications remain current, the CommBank Identified Badge will be re-verified from time to time.

Apply for the CommBank Identified Badge


Important notes:

CommBank has no knowledge of and makes no representation of any member’s ability to perform the tasks they bid for and takes no responsibility for services not delivered or completed to the desired standard.

Police Check Badge

A Police Check Badge is only added to a member’s profile if they do not have a Disclosable Court Outcome (i.e. the Airtasker Member has a clean police history check) as notified to Airtasker by our verifications provider, and their name and date of birth details on Airtasker match those provided for the police check.

Apply for the Police Check Badge

Learn more about how to add the badge.

For more information about our verifications provider, RISQ, visit this page.

Australia Post’s Digital iD Badge

Give members a greater level of comfort and trust in choosing you for key tasks and verify your identity with Australia Post’s Digital iD.

To get the Badge on your profile, simply complete the application process and if successful the Digital iD Badge will be added. That way, a Job Poster can be reassured that you’ll be the one to do their task.

Apply for the Digital iD Badge

Licence / Qualification Badges

When you’re looking at getting someone in to do a serious bit of work, like electrical work for example, you want to know the person that’s doing it has the ability to do what they say they can do. While Airtasker has built-in functions to help you check out the quality of a Worker’s skills (Reviews and Completion Rate), it can be helpful to know they also have the training and legal approval to do it!

That’s where Licence and Qualification Badges come in. Each represents a trade that the owner is qualified and/or licensed to do in a certain state. Make sure you see the paper version in person when they come to the job though, just to be sure.

Here are the Licence / Qualification Badges available right now:

Electrical Badge

Let members know you’ve got the paperwork to properly do electrical work in Australia.

Apply for the the Electrical Badge 

Partner Badges

As time goes on, more and more companies are realising just how useful Airtasker can be! Apply for these Badges and fulfil their criteria so you can offer on and complete tasks for with that requirement.

IKEA Badge

Handy with an Allen key? Let members know and start assembling Swedish furniture. You’ll get exclusive access to hundreds of IKEA jobs in your area.

Apply for the IKEA Badge


 Follow these steps to add a Badge to your profile:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Verifications
  • Select Add next to the badge




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  1. Isaac

    Yes indeed. amazing how Airtasker quite literally get it all together in one platform and in so easy a way for everyone.
    Quite impressive use of tech!!! Will be uploading my police check shortly.

  2. Adam

    How do i get in contact with a task poster like how do i recieve phone numbers

  3. Vineet Govani

    Digital iD does not work

  4. Rachel Bennett

    By them assigning you

  5. Katie

    Hi Vineet, You should be able to apply for it now. Please let us know if you have any other issues.

  6. Harvey

    Do you have to get a badge if you’re only a job poster?

  7. Steve

    Pretty annoying the commbank one requires twitter and linkedin, i have neither of those social platforms and dont want them

  8. Aimee Wilson

    What the… why on earth is this even important? Airtasker already have 2 of my social platform profiles, my mobile, bank details, and now this — passport, Postal digital ID, or Certification? If clients want any of these, we can always share them our other certification and identity. Now Airtasker is keeping a database of its members/workers’ other personal details?!? That is not right. Will you be using our information for third party companies?

  9. fabiola

    i will like continued Airtasker, but don’t make complicated the access. Regards.

  10. Adam L

    I think it’s quite unfair that you don’t take applications for airtasker pro anymore. Judging on those who have it it’s simply awarded for being on airtasker early enough instead of on actual skills or qualifications.

  11. Tracey de Roo

    Digital Id does not work. Mine was with airtasker 5th Sept. Pro badge has gone but no sign of Digital id badge

  12. Andrea

    unable to get digital ID- just going around and around in circles…Is it just me??

  13. Robert Fensham

    How do I get in contact with you?
    I have assigned a job of removing trees to later find out that not only does he not have chainsaws etc, but has no tree-felling experience. What do I do if this is the only way to contact you. Please reply asap

  14. Nick Weigall

    Why is it you don’t have to verify trade certificates?

  15. Peter

    Hi folks, definitely need more licensed badges for skills such as plumbing and building.

  16. Julie Knight

    Why do I need to give credit cards details before I can discuss the job with the contractor? Is the money taken upfront?

  17. Julie Mc Donald

    Somewhat useful, I’m scared of this because it’s new🤓

  18. Bevan Knowles

    How do I get in contact with Airtasker for any queries?
    I have completed tasks however my profile says no completion rate. Could I please be contacted?

  19. Dallas danahar

    Have accepted an offer how do I contact the worker to arrange time & date for job

  20. David Baillache

    How do I reply to an tasker that has assigned me a task

  21. David Baillache

    I have tried everything possible to get the badges and payment account but not successful