Valentine’s Day Tasks on Airtasker

From flowers to chicken nugget deliveries on February 14th - we see plenty of lovely tasks posted at this time of year...

Valentine’s Day Tasks on Airtasker

It’s that time of year again when the price of roses triple (or maybe even more), teddy bears take over shop windows and delicious chocolates are the norm. But on Airtasker we see people thinking outside of the box with romantic dates set up, musicians are the hot ticket and favourite food deliveries are far superior.

Here are some other creative ideas for Valentine’s Day that you could easily get done with Airtasker:

Picnic Set Up

A picnic is nothing new, however, you can add an extra special touch by hiring an Airtasker to pick up everything and set it up for you. They won’t even have an inkling of what you have planned.

Picnic set up

I’m looking for someone to set up a picnic for me at kangaroo point on the big V day, I’ll supply everything I just need you set it up in a particular spot and mind it until we arrive. We will get there around 6:30/7pm. Need to be able to make it look pretty and presentable 🙂

Price: $60

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Borrow a Puppy

If you’re a renter it probably means you can’t have a pet at home. So if you’re coupled-up with a someone who tends to squeal at the sight of one, you could borrow one for an hour or so as a special treat.

Let me borrow your pup on valentines day morning

Dear airtaskers,

I saw a post on here a couple of days ago from a guy looking to borrow a dog for his girlfriend, and I thought it was an awesome idea.

I’m looking to do the same for my partner on valentines day morning. I’m located in Rushcutters Bay, and you’d need to pick up and drop off. We’d just take it for a walk around Rushcutters and hang out with it in the grass and stuff.

Preferred breeds are:
1. French Bulldog
2. Pug
3. Kaboodle

After that, it’s pretty much free game.

*this is because we live in apartments and, therefore, can’t have our own dogs

Price: $60

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Want some more original Valentine’s Day ideas? Read our quirky Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Favourite Foods

Now, this one is a bit different, however, if your partner loves a certain type of food (think pizza, doughnuts or even baguettes) – you can get their favourite food delivered straight to their doorstep for a yummy surprise. This is great for guys and girls because let’s face it, the way to anyone’s heart is their stomach.

Buy 5 baguettes from sydney’s best bakeries

my bf gets baguettes in the mail from his mum in france. need i say more? he hasn’t found a decent baguette in sydney he claims.
for valentine’s day i want to him to have a good baguette! we’ll need to try a few though. here’s where you come in:
i want you to go to 5 different bakeries and pick up one baguette from each. they need to be ranked within the best 10 bakeries in sydney. happy to have you suggest a list beforehand. i googled the ten best and it’s pretty obvious, here
s a few:
bourke street bakery
la renaissance in the rocks

please deliver fresh on valentine’s day between 1pm and 4pm to CBD location. will confirm details.
pls expense out of pocket.

Price: $40

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Deliver Messina

I would like Messina delivered to west Ryde ?

Price: $49

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Sing a Tune

Do you have a special couple song? Or maybe you would just like to organise the ultimate surprise by getting someone to go to their home, workplace or even show up over a bite of lunch and sing a song.

From an Al Green classic to Top Gun – there are endless options!

Musician to play Ed Sheeran songs for valentines

Guitar preferable, next Wednesday night about 6 in Quinn’s Rocks WA

Price: $100

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Sing my GF the Top Gun song

I’m looking for a guy to sing the Top Gun bar song to my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day.

Price: $5

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If sticking to something original is more you, no one ever said no to flowers – especially roses. They can be a tricky item to find on the day if you’ve left it last minute. An Airtasker can help you pick the flowers and also some chocolates on the way.

Deliver a dozen red roses on Valentines Day

Need a dozen red roses delivered to Yugumbir State School on Valentines Day 14th February between 9am and 3pm.
Deliver to the office.
Should be wrapped in a ribbon/paper and look nice, and be labeled with the recipients name

Price: $30

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Have you got any other romantic ideas? Let us know in the comments below!


How to get in the good books this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here again and while love is in the air for some, February 14 is a day others "How to get in the good books this Valentine’s Day"

How to get in the good books this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here again and while love is in the air for some, February 14 is a day others fear, especially the pressure that comes with planning something special. If romantic gestures aren’t quite your forte, or if you’re just after an extra set of hands to plan a memorable date, Airtasker is the best way to take care of Valentine’s Day this year.

From getting some flowers delivered or preparing the perfect romantic dinner, to organising a night in or planning a special surprise, a little help never goes astray.

Here are a few easy tips and tricks to help you get in the good books and impress that special someone this Valentine’s Day.

Take the night off
Treat your Valentine to the ultimate romantic night and go that extra mile to make it a memorable experience that would impress Cupid himself. Particularly great for tired mums or those struggling to find baby sitters, a night in can be more special than venturing out.

Cut out all the hard work and skills required to prepare dinner for someone and make your Valentine feel like one in a million. Hire an Airtasker to wait on your every need and be your very own personal butler personal butler!

Butler for valentines evening

Cook up a storm
Restaurants are great, but if you don’t plan ahead, securing a booking on Valentine’s Day might be out of the question. Save yourself the hassle of ringing around and opt for a private dining experience in the comfort of your own home with a personal chef.

If you have the ideas for the perfect dish but don’t have the culinary skills needed to back it up, get a master chef earn you a few extra brownie points to cook for you.

Personal Chef Valentines Day

Romantic cooking and dinner serving

Surprise them with a gift

Delivering gifts to a special someone is a small gesture that goes a long way. Surprise your Valentine with a heartfelt gift this Tuesday. This one will score you bonus points, especially if your Valentine gets to open their gift in front of their colleagues and create a bit of office envy.

Deliver Valentines Gift to partners work at night

Play some smooth tunes

We all know the perfect date isn’t complete without the right music. Give your Valentine an intimate experience they will love. Set a romantic mood and serenade your date without needing to have a musical bone in your body. Hire an Airtasker to come to your house or nearby date spot to play some romantic music that will keep you in the good books for a long time coming.

Musician for valentines day dinner

Win them over with cuddles
Sure, your date probably thinks you’re great, but chances are they’ll have an extra soft spot for small furry animals. Play the cute card and hire a puppy or kitten for some valuable cuddle time. It’s a fun way to put a smile on your date’s face and it might even score you some cuddles of your own.


cat copy

For more creative ways to show your love this Valentine’s Day check out these ideas.

Quirky Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s that time of year again where love is in the air, and loved up couples enjoy a special day "Quirky Valentine’s Day Gifts"

Quirky Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s that time of year again where love is in the air, and loved up couples enjoy a special day dedicated to their love for each other. But gone are the days of red roses and teddy bears, make your better half giggle this February the 14th with a quirky Valentine’s Day gift.

Not only will you get a smile but possibly a cuddle and maybe even a kiss if you’re really lucky 😉

So save your pennies this year and let the Airtasker Cupid take care of you.

Breakfast in bed

Win their heart before they even get out of bed with some breakfast in bed. For extra points put an extra special touch rather than the usual OJ, eggs and toast.

Cut out a heart in the toast or buy a ‘I love you’ toast stamper.

Source: Sequel Magazine

Source: Amazon

Get the heart racing

Experience an adrenaline rush together with a couples bungee jump, it’s something you’ll always remember. Head over to RedBalloon to pick up your voucher (and don’t forget to put it in a cute valentines day cards). This is a great quirky Valentine’s Day gift for him.

couple bungee jumping
Source: eicheleadventures


Show me a girl who doesn’t love jewellery however go for something a little more significant to your relationship. Get something meaningful like these bracelets that have any coordinates you like on them. Whether it’s the place you first got together, got married or any other special date, she will love this.

coordinates bracelet
Source: Coordinates Collections

Get personal

A personalised gift will mean so much more than a box of chocolates (unless your partner really loves chocolate).

LoveJFrame is a family business run in Melbourne and they make gifts with scrabble pieces in a picture frame. You could spell your names, reference a special time or even ask them to marry you (no pressure!!).

Source: LovejFrame

Treat them

Why not give them a rest from household duties for a week such as cleaning, gardening or cooking. You could hire an Airtasker for house cleaning while you are out wining and dining your better half so you have an extra surprise when you get home.


Go tech

Why not build a personalized website just for them. You could upload your favourite photos, video and a romantic note. You could go a step further and make an app or game for them to explore.

Art = Love

If it looks like it might be poor weather why not stay indoors and get creative. Buy a blank canvas and paints to make your own piece of art together. It could turn out to be something fantastic, or it could be terrible but at least you’ll have some laughs either way.

Source: Shelterness


If you have the patience, make a DIY Valentine’s Day gift this year.

Good in the kitchen? Make some cute Hershey’s Kisses or personalised fortune cookies.

valentines day kisses
Source: Pixshark

Source: Her Campus

On a budget? Tell your partner how you feel with post it notes or get some helium balloons to leave notes and your favourite images dangling on as a lovely surprise when they get home from work.

post it valentines day

valentines day balloon diy

Source: Pinterest

So think outside the chocolate box this Valentine’s Day and get your quirky on.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!