Must-Know Spring Gardening Tips

As we start to enjoy more time outside, it’s time to bring our gardens back into tip-top shape. This will "Must-Know Spring Gardening Tips"


As we start to enjoy more time outside, it’s time to bring our gardens back into tip-top shape. This will require a bit of time and dedication, but once you’ve finished you’ll have a lovely garden to relax in and enjoy.

Clear Out
Over winter your garden can become quite neglected and there can be a build up of debris which needs to be removed.

Before you start planting, make sure you have the perfect canvas to work with but removing any leaves, dead plants/ trees and weeds.

Test Soil
If you’re thinking about planting, before you spend big on the plants, use a soil pH test in several areas of the garden. This will give you an indication of how to enrich the soil to get to the optimum level.

Be Organised
It’s easy to accumulate tools, maintenance products and seeds over time. Make sure you clean out the shed and remove anything you don’t use or need.

You could even just keep the absolute essentials in a cute little crate and put some wheels on the bottom so it’s easy to move around the garden.

Source: Country Living

Prepare Garden Beds
Before you jump into planting, make sure you correctly prepare the garden beds so they are the ideal environment for new plants to flourish. As well as removing weeds and debris, you’ll also need to spread around from compost and turn the soil.

Get Planting
Dress up your cleaned up garden with some flowers and plants from your local nursery. Or, if seeds is more your thing, speed up the germination process by soaking the seeds for 12-24 hours in water. Then you can plant the seeds directly and you should see your plants sprouting much faster.

Source: Cress Info

Add Mulch
Keep your garden looking fantastic by topping off the soil with some mulch. This will keep the weeds at bay, whilst also helping with temperature regulation and holding water.

Source: American Earthworks

Lawn Care
Be careful not to forget about that luscious lawn. Make sure you cut the grass and trim the edges. Also attack any weeds before they grow out of control with the increased sunlight.

Don’t forget to feed it too with some lawn food.