Price Guide: Airtasker Tasks

Not sure what to price an Airtasker task? We’ve put together a clever cheat sheet so you know exactly what "Price Guide: Airtasker Tasks"

Price Guide: Airtasker Tasks

Not sure what to price an Airtasker task?

We’ve put together a clever cheat sheet so you know exactly what to budget for and set the price of your next task. This makes it simpler and quicker to post a task.

Please note: The amounts below are just a rough guide to get you started and from there Airtaskers will make you an offer and you will be able to negotiate a fair price.

Handyman & Tradesmen tasks

Basic: from $30/hr Skilled: from $50/hr Professional: from $90/hr
No specialist skills required

Basic tools e.g. hammer and screwdriver

Some skill required e.g. basic certification

Power tools e.g. sander and drill

Qualified skills e.g. current certificate in discipline required for task

Specific tools e.g. Drop saw and nail guns

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Delivery & removals

Small item: from $28/hr Larger item: from $60/hr Moving: from $100/hr
Easy to carry e.g. flowers and chocolates

Suitable for foot/ public transportation

Car may be required and price per km should be considered

In a large box or package e.g. IKEA furniture

Car required and price per km should be considered

Furniture and heavy items e.g. Fridge or lounge

Truck or van required


Routine clean: from $28/hr Deeper clean: from $30/hr Spring clean: from $50/hr
Weekly clean e.g. vacuum house and wipe surfaces
Supplies provided
Thorough clean e.g. skirting boards and windows
Most supplied provided
 Major clean e.g. sorting wardrobes and pantries
Specialist tools required

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General maintenance: from $29/hr  Weeding and mowing: from $40/hr Specialist gardening & landscaping: from $60/hr
Light gardening e.g. watering plants
Tools provided
 Moderate amount of labour e.g. planting and pruning
Some equipment required
 Heavy labour e.g. mulching and removing trees
Specialist tools required

Design & photography

Basic design: from $35/hr Photography and graphics: from $50/hr Design projects: from $70/hr
Simple tweaks e.g. photoshop
Basic design knowledge
Photoshoot or branding design
Some equipment required
 Multiple day project
Specialist skills/ equipment

Office admin tasks

Basic tasks: from $30/hr Semi-skilled: from $40/hr Specialist tasks: from $55/hr
Simple research and data entry
No specialist skills
Spreadsheet and call centre work
Basic admin skills/ experience
 Accounting and marketing work
Specialist skills/ experience required

Computer & website

Basic tasks: from $30/hr Technical task: from $55/hr Specialist: from $80/hr
Simple tech issue or website tweak e.g. software installation,
Basic skills required
Tech help e.g. software and website assistance
Computer skills needed
 Programing and development
Professional skills needed


Basic data collection: from $28/hr ield research: from $30/hr Research participants: from $40/hr
Email, online, phone, in-store
No skill required
Interviewing and mystery shopping
Basic skills
 Focus groups and product testing
Special candidate requirements

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Promotional staff

Leaflet handouts: from $28/hr Event and sales staff: from $40/hr Specialist staff: from $60/hr
Letterbox drops and flyer handouts
Friendly and well presented
Promotional and event help e.g. welcoming and service
Catering and sales skills
 Models, cocktail mixologist and baristas
Previous and professional experience and certificates

Furniture Assembly

Simple: from $27/hr Small item: from $50/hr Medium item: from $75/hr Large item: from $100/hr
Office chairs
Coat or hat rack
Simple table
TV bench
Bedside tables
 Sofa bed
Single bed assembly
Chest of drawers
 Bunk bed assembly
Wardrobe system assembly