Home To-Do Checklist – April

The days are starting to get shorter and the leaves falling from the trees – Autumn is definitely here. By "Home To-Do Checklist – April"

woman cleaning carpet

The days are starting to get shorter and the leaves falling from the trees – Autumn is definitely here.

By ticking a few things off every month, you can stay on top of all your household duties. Here’s what you need to get done this month.

Daylight savings
If you’re in NSW, SA, VIC, TAS and ACT you’ll need to turn back the clock, otherwise you’re going to be early to a lot of things.

Fire alarm check
It’s always encouraged that your fire alarms are checked and batteries are replaced on the daylight savings weekend. With the increased home fire threat in winter due to heaters and fireplaces, this is crucial to do in April.

Clean bedding
After being packed away for 6 months, your blankets and duvets will need to be refreshed by giving them a clean. Also think about flipping over the mattress if you find it is starting to sink in the middle.

Extra tip: Every few weeks on a sunny day, place your pillows in a bright sunny spot so all the moisture is removed – you’ll find they fluff up nicely.

Fireplace check
If you’re lucky to have a fireplace in your home before you start the first fire, make sure that the chimney flute is inspected and cleaned. Once it’s safe, you’re able to light a lovely warm fire on those cooler days.

Fire wood
Rain can be quite unpredictable at this time of year so while it’s dry, start to collect or buy firewood and place it in a well protected dry place. Also start to collect kindling wood.

Home Painting
While the days are still warm enough, get any house painting done now so that the paint can dry quickly. When winter hits there will be more moisture inside and it can affect your paint work

Clean out the fridge
Tis the season for slow cooking, pies and roast dinners. But before you get stuck into your winter cooking, think about cleaning out the fridge of anything that is out of date and give it a general top to bottom clean.

With allergies at an all time high over winter, dusting regularly throughout the house is important to keep allergens at bay. Dust all surfaces with a proper duster that will pick it up, rather than a cloth that just moves it around. And don’t forget to vacuum after.

Mould Prep
Yep – it’s that time of year again where mould can take over your bathroom, living areas or even worse, your wardrobe. Protect yourself, and your clothes, by giving the house a thorough clean now to remove any mould already presenting itself before it gets cold outside and warm inside.

For your wardrobe, fit with moisture beads that help to soak up any moisture and make sure that you allow for plenty of air flow. If you would like more information about how to keep a mould free home here’s how to rid mould for good.

Home To-Do Checklist – March

We’re sorry to say but it’s the end of summer, however as sad as that is – it means looking "Home To-Do Checklist – March"

Home To-Do Checklist – March

We’re sorry to say but it’s the end of summer, however as sad as that is – it means looking forward to yummy winter meals and cozy indoor days.

Just with every change of season, there are certain things you can do around the home now to make sure you’re ready for the cooler and wet weather.

Roof Check
March is the perfect time to check the roof of your home to make sure it can withstand increased rainfall and storms. Remove any debris lying around and make sure that all the tiles or roof panels are ok – if not, make sure you replace them.

Prep The Deck
Your decking can take a battering in the rain with timber cracking and general weathering. While the days are still dryer, it’s a good time to sand them back and seal them. This should protect it enough to enjoy next Summer.

Garden Cleaning
Cleaning your garden sounds a little silly sure, but if your plants get diseased it could see the demise of all your efforts to create a luscious and beautiful garden. Dead plants, weeds, old fruit and diseased plants should be removed and either composted or thrown out – particularly the diseased plants.

Here’s what else you should be doing to get your garden ready for winter.

With the Easter long weekend early in March this year, it’s the best opportunity to give your home a fresh lick of paint. It’s important to refresh the inside of your home as you spend a lot of time here over the cooler months.

man painting wall

Moisture Problems
Checking for leaks, moisture damage and faulty fittings in your bathroom might not seem all that important right now, but you’ll be thanking us in a few months. Mould can be a real issue in the wintery months and it not only looks horrible, it ruins your clothes and is a major health issue.

If you have a problem with it already, we’ve put together a great list of how to rid mould from your home.

Pest Control
Spiders, moths, cockroaches, mosquitos and vermin – we get them all in Australia especially when they seek refuge from the wet weather. Check your door and window fittings for any gaps and holes to fix. If you’ve had problems in the past, it’s also worth getting a pest inspection and your home treated to prevent any surprises.

Carpet Cleaning
Sand and dirt can go through the whole house over summer and you should get your carpets professionally cleaned. This will also help extend the life of your carpets by getting them cleaned 3-4 times a year.

woman cleaning carpet