Airtasker Stories: A barking good time on Airtasker

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Minnie the dog

Minnie the dog enjoyed a ride with Tori Kelly from Woolongong to Bondi.

Fancy a drive across the countryside with cute dog in the backseat? Want to get paid for it?

Airtasker could be for you!

Airtasker user Tori K. did exactly that, acting as “Dog Taxi” for Minnie, the super-shy and lovable rescue dog.

“I’ve got a little Ford Fiesta and she took up the whole backseat!” Tori says.

“The dog was staying with a family friend while the owner redecorated.”

Minnie was well behaved the whole trip and enjoyed a pat or two when Tori stopped at lights.

“She seemed very happy when she saw her owner at Bondi,” she said.

If that’s not a enough Tori has been paid – actually paid – to go to the movies several times.

“And I got to watch a movie I wanted to see!” She says.

The only catches: she had to watch the movie at particular cinema and she had to write a list of the advertisements before it started.

For task poster and Proactive Media marketing specialist, David Krynauw, people like Tori are “hugely valuable”.

“It’s the only way we can see what’s screening and check that our client’s ad is screening,” David says.

“It’s also the only way to see what our competition is up to.”

It’s a win-win situation, where David gets marketing data and Tori gets paid to see a free movie, in this case made possible by Airtasker.

David says – not surprisingly- that there are plenty of people like Tori who are happy to get paid to watch a movie.

“I used Airtasker because it’s got people all over the country and it’s a quick and easy way to somebody to do a task, at a specific time and place,” David says.

“Tori did a great job and I would happily use her again if I needed her.”

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