Use Airtasker to hire flexible staff in minutes:

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Hire temp staff in minutes

Airtasker is an online marketplace that allows you to find flexible staff in minutes.  Airtasker is absolutely free to use for businesses and with over 65,000 Australian workers registered we can help you find great local people, whatever the job:

> Temporary staffing – office assistants, data entry staff or customer service specialists
> Project work – promotions staff, mystery shoppers or an “extra pair of hands”
> One-off jobs – computer help, photography, blog support or anything else that you need done

How does it work?

It’s simple to find staff using Airtasker and takes just minutes.  Simply post the task or job that you need fulfilled with a few brief details (this shouldn’t take more than a few minutes):

1. Description – Describe the task or job that you need completed.  Include as many details as possible such as skills, experience or equipment required.
2. Location – Enter your suburb.  Specific address details can be added and will be shared only with the person you choose for the job.
3. Fee and Payment – Estimate how much you’ll pay once the job is completed.  A rule of thumb is $20-25 per hour and you should state the total amount for the job, not just the hourly rate.  You can choose to pay via our online payment system  (powered by PayPal) or “cash on delivery” (any method you choose).

Tip: Don’t spend too much time worrying about the “correct price” for a task.  Airtasker users can bid higher or lower than the amount you’ve offered until you reach a fair agreement.

Once your task is posted, Airtaskers may ask questions and “bid” (make an offer) to complete your job.  You can click on any person to see their profile, reviews and feedback before deciding on who is the best person for the job.  Once you’ve assigned an Airtasker to the task, you can communicate any further details and share your contact details with them via private message.

Why should you use Airtasker to find temp staff?

1. Quick – You can post a task in minutes and have flexible staff at your door within an hour.  93% of tasks on Airtasker are assigned within 1 working day!
2. Quality – Every Airtasker user has a detailed profile, which includes personal info, verified mobile number and reviews on previous jobs completed.  97% of Airtasker workers receive a 5-star review!
3. Free – it is completely free to find quality staff using Airtasker and there are no obligations to choose someone for your job unless you are 100% happy.

Ready to join hundreds of Australian businesses using Airtasker to find high quality, flexible staff?

Are you a temporary recruitment agency?

We’ve partnered with hundreds of Australian businesses and temporary recruitment specialists to provide a simple solution that makes sourcing great staff, simple fast and easy.  We can help you find the people so that you can get on to the more important elements of the business like training and management.  Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more – we’d love to hear from you.