Five Minutes with Craig Morris – Co-Founder & CEO, LetterboxPush

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1. What tasks have you outsourced via Airtasker?
I use Airtasker for letterbox distribution in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

2. Why was Airtasker the right solution for your tasks?
We have teams of Posties contracting directly with us and when we have excess demand we use Airtasker.

3. What other tasks are you considering outsourcing to Airtasker?
Courier, delivery of boxes to and from your warehouse and Airtasker Runners.

4. How has Airtasker benefitted your business?
In most cases we have found a Runner that is keen to do the task, is reliable and who appreciates immediate payment upon review of their completed task.

5. How did you hear about Airtasker?
Word of Mouth

6. Why would you recommend Airtasker to other businesses
The founders and GM are very passionate about the business. The team in HQ are a pleasure to deal with and the software supporting the site is simple to use and reliable.

7. What similarities do you see between Airtasker and LetterboxPush?
Our business is of similar age and both have passionate people working within them. We offer opportunities for honest & reliable people and technology/ internet is an important vehicle in helping create a professional service.

7. Is there anything you’d like to add?
The new site with the dashboard etc is a great improvement and we look forward to the continual growth of both of our businesses.

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