Top Halloween Costume Ideas


Gone are the days where it was easy to to go to Big W, buy a white table cloth and cut out two eye holes and become a ghost for Halloween. From matching couple costumes to the latest movie characters, people dressing up for Halloween are looking outside the box this year. Here are the [Read More]

Halloween Tasks


Halloween is just a few nights away and that means in crunch time if you are still trying to put your halloween costume together or thinking about decorating your house. We see quite a few Halloween tasks on Airtasker for all types of things. Here are some task ideas that you can get help with [Read More]

Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Summer

paper cranes productions

Summer has already been teasing us with its warmer weather and longer days. But whilst you might be ready for summer, your home might not be. Swapping the flannelette sheets is a great starting point, but for a refreshed home for summer make sure you follow these tips. Flooring changes You wont need those woolly [Read More]

Our New Brand – Get More Done

paper cranes productions

Today we’re excited to share with you a project that we’ve been working on for a while now – the new Airtasker brand identity and manifesto: Get More Done Get More Done It all began with our friend and his chicken truck. Four years ago when moving apartments, we called upon our trusty friend Ivan [Read More]

5 Top Flooring Trends for Home Design

The right flooring will set the tone for any space that why you should always favour quality and designer options. Carpet Court has the top flooring and home design trends and tips to help you decide which style is best for your space. It’s about general styling with the addition of new colours and textures. [Read More]

Clever Storage Tips Ahead Of Your Spring Clean

closet storage

Are you planning a big spring clean, but have no idea where to store all of your winter and autumn stuff? You are not alone! A recent poll conducted by online homewares retailer shows that 68 percent of Australians don’t think they have enough storage in their homes. “Lack of storage is very common, [Read More]

Future Of Work – Report


Are you expecting a pay rise next year? You might want to think again… Less than half of Australian workers received one this year – although that’s not stopping them from getting their hopes up. Airtasker’s second Future of Work study found that 55 per cent of Australian workers expect a pay rise in the [Read More]

Australia’s First Sharing Economy Study – Airtasker


Thousands of Australians are joining Airtasker each day to reap the benefits of the sharing economy. Busy working Australians are buying back their lives one task at a time, while workers are enjoying the flexibility of being their own boss. There are roughly 320,000 members on Airtasker, triple the amount on the website in March [Read More]

Must-Know Spring Gardening Tips


As we start to enjoy more time outside, it’s time to bring our gardens back into tip-top shape. This will require a bit of time and dedication, but once you’ve finished you’ll have a lovely garden to relax in and enjoy. Clear Out Over winter your garden can become quite neglected and there can be [Read More]

6 Things You’ll Forget To Spring Clean


Spring has sprung and everyone is racing outside to enjoy the longer sunny days. The warmer weather means it’s also time to put away those flannelette sheets, and get your home ready for summer with a bit of spring cleaning. Most people think that spring cleaning is just cleaning out the expired food from the [Read More]

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Hanging Washing


It’s easy to use the dryer but did you know it’s also the second biggest drain on electricity in your home? So, to save money off your next electricity bill buy a clothing horse or start using the washing line – pronto. It might seem like a lot more effort but it really isn’t if [Read More]

Father’s Day Tasks

paper cranes productions

Did you know Father’s Day is the first Sunday in September… No? Well you might want to get your skates on, because that’s just a few days away. Instead of the usual socks and ties this year we’ve put together some tasks that would truly say ‘thank you’. Father’s Day Tasks via Airtasker Pool Cleaning [Read More]

How To Save On Your Wedding With Outsourcing


The biggest day of your life is supposed to be like something out of a fairytale, but what they don’t tell you in fairytales is the cost of a wedding. It’s really REALLY expensive, probably not as much as the recent wedding of Salim Mehajer, which gathered a plethora of media attention for requiring police [Read More]

Wedding Tasks On Airtasker


As we continue to grow we are always seeing Airtasker used for different outsourcing purposes. One that keeps popping up is weddings. Why? Weddings are one of the most expensive life events that you’ll experience and people are looking to decrease the credit card bill that often accompany weddings these days. There are some costs [Read More]

Out Of The Box Ideas To Improve Your Office


On Airtasker there are plenty of office based tasks and you’re right in thinking that majority of them are cleaning and deliveries. But we’ve seen some amazing tasks to improve efficiency and team morale that we simply had to share with you. Whether it’s a birthday surprise or shaking it up with a paint job [Read More]

How To Move Out Of Home In 6 Easy Steps


With more and more young adults opting to stay at home with their parents, flying the coop can seem an increasingly daunting and stressful task the longer you leave it. We’ve generated a six-step guide to help make the transition from your family home to independent fancy-free living as smooth as possible. Step 1. Find [Read More]

Storage Ideas For Your Apartment


It’s a renter’s nightmare to move into a place with little to no storage. It normally means an unwanted trip to IKEA is on the cards, but before the flatpack anxiety kicks in we’ve got a few storage ideas for your apartment and house. First of all let’s think about what storage is supposed to [Read More]

DIY Pallet Furniture For Your Dog


Everyone loves a comfy sleep at night and we bet so does your pet dog. Instead of your beloved pooch sleeping on an old blanket or even the sofa, you could put together a customised dog bed using pallets. It’s a lot easier than it sounds to DIY pallet furniture for your dog, just take [Read More]

How To Stay Warm Without Increasing Your Bills


In case you haven’t heard the temperature is set to drop with the Antarctic Vortex hitting. As stores across the state get down to the last heater stocks, it got me thinking about how to can stay warm without forking out for a new heater, nor increasing my electricity or gas bill. Source: Daily Telegraph [Read More]

Airtasker on 7NEWS


Recently Airtasker was on 7NEWS in an investigation into the growing number of retirees supplementing their pensions and income by completing tasks on Airtasker. Watch the 7NEWS broadcast about seniors doing odd jobs for extra money. Earning more isn’t the only reason why people are signing up to Airtasker, some members are wanting to improve [Read More]

New Improvement: Airtasker Pay


You asked, we listened. Today we’re happy to announce a big improvement on Airtasker – the all new Airtasker Pay. Launching next week, Airtasker Pay will ensure payment protection for Airtasker Workers and a seamless, secure way to get local tasks completed. How Airtasker Pay Works 1. A task is posted by the Job Poster. [Read More]

Sharing Economy And Tax: A Guide For Airtasker Members


We’ve worked alongside H&R Block to provide you, our Airtasker Members, with the most up to date information about tax and how it will affect you. Last year the Australian Tax Office (ATO) made an announcement outlining tax laws which apply to ‘regular’ income streams, also apply to peer-to-peer and collaborative consumption facilitators. Meaning that [Read More]

How To Rid Mould From Your Home For Good


If you live in Sydney, like me, you’ll know it’s been a very wet autumn and a cold start to winter. Along with the awful weather, mould and mildew may have also snuck into the home and taken up residence in your bathroom or wardrobe. No matter how much house cleaning you do, it can [Read More]

DIY Ideas For Your Small Bathroom


Apartment bathrooms are often small with little to no storage, but something about this compact area definitely makes it easier to navigate. Better yet, the smallest of changes can make the biggest impact to your small bathroom. If you’re looking for a pop of colour, better practicality and something a little different in your bathroom [Read More]

9 Tips You Need To Know About Costco Shopping In Australia


Costco, an American-based wholesale warehouse, stocks household items at a more reasonable price than your local supermarket. Source: Dailymail Since Costco’s arrival into Australia it’s been ever expanding with stores in South Australia (Kilburn), Queensland (North Lakes), New South Wales (Crossroads, Auburn), Canberra and Victoria (Ringwood, Docklands). Before you even get into your car to [Read More]

6 Must-Know Tips For Flawless Event Planning


Whether it’s an intimate dinner of your closets friends or a extravagant charity ball, event planning is a tiring and at times stressful task. There are all types of things that you need to consider from coming up with an idea and researching suppliers to invitations and hiring event staff. Source: Event Planner For a [Read More]

10 Scandinavian New Home Design DIY Ideas


The desire to redecorate when you move in to a new home is something we all feel, however the truth is that many of us can’t afford to renovate or splash out at the top designer stores. Whilst you can’t spend big on furniture, by spending money wisely along with a bit of DIY, you [Read More]

9 Amazing Garden Shed DIY Ideas


Your backyard needs as much love as the inside of your home, so it’s important to look after it with regular maintenance. With a lawn mower, hedge trimmer, shovel you’ll need a garden shed to store all your equipment which can be secured and safe from little hands. Garden sheds can come in all shapes [Read More]

10 Easy DIY Headboards Ideas Anyone Can Build


Your bedroom is a space to relax, read a book and get a peaceful night sleep in. It’s the place in your home that is reflective of your personality and a spot where you feel happy to be in. Redesigning your current bedroom or starting completely from scratch doesn’t mean you need to be a [Read More]

Ikea Furniture Hacks for Cat Owners


We think these pieces of cat furniture are the cat’s pyjamas. They are assembled using everyday IKEA furniture, repurposed to appeal to the crazy antics of our beloved feline friends. They look great, save space, and are easy to put together. Check out the pics below and get some inspiration for your own kitty wonderland! [Read More]

15 Ideas With Pallet Furniture

Wedding decoration

Seats, tables, beds, you name it; can be made from recycled pallets. Traditionally used in shipping and airfreight, smart DIYers have been turning these pallets into furniture for homes, restaurants and offices. Source: Scrap Hacker WHY? In addition to looking cool, pallets are cheap and with a bit of know-how can be made as almost [Read More]

10 Awesome Things You Can Make With Post-Its

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 11.14.46 am

Here at Airtasker, we love Post-Its. We love everything they stand for: Organisation, productivity, innovation and inspiration. From their fabled history as an accidental invention, the humble Post-It has become a cultural icon and an important staple in anyone’s stationery. Here are some people who let their own inspiration run wild, discovering new ways to [Read More]

IKEA Shopping: Tips To Survive & Save Money


Source: New In Zurich “I’m just going to IKEA to pick up a bookcase and mirror, that’s it.” Have you heard (or said) that before? Well you aren’t alone, many of us have, and truth be told it’s more like a DAY spent at IKEA. Don’t mistake me, IKEA shopping is fun and exciting but [Read More]

What To Do This Easter Long Weekend In Sydney


Source: Whatever your belief system or faith orientation may be, broader society as a whole can rejoice in the coming of Easter with a number of guarantees: big family gatherings, even bigger gatherings of friends, too much chocolate, not nearly enough open stores, and a double-serving of weekends. If weather permits, Easter this year [Read More]

10 Hilarious April Fools Office Pranks


April Fool’s Day is upon us once again. Pranksters around the world are taking this opportunity to prey on their unsuspecting friends, family and coworkers. If you haven’t yet planned your hilarious onslaught, never fear: below is a collection of tricks, tried and tested, that are sure to liven up your office . Happy April [Read More]

Standing Desk IKEA Hacks


Did you know that prolonged sitting can increase life-threatening diseases? That’s why standing desks have been produced to encourage people to get up and move around. Did I mention that you’ll loose weight by standing – talk about a bonus! Source: Bobvila The only problem is that standing desks can cost from $350 up to [Read More]

Tips To Make IKEA Furniture Look Expensive

ikea-gold coffee table

Saving money but still want to have an amazing home? Well, believe it or not, you can achieve all your favourite industrial, Scandi or Hampton’s looks on any budget with a trip to IKEA. Due to its heritage, IKEA is naturally already very Scandiavian by design but you can still make your IKEA furniture look [Read More]

Apple Watch Airtasker App


In case you missed it, yesterday Apple announced that the highly anticipated Apple Watch with hit wrists on April 24th 2015. At Airtasker we’ve been planning how we can integrate the Airtasker platform on the Apple Watch interface, and we’re happy to share the results with you below: Assign Tasks This screen shows a list [Read More]

Garden and Landscaping Ideas For Small Backyards

small garden - grass

Inner city life means that outdoor space is hard to come by and large backyards are almost impossible, so it’s important to work smart with what you’ve got. No matter what your outdoor set up is there are garden and landscaping ideas for small backyards to reinvent your space. Take a seat Adding a bench [Read More]

Refresh Your Home With Airtasker

Airtasker moving furniture

Home cleaning isn’t the only thing you can get done on Airtasker, in fact you can get a worker to do almost anything for any budget. We’ve put together a few ideas of how an Airtasker can help you around the home and make your life just that little bit better. Tasks Under $50 – [Read More]

Home Gardening Lighting Tips

gardening light ideas - entertaining

It’s nice to enjoy your garden by day, but why not get the most out of your outdoor space with some clever home gardening lighting ideas. There’s more to garden lighting than a automatic flood light that is triggered by your dog or cat at all hours of the night. Here are some garden light [Read More]

7 Simple Home Gardening Hacks


Yay a weekend of gardening… Said no one ever! Seriously if you like to slave away your weekends in the hot sun with dirt under your nails, rose thorn scratches and a back ache to last at least a week, we’re impressed. But if that doesn’t float your boat, don’t worry we’ve got some great [Read More]

Future Of Work: Airtasker Research


This year nearly half of Australian workers will look for a new job, citing inflexibility and salary as the main contributors towards the desire for a career move. However, instead of the agonising search via traditional methods, more than two thirds of Australians are finding that they can earn more through sharing economy platforms such [Read More]

Quirky Gardening Ideas


Whether it’s a place for you to unwind after a busy working week, or an area for kids to run around on the weekend – no home is complete without a garden. Whether it’s big, small or ten stories high there’s always something you can do to create your dream outdoor space. Sure you could [Read More]

Revealed: 8 Interior Turnoffs That Scare Off Your Date

airtasker vacuuming house cleaning

According to new stats from relationship site, a messy or tackily decorated home is a deal breaker for many singles. “If you invite a love interest into your outdated and dirty home, they will undoubtedly question your taste and hygiene – or more specifically, lack thereof,” explains homewares retailer’s interior stylist Emma Blomfield. [Read More]

Chinese New Year: Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane Locations

chinese new year

Chinese New Year celebrations start this week on February 13th with the big day on Thursday 19th February. As people get ready to welcome the year of the goat, the most creative sign in the lunar calendar, cities are pulling out all the stops to make it a memorable start to the new year. Let’s [Read More]

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him And Her Under $50


There can be big expectations on Valentine’s Day – roses, chocolates and the date all quickly add up. So if you’re working with a budget this Valentine’s Day, it’s ok, we’ve got you sorted for great Valentine’s Day gifts under $50. Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him Whisky lovers It might be a bit out of [Read More]

Announcement: Ziilch & Airtasker Partnership


We’re happy to share with you that we’ve partnered with the guys at Ziilch. What is Ziilch? It’s a free community-powered website where good stuff goes free. You can give away things that are too good to throw out or aren’t worth selling on eBay or Gumtree. It is 100% free to use, free to [Read More]

Quirky Valentine’s Day Gifts


It’s that time of year again where love is in the air, and loved up couples enjoy a special day dedicated to their love for each other. But gone are the days of red roses and teddy bears, make your better half giggle this February the 14th with a quirky Valentine’s Day gift. Not only [Read More]

Home Renovation Ideas Under $150


We all know home renovations are rarely cheap, so when the time comes to refreshing your home we’re all guilty of trying to cut corners, or just putting off the inconvenience of it all for as long as possible. However, affordable home renovations can be easily done if have a bit of inspiration and not [Read More]

Removing Wallpaper Tips and Tricks

removing wallpaper

Wallpaper removal is definitely not a fun task at all, but sometimes it has just got to go. There’s no need to stress about how it’s going to come off because we’ve looked at all the removing wallpaper tips and tricks for you. Source: Blenture Now you just need to put aside a weekend to [Read More]

IKEA Furniture Assembly Game

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 5.06.45 pm

We discovered this IKEA game online and we thought it was too good not to share with the Airtasker community seeing as though furniture assembly is one of the top 5 tasks posted to Airtasker. So we’re challenging our pro furniture assembly Airtaskers to have a go and also everyone else who wants to see [Read More]

DIY Home Renovation Hacks

Image 3

Home renovations don’t have to be costly or require handyman help because making the smallest of changes can make all the difference. You can also go at your own pace with DIY home renovation projects by tackling one room at a time – not to mention the costs it will save you. However there are [Read More]

Wedding Planning Checklist


First things first, congratulations on your engagement at this special time. Right now you’re floating on cloud nine but also starting to realise that you have an engagement party and wedding to plan in a short space of time. An engagement party will normally take place anywhere up to 3 months post proposal so it’s [Read More]

Kitchen Home Improvement Ideas

kitchen improvement ideas

Source: Iconic Home Design It’s said that the heart of the home is the kitchen. This couldn’t be truer with the kitchen being the place where people gather to eat, talk and socialise together. As an important area of your home, you’ll want to make sure that you’re comfortable using the space to cook up [Read More]

Cheap Home Renovation Ideas


Home renovations will transform your house into more liveable modern space and better yet it will also add value to your property. If there’s a lot of work to be done, home improvements can cost a lot and not everyone can afford to spend thousands on a new kitchen or knocking out walls. However there [Read More]

House Painting Hacks

house painting tips

Source: Quartzite House painting is not just a big job, but a huge job. It’s messy, time consuming and frustrating; not to mention the paint fumes are enough to make you wish you’d contracted a professional. Painting your house is never going to be a stress-free task, but it can be made easier and quicker [Read More]

Competition: Don’t Clean in 2015 Winners Announced


Last year we ran a competition to win a years worth of cleaning and also gave away robot vacuums to two lucky runners up. And the winners are (drum roll please)… Major Prize = Lachlan Well done Lachlan, you’ve won a years worth of cleaning from Airtasker. Runners Up = Karen & Dimi Congratulations Karen [Read More]

Best Handyman Tools For 2015

Looking to upgrade your handyman shed with some new tools? We’ve collected the latest tools available to bring you the best handyman tools to start 2015. No handyman task on Airtasker will be too big with this equipment in your tool box. Hybrid Shoplight You can shine light in any direction with this world first [Read More]

Painting Ideas To Refresh Your Apartment


It’s summer, it’s a new year and there’s no time like the present to breathe life back into your apartment. With a fresh lick of paint on the walls, new plants and cute pillow or two your home will look like something out of a home magazine. Painting your apartment will make the biggest difference [Read More]

New Year Resolutions You Shouldn’t Make


We’ve all been guilty of making unrealistic New Year resolutions such as “lose 10 kilograms” or “complete a marathon” but making resolutions that you’re unable to achieve without pure dedication is setting yourself up for fail. Your resolutions should be something that is a challenge but not unattainable. Here are New Year resolutions that you [Read More]

New Year’s Eve Party Tips

new years eve party decorations

Have you decided to host a party to bring in the New Year with some of your nearest and dearest? It can be a bit of pressure to make sure you have everything from decorations to sparklers for the countdown. As the resident party planner at Airtasker I wanted to share a few tips to [Read More]

7 Holiday Lifehacks You Need To Know

christmas lifehacks delivery hero

It’s a crazy time of year with families travelling near and far to get together to celebrate Christmas and New Years. So it’s of little surprise that trying to coordinate travel arrangements, pets, food shopping, delivery services and accommodation can be a little bit of a daunting task. Luckily there are a bunch of startups [Read More]

Christmas Gifts For Gardeners

garden presents seeds

Gardeners understand that love, care and devotion are the essential qualities needed to look after a garden all year round. So let’s show the gardener in your life a bit of appreciation with these presents for gardeners. Garden Tools Engraved tools Make them feel special with these engraved wooden tools for digging, planting and raking. [Read More]

How To Gift Wrap Presents

gift wrapping inspiration diy

This post was inspired by a Jimmy Kimmel Live video (see below) where he learns how to gift wrap presents. Now I have to be honest with you, after wrapping my own Christmas presents this morning I kinda want to go home, rip them open and start all over again following these life changing tips. [Read More]

Event Planning Checklist

event planning checklist table

It’s the time of year for Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve celebrations and weddings with friends and family. We love nothing more than putting on a good party filled with fun and laughter but it can also stressful. Shopping, cooking, cleaning and putting on a smile can all be a bit exhausting, but being planned [Read More]

IKEA Furniture Assembly Tips

ikea ad

Shopping for furniture is great fun (well for some), but when it comes to furniture assembly people can generally fall into four categories. 1. People that hate anything that comes in a flat pack. 2. People who enjoy trying to use the information-lacking instructions to successfully put furniture together. 3. People that know it has [Read More]

Prepare Your House For Christmas


Christmas time is the busiest time of year with present shopping, cooking and all of the parties. Some people can find it overwhelming, especially if you have family coming to stay for the holidays or even just a lunch. But don’t worry I’ve put together the perfect cheat sheet to save you time on unnecessary [Read More]

Handyman Christmas Gift Ideas


With plenty of presents to buy at Christmas time, it can be hard to think of gifts people truly need. If you’ve got a DIY fan or handyman in the family, they will agree that you can never have too many tools or equipment. Regardless if it’s the latest gadget or a replacement, you can’t [Read More]

Office Cleaning Tips


We can all be a little guilty of having a messy office from time to time. However a clean working space should be a top priority as it will help with employee happiness and increase productivity. Most workplace cleaners won’t clean desk spaces and only offer limited office cleaning in breakout spaces and kitchens. This [Read More]

How To Clean Pesky Carpet Stains

red wine stain carpet removal

Pets, children, parties, or even our own clumsiness (let’s face it, we all have those moments) can be the reason for an unsightly stain on the carpet. But even the most stubborn carpet stains can be removed with a little care and the right method and ingredients. There’s no need to spend your hard earned [Read More]

How To Clean The Oven


Cleaning the oven, one of the easiest house cleaning chore… to ignore. Close that oven door, and BOOM you can pretend all is well for a couple of more months (at least)! “No one else sees the inside,” your inner procrastinator whispers, “It’s what comes out of the oven that counts”. But this is one [Read More]

Window Cleaning Tips


No one looks forward to window cleaning because let’s face it, it can be a huge task if you have big windows across multiple stories without easy accessibility. But don’t worry we’ve got some great window cleaning tips to help you make it as painless as possible. Before we get into the tips though, let’s [Read More]

7 Signs You’re Super Organised


Being organised means you stress less, know where to find things and are prepared for a curveball if one happens to come your way. Some people are natural organisers however others struggle to coordinate effectively. So which are you? Well if you can mentally tick of these seven signs you are one super organised person, [Read More]

Spring Gardening Hacks


Getting your garden in shape for summer should be high on your priority list as the weather starts to get warmer. Relaxing in the great outdoors is even better when you can enjoy some great new plants, furniture or landscaping. We’ve discovered some simple and creative hacks that will improve your garden like never before. [Read More]

Guys Guide To Spring Cleaning

Man Washing House Windows

There comes a time in every mans life where he must move out of home to go off to study or move cities for work which means it’s time to start picking up after yourself. You might look the part but your bachelor pad has to match in order to impress your mates. Here’s our [Read More]

IKEA Furniture Hacks


IKEA furniture comes and goes like the changing of seasons due to moving, different design taste or just broken. However it doesn’t have to end up on the street for council pick-up, instead you could repurpose it for something else. We’ve stumbled across some great IKEA hacks that will breathe life back into your furniture. [Read More]

Spring Cleaning Checklist


Cleaning the house from the ceiling to floor can seem like an overwhelming task however if you’re organised and prepared with all your equipment and products the home cleaning will be over before you know it. To help you get started, we’ve created this simple spring cleaning checklist. Hallway/ General area – Dust lighting fixtures [Read More]

Airtasker Alerts: New Feature


We’ve just launched Airtasker Alerts, a brand new feature that will notify you instantly when there is a task near you that you’re interested in. This means you’ll never miss another opportunity to earn more with alerts sent directly to your email inbox. To activate your free alerts, simply add a keyword or phrase such [Read More]

Non-Toxic Home Cleaning: How To


Home cleaning is something that must be done and the benefits of a clean home can’t be argued with. However chemicals such as bleach are often debated in terms of the effects on the health and safety of yourself and your family. One of the main benefits is that non-toxic cleaners are safe around children [Read More]

Halloween Decoration Ideas


Throwing a Halloween party this weekend? We’ve found some last minute DIY decorations to help get your house looking fantastically ghoulish. Here are 10 halloween decorations set to make your home look as good as your costume. 1. BOO! Source: Buzzfeed Perhaps the easiest decoration just get a sheet of black cardboard and you’ve got [Read More]

5 Foods To Clean Your Home

herbs home cleaning airtasker

It’s hard to believe that cleaning products we’ve come to depend on for home cleaning such as Napisan and Spray n’ Wipe didn’t always exist. These modern products are made up of complex chemical combinations however did you know that some foods can produce similar chemicals reactions. It mainly has to do with acidity levels [Read More]

Easy DIY Costume Ideas

barbie and ken feature image

Everybody loves a good dress up party and wanting to be the best, so with halloween just around the corner I thought I’d find you some of the best DIY dress-up costumes I could find. Here are some of our favourite alternative DIY costumes. 1. Sweet tooth Source: Mommy Testers Yummy enough to eat? Well [Read More]

Competition: Don’t Clean In 2015


Did you know that on average we spend over 200+ hours cleaning every year? Well in 2015 you won’t have to worry about dusting ceilings or mopping floors as we’re giving one lucky person a year’s worth Airtasker home cleaning to help you reclaim your weekend! PLUS thanks to two runner’s up won’t have [Read More]

Event Planning with Airtasker

event planning airtasker

Putting on the perfect event for a wedding, birthday or even just a dinner party can be fun but also stressful if it’s not something you particularly enjoy. With people leading increasingly busy lives they’re turning to Airtasker for event organisers to help pull off the perfect party. Here is some event planning inspiration for [Read More]

Website and App Status Update & Known Issues On Airtasker


Oct 9th 2015 We’re currently experiencing an issue with Facebook login. This is an issue with the 3rd party provider and we are waiting for the issue to be resolved. To log in to Airtasker, please follow these steps: Step 1: Select login on the top right hand corner Step 2: Select the “Forgot Password” [Read More]

Top 5 Cleaning Blogs


There are a plethora of blogs on the Internet that are filled with house cleaning tips, stain removal tricks and even how to clean organically. So I thought I’d share some of the ones I love to read and get inspiration from to try at home and also share with Airtaskers. Here are our top [Read More]

House Cleaning With A Toothbrush: How To

how to clean with a toothbrush

What’s the one item we all use daily that will clean even the trickiest of hard to reach spots? Believe it or not, it’s your toothbrush. Drains, tap fixtures, lampshades and cheese graters… the list is endless. But this handy inexpensive tool will make your house cleaning much simpler. So that you can introduce it [Read More]

Top Productivity Quotes


Everyday we strive to be more productive than the last but actually finding the motivation to achieve your daily goals can be a struggle in itself. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed and need a bit of a push here are 10 productivity quotes to get you through your day. “Perform the dreaded task now and [Read More]

15 Ways To Clean with Coca-Cola

how to clean with coca cola

It may come as a surprise to you (or not) that Coca-Cola is highly acidic and while some of you drink it, did you know you can also clean with it? Why? Because of its phosphoric acidity at a pH level of 2.8, it makes Coca-Cola comparable to fresh lemon juice, vinegar and wine. This [Read More]

10 Spring Cleaning Hacks

spring cleaning organising wardrobe

The days are longer and a little warmer, yes that’s right it’s finally Spring again! However that also means it’s time to de-clutter and give your house a good spring clean. Although the extra work can make it seem like a monstrous weekend-long chore, we’ve collected a few simple hacks that will see you finished [Read More]

New Airtasker App Launched

airtasker iphone app

We’re super happy to announce that the highly requested, revamped Airtasker app is now ready for you to download. We’ve completely rebuilt our app from the ground up, making it the best Airtasker App ever. So what’s changed? Well, we’ve added brand-new features… – Private messaging to keep up-to-date with your task – User dashboard [Read More]

10 DIY Office Hacks


It’s unfortunate and true that we spend majority of our lives at our desks, in workplaces we may or may not like. They could the type of companies that give you all sorts of gadgets or maybe you have to supply everything yourself. It doesn’t matter which because either way there plenty of office hacks [Read More]

5 Ways To Stay Productive When Looking For A Job

If you’re taking a break from your career, unemployed or have been made redundant, it can be exciting, daunting and possibly a scary time if you don’t know what your next step is. You might want to crawl into bed and not get out everyday till 11am, watch Ellen, eat ice cream and do absolutely [Read More]

Inspiration: Barbie Fancy Dress Costume via Airtasker


It’s true you can get almost anything made with Airtasker and I decided to put it to the ultimate test. I had a fancy dress party for my local surf club coming up and the theme was ‘When I grow up, I want to be….’ Being quite tall I struggle to fit in the usual [Read More]

New Feature: Airtasker Projects

airtasker multi runner

Do you have market research activity coming up or maybe you need some flexible promotional staff? Sounds like Airtasker Projects is just for you. This brand-new feature on Airtasker will help you hire multiple people quickly with minimum effort required. Before you had to create individual tasks, but now Airtasker Projects allows you to create [Read More]

Lord of the Fries Home Delivered

Lord of the Fries food delivery Airtasker

Just picture a cold and rainy winters day. It’s something most Sydney-siders aren’t too familiar with, so you can understand no one in our office wanting to go and get a bite of lunch. Lucky for us, we knew we’d be able to find a helpful Airtasker willing to brave the weather and make a [Read More]