Mother’s Day Competition

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Make Mum’s Day!

Thank mum for doing your washing, cooking your favourite meal and always being there for you.

Mother’s Day Competition

Treat your mum by giving her a day off with an Airtasker Gift Card, a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a gift voucher to shop online. She’ll love the extra special surprise.

With Airtasker you could get the ironing done for the week or perhaps even help with the home cleaning. Anything that mum needs a break from, Airtasker can take care of.

Thanks to, your online destination for all décor, furniture, bedding and all things for your home, your mum can enjoy shopping.


We’ve also partnered with EASYFLOWERS, Australia’s best online florist, who will give her some stunning flowers to say thank you.


You could easily win this thoughtful gift for your mum, grandmother or special woman in your life by simply signing up to enter.

Enter for your chance to win one of ten Mother’s Day gift packs containing a $100 Airtasker Gift Card, a bouquet of flowers worth $95.90 and a voucher for worth $100.


  1. Pamela Skelsey says

    This is for my darling daughter, Cindy. After I had a stroke 4 months ago, she took me into her home, with her family which includes her Autistic son, her husband and another son and daughter. I am there for some time I think. She looks after me very well. I would love for her to get bathrooms and floors done for her. She is an amazing person, I love her dearly, and will never be able to thank her enough.

  2. Korina says

    Me and my mum had owe ups and down and but even though a lot of hearts ach with men and stuff and think she needs a pick me up and she is a lovey ladie I love her to death and she would love this gift from me:)

  3. Janet says

    Thanks Mum, you are always my number one fan! not matter what I do, I know I have your support

  4. says

    my partner is the best woman who deserves something she is not well yet she goes to work and comes home tired and crying in pain I don’t know how she keeps going but she does this is why she dessrves something special

  5. says

    My Mum is 93 and had a hip replacement on her birthday. It would be nice if she could have something special on Mothers Day.

  6. says

    My Mum is 93 and had a hip replacement on her birthday. It would be nice if she could have something special on Mothers Day

  7. LUCY THYNNE says


  8. Xen says

    I take my hat off to my Mother and all the mums out there (including myself). They all deserve to win, I could list all the accomplishments but there are too many and each Mum has accomplished the hardest task of all… RAISING THEIR CHILDREN.


    And to all the Mums out there… ENJOY YOUR DAY AND PUT YR FEET UP!!!

  9. Lynda Lapham says

    As I have gotten older, I’ve realised just how much Mum has put up with from me and done for me, my brother and sister. She sacrificed a promising career for us. There was no hesitation and she does not see it as the sacrifice is definitely was. I would love to present her with these amazing gifts, as a small token of recognition of her selfless walk through life!

  10. Nalini Datt says

    It will be awesome to get some help and catch up
    On chores. Flowers would just make the day.

  11. Lee Sullivan says

    Melissa is always there for me and the kids and she really deserves something special just for her

  12. says

    I lost my mum on the 31st March. It would be amazing to have such a beautiful bouquet of flowers to leave at her headstone.


    What a brilliant opportunity to spoil mum. My mum is struggling at the moment with my dad; who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. So a special treat to remind mum that i love her and admire her patience and care that shows my dad daily.

  14. says

    What a wonderful approach to marketing Mother’s Day. For me it is a memorable day and a way to repay all her sacrifices over the years, not just keeping the house clean or washing and ironing my clothes, but all the wonderful hobbies she had, some of which bought in money which ensured I had the best education. Oh how I miss her now that I have left and started a new life with now another Mum! I hope our grown up kids remember her this Sunday!

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