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Airtasker was featured on SBS World News a few weeks back and although the show makes it looks like we spend most of our days around the ping pong table, we really enjoyed being part of this piece and the feedback that we’ve received from our users and the audience since it aired.

We hear some awesome stories from our users almost daily – from people that have found Airtasker as way to earn a little extra money to save up for a holiday or support their main income, to busy mums and execs who are using our service to free up their weekends to spend hanging with their family and even fun stories about people meeting local folk who they might never have met otherwise. As one of the founders of Airtasker, Jono (our fearless COO) and I get an awesome feeling hearing these stories and reflecting on the change that we’ve already started to create in the services networking space.

One of the other issues raised in this piece by respected Australian tech journalist Trevor Long, is that Airtasker requires “critical mass” to work as a profitable business. We totally agree with this point and when we first started talking about Airtasker with our investors and advisors, it was the concept of a services marketplace where people could make money or get things done directly between members of their local community that really got them excited. So rather than looking solely at the bottom line economics of the business, it was a passion and determination for building a huge hyper-local services network that got us off and running (excuse the pun) – we knew that if we could build the marketplace and make it useful for the community, then strong economics would naturally follow.

As we continue to evolve and grow Airtasker towards critical mass, we face new and interesting challenges all the time – from increasing the trust and safety in the community, to improving the way people can communicate with each other before and after a task gets done, to making sure that people think about us next time they need an extra hand around the home or office.

In addressing some of these challenges, over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing some pretty exciting new features to Airtasker including one we’ve been working on for a while now – AirtaskerPRO. We’re keeping this feature on the low down for now but what we can tell you is that we’re excited about raising the bar in terms of identification and verification, while empowering “micro-entrepreneurs” to earn extra money doing their thing 🙂

So sure, there are a great deal of challenges when building a new marketplace (as with any new business) but by keeping our long term vision in the back of our minds, and overcoming day-to-day issues with the front of our minds, we’re ready for what’s up next.