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The Airtasker Jobs Board Plugin is a widget that allows you to serve a live feed of available tasks to your website users.  It’s a great way to share our “sticky” task content with your website community.

The plugin is a small, simple JavaScript widget that can be easily placed onto any website using only 1 line of code. Our goal with this project has been to let any website owner, of any level of technical proficiency to use this widget to add some great new content to their site and serve their community.  To set it up, all you need to do is add this line of code to the page where you want the widget to appear:

“<iframe src=”” height=”415″ width=”364″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>”

After this the content should appear straight away on your site and will be updated in real time!

Here are a few technical issues you may also want to consider:

1. The Jobs Board Plugin can be adjusted to almost any width and size depending on your requirements, however a minimum width of 364px wide is recommened.
2. Airtasker serves all content via HTTPS. For security reasons, it’s unlikely we’ll relax this rule any time soon.

If you’ve got any technical questions, you can chat directly with Simon “Roddeh” Rodwell here: