Airtasker 90 days in

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What happens 90 days after you launch your new startup?  As everybody knows, nobody knows – that’s what makes it exciting, stressful and fun to hit the big green button and launch your business.  When Jono (Airtasker co-founder and COO) and I started out, we had no idea what we were up for.  We had both been part of the founding team of mobile startup amaysim and had the opportunity to work with some of the best entrepreneurs in Australia but we also knew that with startups, things will always end up differently to whatever you (the founders) expect.  You think people will love product X and they hate it. You believe that you’ve compromised on product Y but it turns out what you built was exactly what people were waiting for. It’s just never what you expect.

Since we launched, we’ve seen Airtasker get used in ways that we never imagined.  From having a guy get someone sing to his girlfriend in the middle of Hungry Jack’s, to having a lady dress up in a bear costume to promote a business to people using Airtasker to find short term employees to cover a day or even a week in their office or warehouse.

We’ve spoken to tons of our community members and used tools like Crazy Egg heat maps to iterate our home page to where it is now.  We found that mobile app engagement is super high compared to desktop web (we knew mobile was important, but the results are still staggering).  We’ve learnt that creating a quality marketplace, with high quality content and profiles is even more important than just building the biggest possible marketplace (think AirBnB v Craigslist) – we’ve even had to say goodbye to a few Airtasker service providers to make sure our community is high quality and reliable.

Finally, we’ve learnt that big picture scalability shouldn’t be a roadblock to trying something new, like meeting up with your users and getting really hands-on with the community – you might not be able to keep doing these meetups so often as you grow, but getting bigger shouldn’t be viewed as a problem.  So although Airtasker is still a super youngster of a startup at the beginning of the journey, we thought we’d share with you some of our achievements in our first 90 days in market.  If you’ve ever worked in a launch startup, it would be great to hear about what happened in your first 90 days in the comments below.