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It’s been a cracking start to 2014 with the new website launching and achieving some great milestones, including reaching over 100k Airtasker members.

Our tech team has been working hard to make it a better experience for you by consistently improving the website. They’ve been also developing new features for both our Task Posters and Runners to enjoy.

Here are the latest features launched on Airtasker:

Want to know who the best of the best is on Airtasker? Well our new Leaderboards feature can tell you just that. Ranking the Top Runners, you can compare yourself to them in terms of how many tasks they’ve run, posted and how many comments they’ve made. It’s the best indication to see what you need to give you the edge on Airtasker and score more tasks.

With the high demand for photography and design based tasks we saw more and more individuals creating Airtasker friendly portfolios to showcase their work. As we continue to strive to protect everyone’s privacy as best possible we’ve developed Profile Portfolios. See a couple of our Airtasker employees’ profiles here and here.

Profile Progress Bar
Not sure what other areas of your profile needs to be complete? The profile progress bar will highlight if you’re missing a profile image, skills or verifications; all which contribute to a Task Posters decision when assigning a task. Log into your profile now to see what you’re missing.

Draft tasks
We noticed that occasionally people didn’t have all their ducks in a row when completing the Post A Task Form. So to make it easier for Task Posters, we’ve introduced Draft Tasks. Now when filling out a task form, if you close the form the task will be saved so that you can come back to complete the form later.

Task To-Do Lists
Sometimes you might have a small task you need done, such as hanging picture frames, however it’s unlikely a Runner will come around for a task around the $10 mark. Now you can keep track of the little things you need done around the home or office by adding it to your Task To-Do List so you save time and money.

The soon to be released features on Airtasker:

– Multiple runner tasks: Soon you’ll be able to assign more than one Runner to a task. Meaning, for your next big event or large scale marketing campaign you can easily manage the task and easily get more Airtaskers to help you out and make it a success.
– Reoccurring tasks: This is for regular tasks such as cleaning and flyer drops. If you’ve found an Airtasker you like just point them in this direction.
– Android app: We’ve listened to your feedback and we’re happy to announce that the Android App is just around the corner.
– Bid management: This function will allow Airtasker Runners to manage offers a lot easier and keep track of what tasks you’ve bid on etc.

We’re constantly wanting to provide you with the best possible website so let us know what features you’d like in the comments below.

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