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New Airtasker Website

We’re excited to let you know that our brand-new-look website is up and running. Thanks to a lot of user feedback over the years we’ve been able to create a platform catering to the various needs of our Airtaskers.

So what did we change? Here’s a quick sum up of the main changes:

Mobile friendly
This could be the biggest difference for users as they can now access the Airtasker website from every device. You can now browse, post and comment on tasks from your home, on the bus or even on the run, no literally you could be running and post a task just watch out for spelling errors. <--!more-->

So go on, get on your mobile and open and take a look for yourself.

airtasker mobile

New dashboard
Your personal dashboard contains everything you need to know about tasks you’ve posted or commented on, your payments and all your activity. It’s now easy to stay on top of what’s happening on Airtasker with a quick glance.

Improved task browsing
Looking for tasks that interest you has never been easier with quicker navigation and precise filtering capabilities. With location and category preferences you can find your ideal task a lot faster.

new airtasker website

Huge speed boost
We’ve made every page super fast so that outsourcing tasks can be done in an instant. Some even compare the site speed to the likes of the world champion horse sprinter, Black Caviar. Don’t just take our word for it; post a task and experience the speed of the new site.

Improved private messages
Finding the right private message is simple as you can now sort by most recent, task status or sender. This will make contacting other Airtaskers a lot easier so you can get tasks completed.

Australia wide
Ok, this might challenge the mobile friendly feature for the top spot, as we are now everywhere in Australia, every suburb, city and state. Where you are so is Airtasker, so if your on holiday and need a local to make a delivery or need to get something to a mate, we can now get those tasks done.

A big welcome to SA, NT, TAS & ACT! Looking forward to seeing you get involved in the Airtasker community.

Improved Post Task ability
We’ve streamlined the posting a task process and there will be a bunch of new functions that we’ll be adding on soon, stay tuned!

New site post a task

Payment section
A new in-depth payment area will allow you to see how much time you’ve saved by outsourcing tasks, as well as your overall earnings. Tracking by week or month is also possible, so you can keep on top of all your tasks.

We also wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for you patience as we iron out a few bumps and a big high-five to our tech team for working hard over the last year.

Got any more feedback? Please get in touch with our customer service team at

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