Earn money doing eBay selling & delivery tasks

By airtasker

Are you an eBay expert? You can earn more with eBay tasks on Airtasker!

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There are hundreds of tasks posted every month on Airtasker by people looking for help with eBay selling and delivery. Starting in September, we’ll be¬†working together with eBay to bring you, even more, selling and delivery help tasks to do.

It’s the perfect opportunity to put your skills to excellent use and earn extra money. Get a head start by creating your Airtasker profile and don’t forget to mention your eBay experience!

To find eBay tasks that you can do, simply sign up to Airtasker and start browsing tasks.

More about eBay

With 11 million Aussie buyers, powerful selling tools from listing to postage, eBay is the marketplace where your items are more likely to be sold at the best price.



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