AirtaskerPRO: More Trust and Safety

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Trust and Safety is one of the most important feature sets that we’re working on here at Airtasker so I’m super happy to announce that today we’re launching AirtaskerPRO – a feature that let’s you find an Airtasker runner who’s been video-screened, application approved and ID-checked by our community management team to increase the levels of trust and safety in our community.

The way it works is pretty simple – posting a task remains exactly the same however when you receive bids, you’ll now see a green “PRO” badge next to users that have been through our AirtaskerPRO application process. So if you’re a TaskPoster, you can now use the PRO badge, together with other verifications, user references and reviews on previous tasks to make an informed decision about who you would like to complete your task. We’ve had an overwhelming take up of AirtaskerPRO with hundreds of runners already signing up in the first couple of weeks since we launched and we expect the number of AirtaskerPROs to keep growing as we continue to roll out the PRO badges across our user base.

AirtaskerPRO is also a great feature for runners. If you’re new to Airtasker, the PRO feature allows you to build up your credibility in the marketplace straight away to get access to more jobs and start building up your portfolio of user reviews from the get-go. Being an AirtaskerPRO could also help you to earn extra money on jobs, as users are more likely to want to work with a runner who’s been through the PRO application process. To sign up, start your PRO application here.

As a community marketplace, building new features that help our users work with each other with greater confidence and efficiency is what it’s all about. If you’ve got any thoughts on AirtaskerPRO or new features that we could build to keep improving the Airtasker services marketplace, let us know in the comments below.