Airtasker Community Summit: Airtasker Awards

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2017 AIRTASKER Community Summit

To finish an amazing day, we made special acknowledgement to our top Airtasker Workers who stood out and embraced entrepreneurship via the Airtasker marketplace.

There are many different types of tasks that are on the platform, however, we selected the five most popular categories. And, also, the big one – Airtasker of the Year!

The shortlisting process for each category took into consideration reviews received, ratings, tasks completed, Completion Rate and how each member embraced the Airtasker Community Guidelines.

Mentioned below under each category are the shortlisted members and the winner.

Tradesperson of the Year

  • Sam F.
  • Alex G.
  • Vic F.

The Tradesperson Airtasker of the Year is… SAM F.

IMG_3791 copy

Professional Services of the Year

  • Sarit K.
  • Sneha C.
  • Sammy R.

The Professional Services Airtasker of the Year is… SNEHA C.

IMG_3784 copy
Homes Services of the Year

  • Camila R.
  • Alvin R.
  • Bruce R.

The Home Services Airtasker of the Year is… CAMILA R.

Delivery & Removals of the Year

  • Richard C.
  • Damien W.
  • Durarnd Y.

IMG_3776 copy

The Delivery & Removals Airtasker of the Year is…DAMIEN W.

Creative Services of the Year

  • Myra G.
  • Ashleigh N.
  • Jerry J.

The Creative Services Airtasker of the Year is… ASHLEIGH N.

IMG_3773 copy

Airtasker of the Year

  • James C.
  • Jesse M.
  • Joe C.

The Airtasker of the Year is… JESSE M.

IMG_3794 copy