Airtasker Badges

Profile Badges

Verifications help to build trust in the Airtasker community and give you more information when deciding who to work with on a task. Verifications icons and badges appear on a member’s profile when the specific requirements of that badge are met. An Airtasker Worker’s badges will be also shown to a Job Poster when they’re [Read More]

My next chapter: Jonathan Lui

Growing a startup is one of the most amazing experiences a person can have in their life. Those who have been fortunate enough to be involved in seeing a business go from being nothing more than an idea to a thriving company will understand how exciting it can be. However, with business success comes sacrifice, [Read More]

Airtasker Feature: Completion Rate

paper cranes productions

Whether you’re getting tasks completed or earning more on Airtasker, we’re creating a community where all members can enjoy a safe and rewarding experience. To help achieve this we wanted to highlight the Completion Rate feature, which appears on every member’s profile. The Completion Rate measures how reliable and committed you are to a task. [Read More]

Airtasker Partners With The Good Guys


We’re very happy to announce that we’ve partnered with The Good Guys to provide a new installation platform, which allows customers of The Good Guys to connect directly with the full network of The Good Guys’ experienced installers. For customers, they’re able to track and coordinate with an installer at a click of the button, [Read More]

Airtasker Hits 500,000 Members


Airtasker now has over 500,000 Members Five years ago, Jonathan and I founded Airtasker on the back of a simple errand. Little did we think that an idea we came up with while we were moving house would grow into company that touches almost every major city in Australia, provides work for thousands, and helps [Read More]

Future Of Work – Report


Are you expecting a pay rise next year? You might want to think again… Less than half of Australian workers received one this year – although that’s not stopping them from getting their hopes up. Airtasker’s second Future of Work study found that 55 per cent of Australian workers expect a pay rise in the [Read More]

Australia’s First Sharing Economy Study – Airtasker


Thousands of Australians are joining Airtasker each day to reap the benefits of the sharing economy. Busy working Australians are buying back their lives one task at a time, while workers are enjoying the flexibility of being their own boss. There are roughly 320,000 members on Airtasker, triple the amount on the website in March [Read More]

Airtasker on 7NEWS


Recently Airtasker was on 7NEWS in an investigation into the growing number of retirees supplementing their pensions and income by completing tasks on Airtasker. Watch the 7NEWS broadcast about seniors doing odd jobs for extra money. Earning more isn’t the only reason why people are signing up to Airtasker, some members are wanting to improve [Read More]

Sharing Economy And Tax: A Guide For Airtasker Members


We’ve worked alongside H&R Block to provide you, our Airtasker Members, with the most up to date information about tax and how it will affect you. Last year the Australian Tax Office (ATO) made an announcement outlining tax laws which apply to ‘regular’ income streams, also apply to peer-to-peer and collaborative consumption facilitators. Meaning that [Read More]

Apple Watch Airtasker App


In case you missed it, yesterday Apple announced that the highly anticipated Apple Watch with hit wrists on April 24th 2015. At Airtasker we’ve been planning how we can integrate the Airtasker platform on the Apple Watch interface, and we’re happy to share the results with you below: Assign Tasks This screen shows a list [Read More]

Airtasker Alerts: New Feature


We’ve just launched Airtasker Alerts, a brand new feature that will notify you instantly when there is a task near you that you’re interested in. This means you’ll never miss another opportunity to earn more with alerts sent directly to your email inbox. To activate your free alerts, simply add a keyword or phrase such [Read More]

New Feature: Airtasker Projects

airtasker multi runner

Do you have market research activity coming up or maybe you need some flexible promotional staff? Sounds like Airtasker Projects is just for you. This brand-new feature on Airtasker will help you hire multiple people quickly with minimum effort required. Before you had to create individual tasks, but now Airtasker Projects allows you to create [Read More]

We’ve Acquired Occasional Butler!


Today we’re pleased to share with you some awesome news – Occasional Butler has joined forces with Airtasker to create Australia’s no. 1 services marketplace! We’re super happy to welcome Occasional Butler co-founders Erz and Jodie Imam (who also founded Prahan, Melbourne co-working space depo8) to the Airtasker family as Community Advisors and together we’ll be working to build [Read More]

New Features on Airtasker


It’s been a cracking start to 2014 with the new website launching and achieving some great milestones, including reaching over 100k Airtasker members. Our tech team has been working hard to make it a better experience for you by consistently improving the website. They’ve been also developing new features for both our Task Posters and [Read More]

Price Guide: Airtasker Tasks


Not sure what to price an Airtasker task? We’ve put together a clever cheat sheet so you know exactly what to budget for and set the price of your next task. This makes it simpler and quicker to post a task. Please note: The amounts below are just a rough guide to get you started [Read More]

Introducing Airtasker Insurance

Task Insurance

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Airtasker Insurance – a brand new initiative which we’re launching as part of our commitment to trust and quality in your community.   Airtasker Insurance is a $20 million public liability insurance policy for third party injury and property damage and covers community members when they complete [Read More]

Guide to: New Airtasker Website

New site post a task

We’re excited to let you know that our brand-new-look website is up and running. Thanks to a lot of user feedback over the years we’ve been able to create a platform catering to the various needs of our Airtaskers. So what did we change? Here’s a quick sum up of the main changes: Mobile friendly [Read More]

Airtasker Merch Store: Now Open

Airtasker merch store

As so many of our users have asked where they can get a world-famous Airtasker t-shirt we decided to build a Merch Store where you can now get your own! The Airtasker t-shirt is a must have for top Airtaskers. When you’re in the field or completing tasks, nothing says “pro” more than the way [Read More]

We’ve raised $2 million to take Airtasker global


Hey guys, We’ve got some really awesome news to share with you.  Today we announced that we’ve received $2 million from Exto Partners, BridgeLane Capital and some amazing angel investors from Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. We’re super excited about bringing on this new round of funding which we’ll be using to improve the Airtasker experience [Read More]

AirtaskerPRO: More Trust and Safety


Trust and Safety is one of the most important feature sets that we’re working on here at Airtasker so I’m super happy to announce that today we’re launching AirtaskerPRO – a feature that let’s you find an Airtasker runner who’s been video-screened, application approved and ID-checked by our community management team to increase the levels [Read More]