How To Disassemble & Move IKEA Furniture

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Move IKEA furniture

IKEA furniture is affordable and easy to assemble (apparently)- appealing to the masses as a low-cost alternative. We can see from the number of furniture assembly tasks, especially IKEA, that putting together the furniture is the least fun part of the process but eventually is completed and you can enjoy your furniture… But then you decide to move, now what?!

First you need to ask yourself:
1. Do you take the IKEA furniture apart (disassemble)?
2. Do you move it as is?
3. Do you just leave it behind?

Option 1: Take apart
If you decide to take it apart it will fit into your truck a lot easier and you won’t have to manoeuvre around tight corners trying not to scratch the walls.

That was the positive, now for the negatives… You will need to find those instructions that you probably threw out as a sign of IKEA victory because you’ll need to work backwards. But not to worry the website IKEAFANS could be the answer to your prayers with a bunch of PDF copies of the instructions you need.

Also, do you remember the pain of putting it together and the fights had with your partner or mate about who could put it together faster? Well you’re about to go through that again. Twice.

If you do take it apart here are a few tips:
– Remember it’s cheap furniture and can get damaged easily. Use sheets etc to protect it during the move.
– Label the pieces and the screws if possible.
– Don’t tighten the screws – remember you may need to take it apart again.

Option 2: Don’t disassemble, just move it
You will save time, perhaps energy but maybe not money depending on your agreement with removalists.

It is the easiest way to move the furniture if the layout of the old and new house allows it, however it could take up a bit of space in the truck which means possibly more trips back and forth.

You might want to also check if you have the same flimsy tools that you were given originally because we’ve heard that you will need that unique tool to fit those specific screws.

Option 3: Leave it behind
This is by far the easiest option if you decide to leave it, throw it out or even better donate it to a friend or charity.

Just remember IKEA furniture is cheap so you can buy brand new furniture that will fit and suit your new place. Think of it as a fresh start. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what option you go with, just pick the best option for you and make it work.

Don’t forget to check out our top 5 tips for moving or post a task to help move IKEA furniture to your new home.


  1. Steve B says

    My tip as an ex furniture removalist is to not buy the crappy furniture in the first place(we hated the stuff as knew it would probably not be in one piece at the destination) and if on a budget buy some good quality secondhand furniture.

  2. Owen Ramm says

    Keen for any work related to furniture removal for a small fee or delivery of smallish items have a nice day

  3. Fritz says

    Ikea furniture has its own fair share of advantages and disadvantages in both moving interstate and international moving.

  4. Frank says

    I recently purchased an office table,from office works,being a estimator/project coordinator/carpenter by profession,i assembled the table my self,a challenge which I enjoyed.

    Thank you

    Enjoy your day

  5. Mishal Mary says

    i don’t have IKEA furniture i will buy soon because i am gonna furnish my home.i used to move time to time so IKEA furniture will be easy to move thank you for updating me.

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