Treat Your Mum This Mother’s Day

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Airtasker voucher

Just realised Mother’s Day is a matter of days away or maybe stuck for a fresh idea? Well I’ve got the ultimate gift just for her. When I was thinking what I could possibly get my mum I came up withe the idea to give her a Mother’s Day Airtasker Voucher.

My parents are currently renovating and the house is a mess, so I thought I could help them out and get an Airtasker to clean the house or mow the lawn, which is scarily looking like something out of the TV series Lost. Then I realised there’s no point, as more dust and mud will accumulate and ruin all the good work done.


Current status of my parents house

Instead I wanted to hire an ‘army’ of Airtasker’s at the end of their renovations to clean up the house, fix the garden and get everything looking spick and span – so I want to give my mum an Airtasker voucher.

I asked our designer here at Airtasker to create a voucher for me to give my mum and I wanted to share it with you so that you can download and print off a copy too. Although we, Airtasker, aren’t giving you credit to use it’s still a thoughtful gift and worthwhile way to spend money on your mum. It will save her time and no doubt she’ll love having a break from the housework too.

How to use the voucher:
1. Print voucher (there are three different values)
2. Place inside Mother’s Day card you bought
3. Ask her what task she’d like done
4. Post task via your account (or set her up on Airtasker)
5. Follow the usual Airtasker process

To print out vouchers click here for: $50, $100, $200 vouchers

Still not convinced it’s simply the best idea ever? Here are a couple of ideas of what she can save time on:

1. Complete the grocery shopping and deliver
2. In-depth house clean
3. Weeding the garden
4. Cook a fancy dinner

Here at Airtasker we love our mums and we know you do to, so we hope you enjoy the special day with her.

Disclaimer: Please not that buy using this voucher it is using your own account and funds. It is not the responsibility of Airtasker to pay for any task or cost associated with this voucher. This is just a super cute idea for something a little bit different for Mother’s Day.

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