The Wedding Proposal

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Traditional wedding proposals like finding a ring at the bottom of a champagne flute or getting down on one knee after hosting a picnic under the stars are cute and some would say “old-school romantic” but as times change, creative guys (and girls) have started coming up with more and more unique and quirky proposals – sometimes involving family, friends and even hired help to make that big moment as special and memorable as possible.

Airtasker community member Roman Navarro was one such “progressive” suitor who wanted to make his marriage proposal a day that his better half, Leah, would never forget.

After concocting a grand plan with inspiration from a variety of aides (including his mother’s advice), Roman jumped on Airtasker and posted tasks to hire three awesome Airtaskers – Jules, Ria and Cristina to “randomly” walk past his girlfriend Leah as she made her way home after work to Circular Quay in the Sydney CBD. As per Roman’s specific task instructions, each Airtasker had to bump into Leah wearing a tee shirt printed with one word each:


1. Will…
2. You…
3. Marry…

As Leah’s confusion increased with each “bump” along the way to Ferry Wharf 4 (the very place where Roman and Leah first met after meeting each other online), Roman was there waiting dressed in his own tee shirt simply saying:


• Me?

Getting down on one knee, Roman pulled out the ring and had Leah beaming with excitement, surrounded by a crowd of excited onlookers, impressed with the effort, style and creativity of Roman’s proposal. And we’re pleased to report that Leah happily said “yes”.

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