Celebrities meet Airtasker

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Everyone starts somewhere right? Even today’s top celebrities such as Harrison Ford, Beyonce and Brad Pitt had interesting first jobs including gardening, wearing a chicken suit and telemarketing. We bet you can’t guess who did which job!

We decided to match some of our most popular Airtasker tasks with celebrities, who knows maybe even you could be the next Jen Aniston or Leo DiCaprio.

Handyman + Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford struggled to break into the industry as he found it difficult to study for acting and also support his family. Making his best career move he turned to carpentry where he built a studio for Sergio Mendes who recommended him as a carpenter to the stars. He was then cast for a minor role in American Graffiti, which turned out to be a huge hit, slowly more roles opened up and the rest they say is history.

Looks like it pays to be handy with a hammer after all!

Deliveries + Morgan Freeman

With a burning desire to make his own money, at 14 Freeman started to deliver the paper in his local neighbourhood. Between this and joining the Air Force at a young age his biggest tip has always been to show up on time. Funnily enough that’s one of the most important things when running a task on Airtasker as well.

Telemarketing + Jennifer Aniston

Jen Aniston realised she needed some regular money coming in to pay for the bills until she could land her dream acting role. Although it was short-lived, telemarketing and reception jobs kept her going until she landed her first role before she got the gig as Rachel on Friends.

Cleaning + Beyonce

The songstress behind smash hit songs such as Run the World, Single Ladies and Halo has had a big career in the music and movie industry. Although she was successful in your local talent shows, when she needed some extra cash she would pop into her mum’s hairdressing saloon and help out with some cleaning.

She’s not the only pop star who started out cleaning, rock-star Gwen Sefani also took on the mopping at Dairy Queen.

Marketing Promotions + Brad Pitt

If you haven’t guessed already it was Brad Pitt who wore the chicken suit for marketing is a chicken take-away shop. Many stars turned to similar promotional work and we’re guessing their good looks had something to do with it, after all Megan Fox as dressed as a banana when she was struggling to make ends meet.

So there you have it, some of the biggest stars in Hollywood completed similar tasks that you see on Airtasker everyday, who knew! We’re thinking it would be pretty cool to say “I had that person clean my house and now their an Oscar winner!”, Right?

P.S. Leo DiCaprio has always been in the film industry… I guess some people are just born lucky!

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