Meet Our Top Handymen

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There’s no shortage of Handyman tasks on Airtasker ranging from basic light globe changes to building decks from scratch. We’ve handpicked a couple of outstanding Airtasker’s who between them have completed over 153 tasks mainly helping people with odd jobs around the house and garden, so it’ll be easy next time you need to find a local handyman on Airtasker.

Here’s a quick look at our Airtasker handymen:

Name: Nick M.
Location: NSW
Skills: House work, disposal, furniture assembly, delivery
Occupation: Event producer
Tasks completed: 32
Star rating: 5

Nick Handyman

1. What has been your favourite task on Airtasker so far?
Probably the most amusing was buying and hand delivering a red rose to a blokes girlfriend on valentines day – he had forgotten…

2. Which celebrity would you like to run a task for?
Donald trump – so i could ask him for some tips!

3.Being an Airtasker is…
Awesome & convenient!

4. Any other comments about being an Airtasker?
I’ve met some fascinating people, and still catch up with several of them socially. Can’t fault it! (but admittedly none of us are looking forward to being charged 15% all the time whenever that gets enforced!)

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Name: Steve P.
Location: NSW
Skills: House work, furniture assembly, disposal, delivery, office admin, shopping
Occupation: Carpenter
Tasks completed: 121
Star rating: 4.9

1. What has been your favourite task on Airtasker so far?
I would have to say my first, a simple remove my rubbish task which opened my eyes to what I could do using the Airtasker service.

2.Being an Airtasker is…
Fun and a fantastic way to earn some extra money while meeting my needs.

3.How does Airtasker improve your life?
As a dominant runner, Airtasker obviously improves my life in a monetary form, but also helps me test, keep and improve my skill set.

4. Any other comments about being an Airtasker?
Great service from a simple idea. I have met a variety of people, some great, others not so. all part of the Airtasker experience. Love it.

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