7 Simple Home Gardening Hacks

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Yay a weekend of gardening… Said no one ever! Seriously if you like to slave away your weekends in the hot sun with dirt under your nails, rose thorn scratches and a back ache to last at least a week, we’re impressed.

But if that doesn’t float your boat, don’t worry we’ve got some great home gardening hacks that won’t break your back.

Vertical garden

Yes you could build a custom vertical planter out of pallets and it would look amazing, but why not just get a cheap shoe organiser from The Reject Shop and make it easy on yourself.

vertical garden hack

Source: Buzzfeed


Keep the critters (and slugs) at bay with some beer which will help to kills them.

Source: Buzzfeed

Keep it fresh

Make sure your plants look fantastic all year round by planting flowers still in their pots. This means you can also easily colour coordinate for a season or make easy replacements if one dies.

gardening hacks
Source: Buzzfeed

There are plenty of ideas to keep your backyard looking great all year round, just take a look at these quirky gardening ideas.


For an easy watering can use a milk bottle, poke holes in the top and fill with water. This means you can adjust the water levels to how you want. A milk bottle can also be cut to make a shovel for dirt with filling pots etc.

gardening hack
Source: Buzzfeed

Effective replanting

If you need to repot or move plants, by soaking the root ball and new soil they won’t crumble apart and also stay moist.

It can be a lot of work though, so it might be a good idea to get some additional gardening help.

Natural fertiliser

Pour your left over rice water over your garden for a chemical-free way to provide nutrients to your plants.

ricewater-gardening hack

Source: Health and Healthy Living

DIY irrigation

It’s not as hard as you think to make your own irrigation system, all you need is a few water bottles dug next to a plant which you’ve cut holes into, and fill with water when required.

waterbottle irrigation
Source: The Greenists

Got any more home gardening hacks? Let us know in the comments below!


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