10 Scandinavian New Home Design DIY Ideas

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The desire to redecorate when you move in to a new home is something we all feel, however the truth is that many of us can’t afford to renovate or splash out at the top designer stores.

Whilst you can’t spend big on furniture, by spending money wisely along with a bit of DIY, you can turn your new home into a place to call your home.

Minimalistic scandinavian (or nordic) interior styling is all the rage right now with neutral, pastels and natural textures bringing a fresh look yet a warm feel to the home. Better yet, it’s super easy to achieve on a tight budget.

Here are 10 Scandinavian new home design DIY ideas:

1. White

A shade of white should be the base for all three surfaces; ceiling, walls and floors in a Scandi home. Painting wooden floors white with a white wash effect looks great and most ceilings are normally white and may just need a touch up.

If you are painting dark walls white it will take more than a few coats, so you’re better off hiring and Airtasker to handle the painting and you can spend your time on more exciting things.

Source: FreshHome

2. Natural Materials

With all that white, it’s important to break it up by adding some warmth into the space. This can be done with natural textures such as wood. Whether it’s a coffee table, chairs, bed frame and finishes.

Source: Pinterest


Pallets are a cheap and affordable way to introduce different textures into your space. You can make just about anything with pallets such as a bed, coffee table or even party props.

What else can you do with a simple pallets… Here are 15 Ideas With Pallet Furniture


3. Cork

Cork is the up and rising superstar in home design, and it goes way beyond wine bottle stoppers and boring noticeboards. Below are just a couple of DIY ideas that you can easily make.


Source: Craft By Photo

Wall art

Source: Picsora

Kids room

Source: Tile Design And Ideas

4. Pastels

Pick a pastel colour, any colour, actually why not pick a few to mix and match. You can pick up statement plates, cushions or paint some of your furniture. Did I mention that pastels are suitable in both Summer and Winter, that means no changing colour pallets with the change and saving you money.

Source: Nordic Days

Source: House and Hold

Source: DigitalSherpa


Throughout the whole process it’s important to remain as minimalistic as possible so that you can achieve a true scandinavian look. To declutter your space, a good rule of thumb is that for every 5 items you add, take away three (just don’t forget the receipts). Remember always that clean lines is one of the key pillars in the design. Here’s a couple of photos showcasing Scandinavian new home design ideas:

Source: Hometone

Source: My Scandinavian Home

5. Decorate

With some left over paint you can change any boring piece of IKEA furniture into an eye-catching centrepiece.

Dip-dyed baskets

Take these weaved baskets and dip them in a tub of paint – it can be any colour.

Source: Real Home Love

Geometric printed furniture

Using stencils you can bring a side table or dresser to life.

Source: tipsaholic

Hitta hem D I Y Lisa 7
Source: Hitta Hem

6. Lighting

In Scandi design, rooms are designed to capture as much natural light as possible which is why white is used everywhere, so the light reflects around the room. However lamps and lights are a necessity and there are some beautiful minimalistic ones to choose from as seen below.

Source: Homeditor

Source: Fresh Home

But big beautiful lights can cost you a lot, so have a look around at something a little cheaper and thing about changing (or painting) the lamp shade and consider adding a filament globe.

Source: Glasgow Guild

chevron lamp shade
Source: Juneberry Lane

7. Go Green

Adding greenery to your kitchen, living room, bathroom and just about anywhere whether it’s in a pot or hanging from the ceiling, is a lovely way to add life to your home.

You can use old wooden boxes, old pots, make your own terrarium or plant/moss ball.

8. Marble

It sounds expensive but you can cheat with contact paper… Yes the same contact paper that you used on your school books.

All you need to do is carefully lay it so you don’t get any bubbles.

Source: Amy Krist

Source: Decoist

9. Shelves

You can use a bracket shelf and paint the brackets (or turn upside down). If you’re a woodwork master you can make some shelves out of wood offcuts, but if you need a hand hire an Airtasker handyman to get the job done.

k_kristian-vedel-shelves-2 (1)
Source: Martin Glenz

Source: Tumblr

10. Fireplace

OK I admit, a DIY fireplace isn’t really all that easy to do if you don’t have an existing one that you can makeover. However here are some ideas to make your fireplace fit into the Scandinavian styling.

Source: Shelterness

Source: Nordic Bliss


  1. Koh K. says

    My studio apartment is exactly in that style, but unfortunately in Australia it is very hard to find the right floor board (it took 6 months for me to find white ash) or furniture in those color schemes. Even at IKEA, I see unpopularity of white oak furniture and they have low stock level or that color cannot be available. Simply the people don’t follow the refined interiors. Patient is required to achieve that. One more shop to recommend is Nordic Fusion.

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