Price Guide: Airtasker Tasks

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Not sure what to price an Airtasker task?

We’ve put together a clever cheat sheet so you know exactly what to budget for and set the price of your next task. This makes it simpler and quicker to post a task.

Please note: The amounts below are just a rough guide to get you started and from there Airtaskers will make you an offer and you will be able to negotiate a fair price.

Handyman & Tradesmen tasks

Basic: from $30/hr
– No specialist skills required
– Basic tools e.g. hammer and screwdriver

Skilled: from $50/hr
– Some skill required e.g. basic certification
– Power tools e.g. sander and drill

Professional: from $90/hr
– Qualified skills e.g. current certificate in discipline required for task
– Specific tools e.g. Drop saw and nail guns

Delivery & removals

paper cranes productions

Small item: from $28/hr
– Easy to carry e.g. flowers and chocolates
– Suitable for foot/ public transportation
– Car may be required and price per km should be considered

Larger item: from $60/hr
– In a large box or package e.g. IKEA furniture
– Car required and price per km should be considered

Moving: from $100/hr
– Furniture and heavy items e.g. Fridge or lounge
– Truck or van required


Routine clean: from $28/hr
– Weekly clean e.g. vacuum house and wipe surfaces
– Supplies provided

Deeper clean: from $30/hr
– Thorough clean e.g. skirting boards and windows
– Most supplied provided

Spring clean: from $50/hr
– Major clean e.g. sorting wardrobes and pantries
– Specialist tools required


paper cranes productions

General maintenance: from $29/hr
– Light gardening e.g. watering plants
– Tools provided

Weeding and mowing: from $40/hr
– Moderate amount of labour e.g. planting and pruning
– Some equipment required

Specialist gardening & landscaping: from $60/hr
– Heavy labour e.g. mulching and removing trees
– Specialist tools required

Design & photography

Basic design: from $35/hr
– Simple tweaks e.g. photoshop
– Basic design knowledge

Photography and graphics: from $50/hr
– Photoshoot or branding design
– Some equipment required

Design projects: from $70/hr
– Multiple day project
– Specialist skills/ equipment

Office admin tasks

Basic tasks: from $30/hr
– Simple research and data entry
– No specialist skills

Semi-skilled: from $40/hr
– Spreadsheet and call centre work
– Basic admin skills/ experience

Specialist tasks: from $55/hr
– Accounting and marketing work
– Specialist skills/ experience required

Computer & website

Basic tasks: from $30/hr
– Simple tech issue or website tweak e.g. software installation,
– Basic skills required

Technical task: from $55/hr
– Tech help e.g. software and website assistance
– Computer skills needed

Specialist: from $80/hr
– Programing and development
– Professional skills needed


Basic data collection: from $28/hr
– Email, online, phone, in-store
– No skill required

Field research: from $30/hr
– Interviewing and mystery shopping
– Basic skills

Research participants: from $40/hr
– Focus groups and product testing
– Special candidate requirements

Promotional staff

paper cranes productions

Leaflet handouts: from $28/hr
– Letterbox drops and flyer handouts
– Friendly and well presented

Event and sales staff: from $40/hr
– Promotional and event help e.g. welcoming and service
– Catering and sales skills

Specialist staff: from $60/hr
– Models, cocktail mixologist and baristas
– Previous and professional experience and certificates

Furniture Assembly

Simple: from $27/hr
– Office chairs
– Coat or hat rack
– Simple table

Small item: from $50/hr
– Bookcases
– TV bench
– Bedside tables

Medium item: from $75/hr
– Sofa bed
– Single bed assembly
– Chest of drawers

Large item: from $100/hr
– Bunk bed assembly
– Wardrobe system assembly


  1. Leonie says

    I looked at Air Tasker for extra income, and I have seen some extra ways to hopefully now be able to earn some extra income. Thanks really appreciate this site.

  2. Joslyn says

    Thank you. This is a great help. I have several jobs to post but was concerned about rate to pay. Wanted to ensure I was paying for the expertise I required to get the job done!

  3. pearl says

    where did Airtasker source the task prices from? There’s no mention of the Industrial relations website.

  4. Katie says

    Hi Jenni, Yes it’s based on Aussie dollars, however only as a guide at what Airtaskers are pricing their tasks.

  5. craig says

    Thanks for the guide, but I can tell you this, good luck trying to get a licenced tradesperson for the rates quoted. Double the quoted amounts and you’d be in the ball park.
    The amount it costs for a plumber or electrician to become licenced!!

  6. says

    Thanks for the price guide. I am wanting to offer my services to do light maintenance or
    gardending jobs, tip removal etc. so great help. Thanks you

  7. Luke says

    Hahaha, $30 an hour for a tradesman!
    I am a tradesman and was charging more than that in 1985.
    It costs more than that to keep qualifications, insurances and vehicle costs up to date before you turn a wheel.
    Remember, you get what you pay for!

  8. Craig says

    You undervalue Tradesman. Perhaps you should research charge out prices. A Trade painter is no less qualified than any other trade, so rates should be same. If people don’t pay realistic prices they will only get unskilled people who think they know what to do but it won’t be a professional finished job. Thank you.

  9. Peter J says

    I think the pricing is out by a long shot. Trades seem to be greatly undervalued and further research is needed to get this sorted. The cost of insurance machinary,tools, vehicles etc. is overlooked. Tradies are not all out to rip people off but there are more overheads than people think.

  10. Rachel davenport says

    I need an electrician to put a door bell and remove the old one. Thank you rachel

  11. Peter says

    So you say specialised trades eg electricians and plumbers for $30 dollars an hour I think that is ridiculous and handyman you have at $80 ph if you don’t know a skilled electrician and plumber have to do 4 years apprenticeship and always train in different subjects as technology progresses so please don’t degrade skilled persons in such a way

    Regards Peter

    P.s the cheap electricians do crap work which you can see on Facebook page
    Crappy electrical

  12. Vanessa says

    I assigned a task and heard from the assignee once! Not impressed, job was supposed to be done on weekend, now waiting for support team to advise how I can move my money to another bidder…. First time user and a little disappointed

  13. Nathan says

    You that price guide is crap your hourly rate is crap this site is 4 people that want stuff done a 1 off yes so you can’t charge that rate only full time people get that the other day lady wanted a fence put up 8 panels of pool fencing and said she wanted to pay $80 that’s a joke I said way much more and she said it will only take 4 hours $80 now in the real world it’s about $600 all day to install so your rate a shit and a joke

  14. Bic says

    I am wanting to use Airtasker for things I am unable to do.

    I am in agreement that the recommended hourly rates are quite low, and I am going to price my jobs according to their market value, in order that qualified people can afford to do the jobs for me.

  15. engineer says

    No wonder this country is going backward,
    Plumbers and electrician wanting to charge the same as 4 years of uni, engineer rate.
    c’mon people wake up and lets make this country comparative.
    Engineer with MBA

  16. Matt says

    You people should get your own store in order first,, you are very green behind the ears,, eg- Handyman with drop saw $80, Plumber $40. What sort of nonsense is that.. If you can’t run your end, you won’t carry a professional image on here.

  17. Steven says

    Must agree with the other comments on here relating to tradeperson rates being way off the mark, in the real world they are at least double that here in south east QLD .
    And yes I’m a tradie now for 25 yrs and was on $30 / hr over 15 yrs ago.

  18. Cheryl Harrington says

    I used two labourers recently to help me move some furniture and clean out my garage and they were both great. Punctual, pleasant and did a great job for me. I know you dont know what you are getting but at least you have some idea by reading the references which you cant do by hiring out of the paper. I have had a couple of horrific experiences doing that so I will be using Airtasker from now on.

    Thanks Cheryl

  19. Rob says

    You guys are right about the specialised trade hourly rate, however you’re missing one thing. Above in the rates for research, between $17 – $25 / hour, obviously only gets guess work and these guys have used their own taskers to do this research/guesswork on rates.
    Unfortunately, the people posting tasks use this to base their expectations on and even more sad is the that people will work for rates my 15 year old earns at the local café.

  20. Geoffrey says

    It’s a race to the bottom in terms of hourly rates but if you’re over 45 years old, “gig” economy jobs like Airtasker and Uber are all you’ve got to survive ….

  21. Leigh says

    I would highly recommend you bring pricing up. I am a professionally qualified photographer and the rates you are suggesting are simply unrealistic. The only people who would consider these rates are either terrible at what they do or desperate. Like somebody else stated… you get what you pay for.

  22. Do Done Did It says

    I joined Airtasker over a month ago – it’s a great place to find jobs but I have encountered few problems/issues that Airtasker needs to look into it – the biggest issue is people who post tasks, somehow they think Airtasker is a new world of opportunity for them to get their jobs done and pay as little as possible – they don’t fully explain the amount of work involved – for example a 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom house could be only 18 m2 or it could be 40 m2 – or even the fact that the space might be the same but the amount of work involved is no comparison – one may need just a clean and the other needs many hours of scrubbing ..

    Also, probably it would be just fair to be more transparent with offers and make them visible to all and not just the poster – Poster is in control – poster pays no fees – and the fees deducted from task are too high. Airtasker should keep in mind that they are not going to be the only site that offers these kind of services, eventually other sites will be created and enter the market, and probably with lower fees – keep in mind both sides are as important to keep your site going. Not only that Taskers pay your money to stay online but without them no poster could get their tasks done … so it’s time to look after the ones that are making you money … the taskers ….

    Oh, P.s please fix my user name “Do Done Did it” it’s not my business name … the business name I operate under is different .. 🙂

    thank you …

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