Meet Our Top Cleaners

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Did you know that cleaning tasks aren’t just posted daily but hourly, making it one of the most popular tasks on Airtasker and confirming it’s place within the top 5 most popular tasks. We find that everybody needs a little (or sometimes a lot) of help around the home, regardless of whether it’s a weekly clean or a end-of-lease overhaul. Amazing cleaners are like fairy god-mothers and we wanted to introduce a few of them to you.

Say hello to our top home cleaners on Airtasker:

Name: Shirin A.
Location: NSW
Skills: Office admin, house work, delivery, shopping, washing/ cleaning, car washing
Occupation: Personal trainer
Tasks completed: 16
Star rating: 4.9


1. What has been your favourite task on Airtasker so far?
To clean an apartment and the music was on was an added bonus.

2. How does Airtasker help improve your life?
It helped me pay for my Personal Trainer Certificate. Pretty awesome!!

3.Being an Airtasker is…

4. Any other comments about being an Airtasker?
It has been a really exciting time.

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Name: Tracey D.
Location: NSW
Skills: Surveys, mystery shopping, flyer drops, house work, shopping, washing , cleaning
Occupation: Mother
Tasks completed: 77
Star rating: 4.7

1. Which celebrity would you like to run a task for?
Georgie Parker

2.Being an Airtasker is…
The best thing I’ve done recently.

3.How does Airtasker improve your life?
Improves my self-esteem, extra income, meet new people, also doing a range of different tasks.

4. Any other comments about being an Airtasker?
You can choose if you want to do a certain task. I have loved the challenges of every task I have done so far and will continue to do so.

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