10 Awesome Things You Can Make With Post-Its

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Here at Airtasker, we love Post-Its. We love everything they stand for: Organisation, productivity, innovation and inspiration. From their fabled history as an accidental invention, the humble Post-It has become a cultural icon and an important staple in anyone’s stationery. Here are some people who let their own inspiration run wild, discovering new ways to [Read More]

What To Do This Easter Long Weekend In Sydney


Source: highlandstoday.com Whatever your belief system or faith orientation may be, broader society as a whole can rejoice in the coming of Easter with a number of guarantees: big family gatherings, even bigger gatherings of friends, too much chocolate, not nearly enough open stores, and a double-serving of weekends. If weather permits, Easter this year [Read More]

10 Hilarious April Fools Office Pranks


April Fool’s Day is upon us once again. Pranksters around the world are taking this opportunity to prey on their unsuspecting friends, family and coworkers. If you haven’t yet planned your hilarious onslaught, never fear: below is a collection of tricks, tried and tested, that are sure to liven up your office . Happy April [Read More]