Tim Fung

Co-Founder and CEO, Airtasker.
Enjoy working on Airtasker and other businesses (mostly start-ups). Outside of work, I enjoy driving fast cars slowly on track (Circuit Club), spending time with my other half and watching (mostly old) TV shows that I get obsessed with.

How We’re Thinking About The Future of Work

At Airtasker, we’re conscious that our platform is part of the debate around what work will look like over the coming decades. That’s why we’ve made every effort to be open and as transparent as possible when it comes to questions around our growth, values and future intentions in building the Airtasker marketplace. We’ve spent [Read More]

Airtasker Hits 500,000 Members


Airtasker now has over 500,000 Members Five years ago, Jonathan and I founded Airtasker on the back of a simple errand. Little did we think that an idea we came up with while we were moving house would grow into company that touches almost every major city in Australia, provides work for thousands, and helps [Read More]

10 Amaysim Tips For Curing Frigophobia


Think snow, ice, cold, winter… Do those words give you goose bumps? Well it sounds like you’ve got a fear of coldness or not so commonly known as Frigophobia. This phobia is not just a fear of the cold but also cold things such as ice blocks. The easiest but also most financially impossible fix [Read More]

How To: Use Online Outsourcing

Outsourcing Pros and Cons

The relatively new concept of online outsourcing is being discovered by more and more small businesses everyday, pioneering an exciting new segment of the human resources industry which is experiencing phenomenal growth. For years now, we’ve been using communication channels like noticeboards, newspapers and even online classifieds. Well, the new wave of online outsourcing being [Read More]

Introducing Airtasker Insurance

Task Insurance

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Airtasker Insurance – a brand new initiative which we’re launching as part of our commitment to trust and quality in your community.   Airtasker Insurance is a $20 million public liability insurance policy for third party injury and property damage and covers community members when they complete [Read More]

10 Start-up Productivity Tips

Most productivity advice is complete rubbish and if you’re working in a startup like me, you’re probably laser-focused right now on a bunch of “super important” things like growing traffic, driving sales or optimizing landing pages. But in the past few years, I’ve found myself going through periods in which I was working hard for [Read More]

We’ve raised $2 million to take Airtasker global


Hey guys, We’ve got some really awesome news to share with you.  Today we announced that we’ve received $2 million from Exto Partners, BridgeLane Capital and some amazing angel investors from Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. We’re super excited about bringing on this new round of funding which we’ll be using to improve the Airtasker experience [Read More]