Airtasker Stories: Airtasker lifts the bar at baby shower


How many parties or get-togethers have you hosted where you’re constantly running around to get food out, top up drinks, and make sure everyone is having a fab time (whilst trying not to make it look like you’re running around)? Many times! Well Angelique M. wasn’t going to sweat the small things at her first [Read More]

Airtasker stories: Harvey the Techbloke

It’s not uncommon for Airtaskers to find full time work or regular clients after a few tasks, especially if they impress on the job. But for new Australian resident Harvey L. his Airtasker experience to led something grander: it evolved into a business. Harvey sold his house in the Philippines to move to Australia on [Read More]

Airtasker Stories: A task fit for a Queen


There are some weird and wonderful jobs on Airtasker, as produce assurance manager Joe C. discovered last month. The 46-year-old from Sydney took on the task of modelling for a young makeup student – and ended up in drag (see proof below). The best part of Airtasker for Joe is helping people out and this [Read More]

Airtasker Stories: Some flexibility for Jianitsa’s World


Sometimes, 54-year-old-former-receptionist-turned-Airtasker, Jianitsa D., wishes she had a webcam in her car. She meets all kinds of colourful people on her Airtasker trips to airport. One of Jianitsa’s passengers was a down-on-his-luck hip hop artist from the US, who had been homeless in Bondi for six months. “He was such a colourful character… he really appreciated [Read More]

Airtasker stories: Heather’s your ‘Handy Mam’


Heather says she’s somewhat of a rarity, “I think I’m the only handy woman in Sydney on Airtasker,” she said. The UK-expat can do “anything a handyman would do” from curtains and woodwork to landscaping and renovations. Heather developed her knack for DIY working as an events florist in England. She made floral arrangements for [Read More]

Airtsaker Stories: Mouse in the House

Pest control is not most people’s idea of fun but on Airtasker help is just a click away. St Kilda lawyer and mother-of-two Christine F. turned to Airtasker when a rogue rodent terrorised her in her Victorian home. Christine was home on maternity leave, with her baby son asleep, when she saw a mouse run across the kitchen floor. She grew [Read More]