10 DIY Office Hacks

It’s unfortunate and true that we spend majority of our lives at our desks, in workplaces we may or may "10 DIY Office Hacks"

10 DIY Office Hacks

It’s unfortunate and true that we spend majority of our lives at our desks, in workplaces we may or may not like. They could the type of companies that give you all sorts of gadgets or maybe you have to supply everything yourself. It doesn’t matter which because either way there plenty of office hacks that can make the hours in your office just that little bit better.

Here are our 10 office hacks:

1. Cord labels


Not sure which plug to pull out and they are all white and so you have to tug at each one, only to realise you’ve pulled out the wrong one. Well by using bread ties, you’ll be able to quickly identify the right cord.

Source: News.com.au

2. Phone holder


Don’t through out those old cassettes just yet! Looks like cassette cases can still be useful (and look cool too). Use one to hold your iPhone or iPod so you always know where it is and and keep an eye on those Instagram notifications coming through. Plus you could change the case to match your musical mood say Beetles one week and Nirvana the next.

Source: Buzzfeed

3. Get organised


Don’t get important letters lost under a pile of paper, keep an eye on them by using a spring from a pen as a letter holder.

Source: Buzzfeed

4. Keep clean

diy-office-hacks-post it note


If you’re prone to eating at your desk, your keyboard is going to need a clean regularly but using a bit of sticky tape or a post it not will help you pick up those pesky crumbs on the spot.

Source: Huffington Post Buzzfeed

5. Be creative



Using cork cases and containers you can recycle and use them for all types of holders and the bonus is you can pin photos and important notes to them.

Source: Swingline blog

6. Clip holders


Perhaps the most useful item of stationary can be used to organise cords, especially your earphones which get so easily tangled.

Source: Pinterest

7. Bottle opener



That annoying moment when you have a bottle of soft drink or beer and you don’t have a bottle opener in the office… try a macbook charger or the cheaper option with a Stabilo Boss highlighter pen (tried and tested, it works!)

Source: Pinterest

8. Music speakers


Whether you’re in the office by yourself and want to pump up the music or if it’s for an office sign-a-long, putting your iPhone or iPod in a glass will amplify the sound so you can push through your work day.

Source: Lily & Bliss

9. Detangle power cords


With power cords for computers, keyboards, phone chargers and much more all heading to a central power point, it’s easy for them to get tangled and leading to a big annoying mess. However by using a few pins you can arrange everything nice and manageable.

Source: Total Clean

10. Lego


When all else fails, turn to lego to help make your work day easier and also bring a smile to your face. After all, who says you’re too old to play with lego.

Source: Seize the second

5 Ways To Stay Productive When Looking For A Job

If you’re taking a break from your career, unemployed or have been made redundant, it can be exciting, daunting and "5 Ways To Stay Productive When Looking For A Job"

If you’re taking a break from your career, unemployed or have been made redundant, it can be exciting, daunting and possibly a scary time if you don’t know what your next step is. You might want to crawl into bed and not get out everyday till 11am, watch Ellen, eat ice cream and do absolutely nothing. And sure you can do that on day one, but it’s definitely not a pattern that you should get in.

Keeping up your productivity is important for your brain functionality and emotional wellbeing. Plus you might learn a new skill, get more in-tune with yourself and make new connections.

Here are 5 ways to remain productive when you’re looking for work:

Lean new skills
Now that you’ve got the spare time, some experience under your belt, it’s time to juice up your resume with some new skills. It could be in your current area, or maybe something a bit different, either way it’s important to always keep the mind challenged. Plus any extra courses will look great on the resume.

So what can you learn? Many colleges and Universities offer short courses if you know you are taking off a longer amount of time. However if you’re money conscious and not wanting to sign up to a longer course, look at courses offered by General Assembly or online with Skillshare. These companies offer anything from coding to typography and digital marketing.

Just give them a go, you might discover a new passion you never knew you had.

Stay in contact and network
It’s important to stay in touch with past work collegues and mentors who can not only help you with possible career opportunities, but also help guide you to meet others and keep you in the loop with industry news.

Remember, it’s not what you know, but who you know.

Keep the money rolling in
Just because you’re not employed doesn’t mean you can’t keep earning money and support your lifestyle. Whether it’s walking someones dogs, cleaning a house or using your professional skills on Airtasker there are hundreds of tasks uploaded daily. Some Airtaskers even earn up to $1,000 a week.

Look after yourself
While indulging in TV box sets of your favourite show and eating out for every meal can be fun, it’s not exactly the best for your health. Giving a bit of extra focus on getting fit and healthy can be great for the body and mind, might even give you a new perspective.

Make sure you set goals and challenge yourself to cook a new dish that you normally don’t have time to attempt, or try a new activity a week such as stand-up paddle boarding or boxing with a friend.

Pursue a passion
Do you have a hobby or a passion that you already dedicate a lot of your spare time to such as photography or cooking? Maybe it’s time to invest more time into it, who knows it could turn into your next career…

What’s most important is to keep your chin up, make sure you have the best resume and apply for as many jobs as you can and you’ll be back in the workforce better than ever soon.

Inspiration: Barbie Fancy Dress Costume via Airtasker

It’s true you can get almost anything made with Airtasker and I decided to put it to the ultimate test. "Inspiration: Barbie Fancy Dress Costume via Airtasker"

Inspiration: Barbie Fancy Dress Costume via Airtasker

It’s true you can get almost anything made with Airtasker and I decided to put it to the ultimate test. I had a fancy dress party for my local surf club coming up and the theme was ‘When I grow up, I want to be….’

Being quite tall I struggle to fit in the usual costumes that you can buy online and I wanted to have the ultimate wow-factor. I had a great idea to go as packaged Barbie dolls* and even convinced a friend to be my ken doll. Here’s what we were aiming for:

barbie and ken costume inspiration

So I put up a task on Airtasker to make fancy dress costume. The Airtasker only had 10 days to complete the task and needed to get their own supplies e.g. cardboard boxes, print outs and work out how we would hold it up.

I assigned Jennifer S. who hadn’t completed a task before but did live near me in Bondi and also uploaded photos of past costumes that she has made. Jennifer was super excited about the project and was a great communicator, making some excellent suggestions along the way. I gave her full creative control and asked for her to provide me some photo updates on the progress.

barbie costume making

barbie costume supplies

On the day of the party I had to pick them up and I have to admit this was the hardest bit. They couldn’t be flattened but luckily I had access to a 4WD car, otherwise it would of been an interesting walk down Bondi road. We did however have to walk past a number of restaurants on the way to the party and we bought a smile to many diners faces, even asked to pose for photos.

Better yet, we WON BEST DRESSED!! Here’s our final look:

barbie and ken fancy dress costume done by Airtasker

barbie tennis fancy dress costume done by Airtasker

Now, what to get made for the next party? Any suggestions…

*Please note: I did not want to be a Barbie doll growing up – merely just an awesome costume.

Lord of the Fries Home Delivered

Just picture a cold and rainy winters day. It’s something most Sydney-siders aren’t too familiar with, so you can understand "Lord of the Fries Home Delivered"

Lord of the Fries Home Delivered

Just picture a cold and rainy winters day. It’s something most Sydney-siders aren’t too familiar with, so you can understand no one in our office wanting to go and get a bite of lunch.

Lucky for us, we knew we’d be able to find a helpful Airtasker willing to brave the weather and make a food delivery to our toasty warm workplace.

All we had to do was to think of what to get, however after seeing a couple of tasks for Lord of the Fries delivery on Airtasker, our CEO Tim, suggested that we give it a go too.

If you’re not sure what Lord of the Fries is, we didn’t have a clue either, but it’s a hugely popular vegetarian fast-food chain from Melbourne that opened up just under a year ago on George St, Sydney CBD.

Lord of the Fries food delivery Airtasker

We have to admit that at first we didn’t realise it was vegetarian but with three styles of fries and 14 different sauces, the guys in the office weren’t deterred and made their orders.

Lord of the Fries food delivery Airtasker menu

To get the order in time for lunch, I quickly put the Lord of the Fries Delivery task up for $30 due to the distance from the outlet to our office and the Airtasker needing access to a car. Then almost immediately Mark S. let me know that he was available and made an offer.

Once assigned, Mark sent me a private message via Airtasker asking for my phone number so that we could stay in contact, which he did and maintained throughout the day.

To make it easier, his partner Jacqui also helped out so she could go in and make the order and wait without Mark needing to find a car park.

Lord of the Fries food delivery Airtasker

Lord of the Fries food delivery Airtasker

With the order sent via message they picked up a few burgers, a hotdog and a whole lotta fries, which I would reimburse them for with cash when they dropped off the food.

When they were on their way, Mark called me to let me know when they were a few streets away so that I could meet them on the ground floor.

When I met them downstairs, we exchanged the money and food and also paid them for the task via Paypal on Airtasker.

As you can see the guys were all happy with their food in the images below.

Lord of the Fries food delivery Airtasker

Lord of the Fries food delivery Airtasker Tim

Lord of the Fries food delivery Airtasker

If you are hankering for some deliciously delivered food, give Airtasker’s food delivery service a go.

10 Ways to Clean with Baking Soda

You’re guaranteed to find baking soda in any pantry, often reserved for cooking, but there are plenty of other uses "10 Ways to Clean with Baking Soda"

10 Ways to Clean with Baking Soda

You’re guaranteed to find baking soda in any pantry, often reserved for cooking, but there are plenty of other uses for this natural mineral including home cleaning and medicinal purposes.

It’s common to find baking soda tips for cleaning your kitchen and bathroom, but I’ve looked into some other uses around the house. This way you can get more bang for your buck and make more areas of your home naturally clean.


They can get mighty woofy sometimes even if you do give your pet a good wash regularly. However by adding baking soda to kitty litter or sprinkling it on a wet dog and brushing out, it can reduce those not-so-nice odors in a flash.

Cigarette and cigar smoke is never nice for non-smokers. To make it a more pleasant social setting, place some baking soda in the bottom of the ashtray.

Carpet and rugs
Got a funny smell you just can’t get rid of? Sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on top and leave it for 15 minutes. Then give it a vacuum and if it’s not better, repeat.

Source: A Single Sunbeam

Find out how to remove pesky stains by reading Stain Removal – Myths vs Facts

Kid’s items

Baby furniture
Harsh chemicals should be kept away from the baby’s room, however using a ¼ cup of baking soda to 1 cup of water to wash the bassinet, change table and other items will do the trick.

Pool toys
Inflatable pools and pool toys can be cleaned from mildew by washing with a baking soda and warm water solution.

With illness easily spread among children, after play dates make sure you clean the toys to kill any bacteria. To do this, place a ¼ cup baking soda and ¼ warm water in a bucket. Put in the toys (or just wipe with a cloth), and then rinse with clean water and leave to dry.



Fabric softener
To make your towels all soft and fluffy add ½ cup baking soda to the rinse cycle.

Boost bleach
Too much bleach can be bad for your health and the environment, but by combining baking soda with bleach you can cut down your usage and make it more environmentally friendly. Just add ½ cup of baking soda for each ½ cup of bleach.



With outside furniture battling the elements, a quick wipe down with a 1 cup of baking soda added to some warm water will leave them sparkling. Just don’t forget to rinse thoroughly with some clean water and leave in the sun to dry.

Fly screens
Screens on windows and doors can collect dust, dirt and cobwebs but they are easy to clean with a damp cloth dipped into baking soda and a bit of elbow grease. Rinse with a damp cloth or if you can remove them, wash with a hose.

Looking for more natural cleaning products? Here are 4 natural kitchen cleaning products that will clean your house.

4 Natural Kitchen Cleaning Products That Will Clean Your House

Most people make the switch to natural cleaning products for general house cleaning due to the high amount of chemicals "4 Natural Kitchen Cleaning Products That Will Clean Your House"

4 Natural Kitchen Cleaning Products That Will Clean Your House

Most people make the switch to natural cleaning products for general house cleaning due to the high amount of chemicals (which may cause health hazards), found in many off-the-shelf products.

The benefits of ‘going green’ mean fewer health risks and less impact on the environment. With a little bit of extra effort you’ll be able to beautify your home naturally.

Making the switch from harsh chemicals, such as bleach, to home remedies isn’t as hard as it sounds. You’ll have most of what you need sitting in your pantry.

Source: Hello From The Natos

Here are four kitchen products that you can use in a way you’ve never thought of using them before:

Baking soda
It’s often used in cooking but it can also clean, deodorise, soften water and scour.

Source: Secretly Healthy

Attack an oven of grimy grease and cooking juices by making a paste of baking soda and water. Once made, spread paste over the bottom of the oven, leave for a few hours and then simply wipe off.

Toilet cleaner
Take a cup of baking soda and put it in the toilet to let it soak for at least an hour. Then pour a cup of white vinegar and leave for 5 minutes before flushing.

Citrus fruit
Lemon is the fruit used most in and favoured for its strong food acidity against household bacteria.

General disinfectant
Making citrus infused vinegar will take care of numerous home-cleaning tasks e.g. mopping floors, windows and surface disinfectant.

To make: Place lemon peels in a jar and top up with white vinegar for a few days. When you want to use it, just strain out the vinegar.

Food waste disposal (in sink)
These can get smelly so to ward nasty smells, cut a lemon in half and turn on the grinder and put in the lemon while the water is running.

Air fresheners

Source: The Yummy Life

Everyone loves walking in the door to a fresh clean smelling home and your house will smell divine with this recipe:

– Sliced lemon
– 2 tablespoons of rosemary
– Dash of vanilla

Place into medium saucepan with ¼ cup of simmering water. Allow cooling and placing in a recyclable bottom and get spraying.

Most households would have vinegar in the kitchen, however white vinegar is the one you’ll want to cut through grease, remove mildew, odours, stains and wax build ups.

Dishwasher cleaning
Place two cups of vinegar in a bowl without any other dishes and put it through a cycle. Your dishwasher will be all lovely and fresh.

Shower heads
Wrap a plastic bag with vinegar in it around the shower head and tie it so that the head is immersed. Leave for a few hours and then carefully remove.

Source: Curious Nut

Burnt saucepans
No one likes scrubbing the burnt pans after cooking. So instead, fill the pan with water, add a cup of vinegar and bring to the boil. Then remove it from heat and add baking soda – WARNING! It will fizz. Empty the pan and scour.

Not sure how to remove stains? Here are the Stain Removal Myths vs. Facts

You can buy this in powder form and it’s often found in many cleaning products – however it is a natural mineral.

Bathroom soap scum
Create a no-fuss scum by sprinkling Borax in the show or bathtub and add water. Then just wipe over it and rinse well.

Find out more Bathroom Cleaning Tips.

Place one teaspoon of Borax with 3- litres of warm water and wipe the shelves and draws with the mixture. Rinse well with water and wipe dry.

If you’re not sure where to buy Borax, Coles stocks the Bare Essentials Borax cleaner.

Don’t have time to clean or need a helping hand? Why not Get Cleaning Quotes with Airtasker and reclaim your weekend.

Guide To Hiring A House Cleaner

Just the thought of spending all your precious free time on the weekend cleaning the house is enough to make "Guide To Hiring A House Cleaner"

Guide To Hiring A House Cleaner

Just the thought of spending all your precious free time on the weekend cleaning the house is enough to make you want to not get out of bed on a weekend at all.

But that’s no attidue to have, and besides, who said you have to clean your house anyway?

Why not invest in a house cleaner? They can do all the hard work while you enjoy your weekend. Of course. the difficult part is finding a house cleaner who is reliable and will leave your house looking spick and span. Luckily there are plenty of Airtaskers with an abundance of positive reviews and experience.

airtasker vacuuming house cleaning

This makes hiring a cleaner simple and fast, however there are a few things to consider before you post a house cleaning task. Here’s our guide to hiring a house cleaner.

Size does matter

The amount of time it takes to clean your house will change dramatically depending on the size of your home. For example, if you have a 5-bedroom, 2-bathroom house it will cost you more for cleaning than a one bedroom apartment..

Before booking an Airtasker, describe the general size of the house in the task description so they are prepared.

Cleaning products

If you can supply the Airtasker with your own cleaning products then it makes it a lot easier (and cheaper) for the work to be completed. That said, many Airtaskers can bring their own cleaning products and tools, just make sure you specifically tell the Airtasker what they need to bring. You can even add additional expenses to the task so it is clear what the Airtasker will need to budget for.

Set your standards

Communicate how you would like your house to look at the end of the task, you could even write down a checklist for them.

airtasker cleaning task

First meet-up
On the first time they come over to tidy up your place, allow for a bit of extra time to show them around, where they should and shouldn’t clean, and where everything is kept. Making them feel comfortable is key.

Meet some of your Top Airtasker Cleaners

Price guide
Here is an example of pricing that is from the Airtasker Pricing Guide.

Routine clean: $20/hr
– Weekly clean e.g. vacuum house and wipe surfaces
– Supplies provided

Deeper clean: $22/hr
– Thorough clean e.g. skirting boards and windows
– Most supplied provided

Spring clean: $30/hr
– Major clean e.g. sorting wardrobes and pantries
– Specialist tools required

airtasker dusting house cleaning

Just remember that at the end of the day what it all comes down to is communication – be clear and upfront in the cleaning task description and you’ll have your place looking fantastic in no time.

Want more on cleaning? Read our Top 5 Cleaning Tips and Stain Removal – Myths vs Facts

5 Steps To A Successful Career Change

Are you unhappy in your job or perhaps just disinterested in it? Good news – you’re not alone and you "5 Steps To A Successful Career Change"

5 Steps To A Successful Career Change

Are you unhappy in your job or perhaps just disinterested in it? Good news – you’re not alone and you can do something about it. Taking the big leap and changing careers is scary, there’s no hiding that, but there are a few steps that you can take for some reassurance and help. It’s important to understand that this change will take time and won’t happen overnight.

So before you walk into your bosses office and resign, make sure you have your ducks in a row, as my mum would say. Here are some steps I recommend you consider and review before you quit your current job.

Step 1: Action plan
Write down a well thought out plan of attack to get to your dream position in life. You might find that there a quite a few steps and unfortunately some may take months or years to accomplish. Giving yourself a clear time frame for each step will allow you to be more realistic.


This will also help you budget in case you need to go back to study full-time for a while. For instance if you’ve got a family to support, this can be a big stress for you financially and you may need to make sacrifices e.g. holidays or adjust spending habits.

Speaking of spending, make sure you have a few months of ‘rainy day’ money safely tucked away before you up-and-quit your job.

A few other things to include in the action plan should be to identify who are the key contacts you need to know in your desired industry and important networking events you should be attending.

Step 2: Talk about it
I don’t mean your co-workers or employers but your friends, family, mentors and even perhaps past bosses. Running your ideas past people whose opinions you hold in high regard can be scary because they could be brutally honest, however they also know your personality and might be able to help guide you or give you some alternative ideas to help you achieve your goal.

Your network of connections is invaluable and can help you excel much faster rather than going it alone.

Step 3: Volunteer
This might sound different, but getting involved with not-for-profit organisations will give you some great experience in your chosen field and also the side benefit of giving something back to the community.

Your future employees and peers will also see how passionate you are about where you want to be and your dedication should be taken on-board.

Step 4: Test it out – Airtasker
Perhaps your not sure if this is the direction that you really want to head in, or you want a little bit of experience without needing to adjust your lifestyle. Airtasker is a great way to get a little bit of exposure to different types of work e.g. photography, event management and web design.


With the flexibility of using Airtasker, it allows you to complete the task when it works for you – and there’s the added bonus that you’ll get paid for your efforts and something to add to your portfolio too.

Step 5: Education
University is a huge commitment for a few years, possibly hold you back with little benefit, however there are plenty of short courses such as General Assembly or Skillshare who offer out of work hour and/or online courses which you can complete. It can never hurt to be too educated right?

Have you got any other tips when it comes to changing careers? Let me know in the comments below.

McDonald’s Home Delivered

Every now and then I get the urge for a McDonald’s food fix, particularly on a Sunday morning. While I "McDonald’s Home Delivered"

McDonald’s Home Delivered

Every now and then I get the urge for a McDonald’s food fix, particularly on a Sunday morning. While I normally eat healthy food, for this blog post it required me to indulge a little more than usual.

Although this was originally about getting McDonald’s home delivered, I decided that I would treat the rest of the Airtasker Team by organising a McDonald’s breakfast delivery in the office. Plus, it also meant I didn’t feel so guilty eating it by myself ☺ .

After receiving everyone’s order, I posted the task on Wednesday at midday for the delivery to take place the following morning around 9:30am in Sydney CBD. However, as the day went on, only one person had made a comment and no offers were made so I was beginning to get a little worried that no one would get his or her McDonald’s delivery the next morning.

When I woke up on Thursday morning there still were no offers on the task, but I knew there were two last minute changes to the task I could make to get some interest. So I edited the task name and put the word URGENT in capitals and also increased the price I would pay the runner from $15 to $20.

Luckily by the time I got into the office, Airtasker Garry W had left a comment saying he’d be able to complete the delivery task drop off the food by 10am. I quickly assigned it to him and he sent his mobile number to me via private message so that I could send him the order.

In less than an hour, I managed to assign someone to the task and get the food delivered to our office, so everyone’s grumbling stomachs were happy.

Garry was also kind enough to get some photos of his Airtasker journey and sent them to me.

McDonalds delivery on Airtasker

McDonalds delivery on Airtasker

McDonalds delivery on Airtasker

Everyone here at Airtasker HQ enjoyed the yummy breakfast, including me with my hash brown. Now their asking me what’s next… Any suggestions?

McDonalds delivery on Airtasker

Top 5 Airtasker Foods Delivered

Let’s face it, we’ve all made ourselves the promise to cook more homemade meals. And while our intentions are sound, "Top 5 Airtasker Foods Delivered"

Top 5 Airtasker Foods Delivered

Let’s face it, we’ve all made ourselves the promise to cook more homemade meals. And while our intentions are sound, the reality is we are often too busy to shop, decide, prepare and cook a hearty meal every day. Often the temptation to grab a quick bite from the local takeaway is all too tempting.

Hey, it’s ok to ‘break the rules’ from time to time and indulge in your favourite dish at home in front of the TV watching re-runs of Big Bang Theory (or is that just me…). But what if the restaurant you want to order from doesn’t deliver? Well that’s no longer a problem as Airtasker makes it simple for you to hire a Runner and get your takeaway food delivered to your door.

With plenty of food delivery tasks on Airtasker, we thought we’d share the top 5 to get those taste buds salivating.


The Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets and Frozen Cokes are some all-time favourites from the world’s most popular fast food chain. But without a delivery option, you need to go in-store to satisfy your Maccas craving.

McDonalds delivery on Airtasker

Regardless if you’re glued to the couch after too many vinos or perhaps the kids are sleeping, a McDonald’s delivery is the perfect solution when you can’t leave the house.

It will only cost you around $10 for Macca’s to get delivered to you which is on par if you consider to cost of petrol and your time to buy it yourself.

Here is one of our favourite McDonald’s delivery tasks posted by Will, who was lining up at the Apple Store to get his hands on the latest iPad and needed some breakfast.


Pho is the new ‘must-eat’ food of the moment, so it’s of no surprise that people are searching high and low for the best Vietnamese noodle soup they can find.

In Sydney, the majority of the best places are located in Sydney’s West, meaning it’s harder for people not living in the area to get to. Lucky Krisan was stuck at Milsons Point but found Airtasker Yuqi, who picked up four Pho soups from Pho An in Bankstown and delivered the soups right to her door for $30.

Mr Crackles

Founded in Darlinghurst, Sydney these guys do a seriously mean pork roll and lucky for most partygoers, open to the wee hours of the morning.

However it also attracts a queue…

Mr Crackles Sydney Queue

For an office lunchtime meal, Luke put a food delivery task up on Airtasker for seven rolls and got them delivered across the city by David for just $20.

Perhaps you should give it a go and get your own Mr Crackles delivery.


It may come as a surprise, but KFC is the most popular fast-food takeaway delivery request on Airtasker. Although buckets of the Original Recipe Chicken may not be for everyone, people can’t get seem to get enough of the Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices.

Josh posted the most impressive KFC delivery task to date with a variety of Popcorn chicken, Crispy Strips and more for a $10 delivery rate to the Airtasker.

Hmm i’m feeling like a KFC delivery of my own right about now!


This list would not be complete without a mention of the popular ice-creamery in Sydney and now also in Melbourne, Gelato Messina. Priding themselves on lip-smacking flavour combinations of gelato, their ice-cream cakes is what puts them above the rest.

There’s just one big issue, you’ll notice as a pick up and care instruction they recommended safe travel time is around 35 minutes. So you can understand why we’ve seen a few Messina delivery tasks on Airtasker, even here at Airtasker HQ for me.

Messina ice cream delivery Sydney with Airtasker

What food would you get delivered to you by an Airtasker? Let us know in the comments below!

Or test it out yourself and get some great food delivered to your door!

Jervis Bay Travel Itinerary

  Jervis bay is one of the most popular getaway destinations in NSW due to its picturesque white-sand beaches and "Jervis Bay Travel Itinerary"

Jervis Bay Travel Itinerary


Jervis bay is one of the most popular getaway destinations in NSW due to its picturesque white-sand beaches and proximity to Sydney and the ACT. The clear turquoise water is ideal for all types of fun such as kayaking, fishing and standup paddle boarding.


If you’re not sure where look for activities, accommodation and food in Jervis Bay and the NSW South Coast, you could simply hire an Airtasker travel planner from our trusted community of experienced professional planners, or you could read on and use this great itinerary below.

Things to do
Snorkeling and scuba diving
Whether it’s your first time or you’re a well-educated pro, in Jervis Bay there is something for all skill levels.

If snorkeling is you cup of tea, there are many protected beaches and coves such as Plantation Point, Hyams and Murrays Beaches ready for you to explore.


As for diving, Jervis Bay has over 30 diving sites. The most popular is The Docks suitable for newly certified divers with small caves and mini drop offs. However, for the more experienced divers, Stoney Creek provides some excellent drift diving and for a real adventure head off shore to Drum and Drumsticks to the rocky reef and the wreck of the ‘Wanderer’.

Want more information? Visit the friendly people at Dive Jervis Bay for courses, trips and dive/snorkeling gear.

A quick 10 minute drive from Jervis Bay will bring you to St Georges Basin, which offers a huge variety of fishing options with catches of flathead and whiting using surface lures in the shallows, or head to deeper waters to hook Kingfish and Snapper for dinner.

Dolphin / Whale Cruises
Meet some of the beautiful marine wildlife including seals, dolphins and whales while discovering the hidden secrets of the South Coast with Dolphin Watch Cruises.

Other activities
Don’t forget to take your time exploring the different beaches in the area, watch the sunrise and sunset, or even hire a stand up paddleboard. There are plenty of other things to do in Jervis Bay, just ask a local and they’ll point you in the right direction.

Where to dine
For your country bakery fix, head to Huskisson Bakery and enjoy their Malt Fruit bread.

If you want to enjoy a low-key dinner head to The Waterhouse in Huskisson and tuck into some mouthwatering roasted Wagu for around $30. They have a bar menu as well with mains at the $15 mark if you’re travelling on a budget.

For something a little different, why not dine amongst the tree tops at Gunyah Restaurant at The Paperbark Camp.

Where to sleep
The Paperbark Camp offers you a truly unique experience with their deluxe safari inspired tents, however it’s a minimum two nights stay and definitely not your typical budget camping experience.


With plenty of holiday houses available in Jervis Bay it’s worth taking a look at AirBnb and booking a place in beautiful spots such as Vincentia or Hyams Beach.

How to get there
The drive from Sydney to Jervis Bay hugs the coastline and will take approximately 2hr 45min.

However it’s not the destination but the journey…

As with many coastal drives around Australia, the NSW South Coast is dotted with a number of picturesque beach towns and quality surf breaks. Here are a few of our favourites:

A 55-minute drive from Jervis Bay will bring you to Werri Beach, one of the best beaches for surfing on the South Coast.

It’s only a quick 15-minute drive from Gerringong to Kiama and not to be missed for its famous Kiama Blowhole. If you happen to be there on the 3rd Sunday there are markets at Black Beach to investigate.


If you fancy a slight detour, head inland for an hour and you’ll reach the beautiful town of Bowral, with its stunning country gardens and old estates. If you’re an antiques fan, this is a shopping destination you must tick off the list.

Have you been to the South Coast recently or just about to go? Let us know any more tips for Jervis Bay in the comments below.

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5 Things Productive People Do

Were you distracted by that photo? It’s ok my feelings weren’t hurt. In fact, I knew you would be because "5 Things Productive People Do"


Were you distracted by that photo? It’s ok my feelings weren’t hurt. In fact, I knew you would be because people love distractions. That’s why you check your phone, Facebook and email multiple times during the day.

According to business insider we are only productive about 3 days a week with close to 40% of your typical working week considered to be unproductive.

Outsource to create time
Time is precious and you should be spending it with the people that matter to you most whether it’s a loved one, mates or your pet dog. Getting someone to do the little things such as clean the house or cook you some homemade meals can save you valuable time. Thousands of Airtaskers are doing just that – check out how they’re helping people save time here.

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Manage your mood
Productive people start the day in the right headspace allowing them to focus on the goal at hand. If you’re late to work or didn’t’ get enough sleep, you’ll be playing catch-up all day. It’s important to have a routine and keep up the mood all day by taking breaks, eating regularly and sleep – that is the most important.

Cut down your to-do list
Every morning or the night before, write your to-do list for the day ahead and then cross off half the items. You could be left with one thing getting finished but that’s better than having three things started but not completed. Spreading yourself too thin won’t help you focus on the biggest picture.

Clean their desks
Cleanliness is important, not just because it looks nice but you also come into a work environment that is not cluttered and provides you with a space for more creative thinking. Plus your co-workers would probably appreciate it too!

Block your workload
Also called sprint work, blocking your working time into 30-60 minute blocks will allow you to power through tasks and also take those necessary breaks to wake up the body and take a moment to step back.

Got any other useful productivity tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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Moving Homes With Airtasker

It could be your first home purchase, a rental move or even making the leap to head overseas. Regardless of "Moving Homes With Airtasker"

Moving Homes With Airtasker

It could be your first home purchase, a rental move or even making the leap to head overseas. Regardless of why it’s an exciting time but it can also be stressful, so a helping hand is always welcome or sometimes needed.

moving homes with Airtasker

After noticing a few tasks on Airtasker asking for help moving furniture or even the entire contents of a home, I decided to reach out to a couple of Task Poster’s to get first hand accounts about their experience from start to finish.

Round the corner move

Tash had decided to move from her share-house in Richmond, Victoria into her own place but really loved the area and wanted to stay local. Lucky enough for her, an apartment became available just around the corner. However, she couldn’t lift some of her bigger items, such as the couch and fridge, by herself and need some help.

Only requiring a couple of guys and trolley to move furniture, professional moving services weren’t necessary. Not wanting to bother her friends or housemates she decided to use Airtasker.

After watching a quick how to get started video, Tash posted a task for a strong guy to come over help her move for 3 hours. Airtasker Richard made an offer on a Tuesday and the following Saturday at 10am he was there ringing the doorbell with a friend to help.

Airtasker moving furniture

With the wonderful help from the two guys, Tash told me that in just a few hours she was out of the house and into her new pad. She paid the $150 after all their hard work and said there was no way she could have done it without their help.

Need advice on how to organise your moving day? Download our free Moving Home Checklist

Moving houses

Moving the contents of a house you’ve lived in for 10 years means there’s a lot to pack up, throw out and move. This is the problem that Dean and his wife, Susie, had but they also had the additional issue of a 2 year old and another one on the way, which meant Susie couldn’t do too much.

So, they turned to Airtasker to find someone to pack and organize boxes a couple of days a week, while Susie could work from home, meaning they still had time on weekend to look at houses.

After negotiating a fee with Airtasker, Lauren, the University student was able to give a helping hand wrapping and packing for two days at $20 p/h, which meant a total of $320 that she could put it towards her study fees.

packing home items with Airtasker

Susie and Dean were so thankful that she managed to pack their entire kitchen, lounge room, and clothes, leaving them only with the essentials to be done. It saved them precious time and lucky for them they managed to find a new home quickly.

Opting to do the move without professional help, they enlisted a few friends and also a couple of reliable Airtasker’s with trucks and trailers to help.

The result: they were all moved in over the course of a weekend and were eating pizza for dinner surrounded by boxes on Sunday night in their new home.

Thinking of moving? Be prepared and take the first step by downloading the Airtasker App here. It’s free to post a task and there are no obligations to hire.

Read our Top 5 moving tips here and if your looking to deck out your new house checkout the Top 5 Furniture Delivered To Your Home.

IKEA Pick Up & Delivery

Whether you go to IKEA for the $1 hot dogs and moreish Swedish meatballs or to actually buy furniture, you’re "IKEA Pick Up & Delivery"

IKEA Pick Up & Delivery

Whether you go to IKEA for the $1 hot dogs and moreish Swedish meatballs or to actually buy furniture, you’re guaranteed to leave with things that weren’t on your shopping list.

ikea shopping

When I say this, I’m speaking from experience. The last time I went to IKEA, I bought a bunch of colourful drinking straws when I really only needed a coffee table. However, this ‘binge buying’, while always exciting, can sometimes present a problem for me. I often purchase more than I can carry and don’t have access to a car that can handle my shopping splurges.

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This exact problem occurred recently when I decided to finally invest in some bigger furniture items in my home. The closest IKEA in my area is the big store at Tempe, Sydney, a good 20 minutes away. I was working on completely refurnishing my place in Bondi, when I realised that I didn’t have the time to go and purchase the furniture, let alone transport it back home.

Now IKEA does offer delivery services such as using a GoGet car or IKEA staff to bring it to your house, but at a starting price of $59AUD, they were asking a premium on the price. I needed to find an alternative option to get my goods home.

The solution? IKEA Delivery on Airtasker.

Using an Airtasker to purchase the goods and deliver them to my door was an option that worked really well and helped me keep the costs down. This is how I did it:

My Airtasker Experience

After finding the furniture I wanted bought in a current IKEA catalogue (I chose a sideboard table and a large mirror), I used the free Airtasker mobile app on my iPhone to post a job on the board to get the goods purchased and delivered to my home. I then went about my day.

Within a couple of hours after posting a task on Airtasker, I had three offers from willing and skilled people, eager to help me out. I decided to choose a guy called Yuqi, who had already completed similar delivery tasks in the past and received great reviews. He also had his own car and tools to make it easier for him.

Yuqi was able to use the description and imagery from the IKEA catalogue to buy the exact side table and mirror I wanted. He even sent photos via text message just to double check that he was buying the right furniture.

ikea table assembly

After picking up the items, he drove to my house and promptly got started putting the table together in record time. He then moved onto the mirror. That was went we were presented with a problem.

A screw loose?

As Yuqi was unpacking the mirror and checking that we had all the parts, he discovered that a bag of washers and screws was missing. I never realised how important it is to check this first before you start assembling the furniture.

I offered Yuqi another $20AUD to go back to IKEA in Tempe and pick up the missing parts, which he was happy to do. He soon returned but had been unable to get the replacement screws on the day as they were out of stock. However, showing real initiative, he had organised them to be mailed to my house once they were back in stock. Yuqi even said he would come back when they arrived to finish off the assembly.

A couple of days later Yuqi came back and finished up the task and other than a slight delay, I was chuffed with my new furniture.

ikea mirror assembly

Need to move IKEA furniture? Find out how to move with ease here.

Time Management Tips

Ask a co-worker or friend to name three things they could improve on and I bet that time management is "Time Management Tips"

Ask a co-worker or friend to name three things they could improve on and I bet that time management is one of them. It is something I strive to improve everyday but sometimes it’s a struggle to figure out how to do it in the most efficient way. Sure there are books, courses, slideshares and planners galore; I find that they can consume more of our time which defeats the purpose to begin with, right?

Before we get started on the time management tips the most important lesson you’ll learn today is that no matter what you will be interrupted. Unfortunately as you climb up the corporate ladder or decide to branch out and become an entrepreneur, these distractions will only increase. You might not be able to get rid of them completely but you can decide how to manage them in a productive way.

Here are a few tricks I use to get me through the day more efficiently:

1. Put a note book by your bed and write down your thoughts so you clear them from your mind and get adequate sleep. Nothing makes you less productive then not getting enough sleep.

2. Schedule appointments and block out time for important activities and conversations.

3. Schedule ‘interruption time’ – whether it’s emails, Facebook or reading your favourite blogs. Take time to chill out and take a break so you can focus harder on the activities that matter.

4. When you get into the office, before you turn on your computer revise your day, make a list of 3 things to tick-off and nail them.

5. Got big deadlines? Lock yourself away in a meeting room and put an out-of-office on your emails, or better yet turn them off.

6. Before every meeting take a minute or two to establish what are the two questions you want answered from the meeting and leave with the questions answered and an action list.

7. Stop multitasking – focus on one thing and get it done.

8. Set realistic personal deadlines before the real ones are due. This will challenge yourself and increase your productivity. It also has the added bonus of some buffer time for corrections and even some preliminary feedback from a trusted colleague.

9. Turn key tasks into habits – if it’s something that’s regular it can become part of your natural routine and not a daunting task but something you can knock over fast.

10. Step back and appreciate. Remember to celebrate the wins and take time to enjoy your efforts.

Got any other tips? Share with us below and I’ll add them to the list!

10 Of The Best Jobs Ever

Already think you have the coolest job in the world? Well this list might make you think again. I’ve put together "10 Of The Best Jobs Ever"

10 Of The Best Jobs Ever

Already think you have the coolest job in the world? Well this list might make you think again. I’ve put together the ultimate list of jobs we all wish we had.

If you had one of these jobs I bet that you would wake up on time, wouldn’t need endless supplies of coffee and you wouldn’t even complain about any additional hours. Although these jobs are pretty awesome the salary probably wouldn’t be the best unfortunately, but maybe it’s worth the pay cut.

Check out the list and let us know which one you’d pick in the comments below:

1. Island caretaker

island caretaker

Looking after an island like the one above would be at the top of my list. In exchange for looking after the island and it’s facilities, you get a rent-free accommodation and an income. This is the ultimate stress-free lifestyle.

2. Sweets taste tester


For every sweet-tooth out there this job is for you. Giving feedback on candy flavours and sweetness would be your daily routine. We just hope that the job comes with good dental cover.

3. Movie critic


Being paid to watch movies and give your thoughts sounds like a pretty easy life. But if you’re one of those types of people that falls asleep in movies, then perhaps this isn’t for you.

4. Water slide tester

Testing our water slides sounds pretty cool, but hopefully it’s a seasonal job, I can’t imagine this would be very fun in winter.

5. Travel blogger

travel blogging

The job that will fix anyone who has the travel ‘bug’. There might be the downsides of personal safety and constant jet-lag, but reviewing amazing places many others wouldn’t ever get to ever see sounds worth it.

6. Bed tester

bed tester

Don’t like getting out of bed on a Monday morning? How about being paid to stay in bed instead? Sounds like a dream.

7. Sky diving trainer


For the adrenaline junkies this job would satisfy your cravings and let you meets a lot of interesting people as well.

8. Trivia writer


Wikipedia would be your best friend as you compile lists of questions and answers for websites and game companies.

9. Video game tester


Getting access to some of the most sought after video games so that you can test them would be pretty cool and you wouldn’t be nagged by your partner, family or friends to stop playing video games.

10. Being an Airtasker


People get to complete a whole range of tasks which they might not otherwise have the opportunity to get experience in. With thousands of tasks on Airtasker, there are no limits as to what you can do.

Ten Hilarious Garden Hedges

Hedges are commonly used to separate land, provide privacy, protection and can also look a lot better than your traditional "Ten Hilarious Garden Hedges"

Ten Hilarious Garden Hedges

Hedge trimming

Hedges are commonly used to separate land, provide privacy, protection and can also look a lot better than your traditional wooden fences. They can be as tall (see above) or small as you want, however I hope you have some time on your hands as a hedge can take anywhere from 2-20 years to grow.

Hedges are a traditional garden feature and in the UK some hedges can date back thousands of years. Through my research I’ve stumbled across some more interesting modern adaptions of the more classic straight-lined feature.

Let’s take a look at some of the finer examples of topiary (yes that means the art of creating hedges):


1. Nelly the elephant – You’ll agree he’s pretty cute although getting the trunk and the ears just right can’t be easy.

F1 hedge

2. For every F1 obsessed guy

Filimg hedge

3. Lights. Camera. Action

Lizard hedge

4. For our lizard friends – Serious digging the hairstyle too!

proposal hedge

5. For the nature lovers – A proposal with a difference.

christmas pudding hedge

6. Getting into the Christmas spirit – Pudding without the calories 😉

whale hedge

7. Isn’t this hedge just having a whale of a time…

pig hedge

8. Oink oink!

house hedge

9. Guessing losing your keys is the least of your worries if you’re trying to open the front door to this house.



10. Avert your eyes

Would you have any of these hedges in your garden? Well if so, a trusty Airtasker with a hedge trimmer will surely be able to help you.

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Stain removal – Myths vs Facts

I’m not sure about you, but getting stains on my clothes is a regular occurrence and if I happen to "Stain removal – Myths vs Facts"

house cleaning services from Airtasker

I’m not sure about you, but getting stains on my clothes is a regular occurrence and if I happen to be throwing a dinner party there’s bound to be wine spilt on the tablecloth, floor or more commonly both. If you asked 10 people the best way to removed a red wine stain, I guarantee that you’ll get a variety of responses, so I thought I’d put my MythBusters hat on and look at the myths vs. facts of stain removal. Here are the results…

Myth or fact – Hairspray removes ink stains
It’s been debated whether hairspray removes ink on laundry items e.g. sheets and clothes, and while there has been some instances where its been successful, it should be approached with caution.

Hairspray contains alcohol so it shouldn’t be used with certain types of materials as it will do more harm than good and leave behind another stain for you to deal with. Make sure you look at the garment tag and dry clean if recommend, if not a few washes will see the ink come out eventually.
Answer = Myth

Myth or Fact – WD-40 for Crayon stains
For all the mums and dads out there I’m sure you’ve had the problem of giving a child a pen, texta or crayon and as soon as you’ve turned your back they’ve drawn on the walls, sofa, themselves or even you.

While for the material stains I recommend looking up the manufacturer website, WD-40 will remove crayon stains from a variety of surfaces such as wood, walls, and most other surfaces. Give it a try next time, might be easier than some very exhausting scrubbing with spray and wipe.
Answer = Fact

Myth or fact – Rub the stain to remove it
Your first instincts tell you that you need to get rid of that stain as quickly as possible, which means you’ll start rubbing and scrubbing the stain because it’s the fastest way to remove it.

But stop, right there! Do not rub a stain ever because you’re only rubbing it in further. The best way is to use a damp cloth and dab from the outer to the inner part of the stain.
Answer = Myth – dab it!!

Myth or fact – Soda water/ white wine/ salt removes red wine
Picture this – You’re hosting a dinner party, everyone is a bit merry and all of a sudden someone has spilt red wine all over the carpet. Next thing you know people are telling you to five different ways to get the stain out and with a barrage of theories it can get a bit confusing. Here are three common theories:

  • Salt can stop the stain from setting so you have more ‘thinking’ time to consider which removal option your going to go with.
  • White wine should be poured on top of the spilt red wine. Well, I can’t say I’ve tested this one but apparently it neutralises the red colour. Have you tried it?
  • Soda water (aka water with bubbles) is a party favourite, however there’s no chemical reasoning as to why it would work more than ordinary water. The stain removal community is largely divided – have you got a preference?

The overall conclusion is that you could add soda water, wine or vinegar straight away but whatever you do, dab DON’T RUB as it will only make the stain worse.

What do you think? Got any other theories or disagree with any of the above? Let us know, we’re keen to hear!

We always have someone on Airtasker to help you! If you need someone with loads of know-how and experience make sure you post a home cleaning task on Airtasker today!

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