Airtasker Badges

Profile Badges

Verifications help to build trust in the Airtasker community and give you more information when deciding who to work with on a task. Verifications icons and badges appear on a member’s profile when the specific requirements of that badge are met. An Airtasker Worker’s badges will be also shown to a Job Poster when they’re [Read More]

My next chapter: Jonathan Lui

Growing a startup is one of the most amazing experiences a person can have in their life. Those who have been fortunate enough to be involved in seeing a business go from being nothing more than an idea to a thriving company will understand how exciting it can be. However, with business success comes sacrifice, [Read More]

How Plan The Ultimate Australia Day Party


The most important day of any patriotic Aussie’s calendar year is upon us… Australia Day! If you’re looking for Australia Day party ideas or Australia Day food ideas, look no further. Here is your guide to throwing the ultimate Australia Day party. You’re welcome. House Prep The impeccable lawn First things first… If you’re having [Read More]

How To Declutter And Organise Your Home


So you may have wound up declaring after a few glasses of bubbles on NYE that 2016 is going to be different. This year you’ll be career focused, watch the sunrise, eat healthy and loose weight. The problem with New Year resolutions is that they are hard to stick to and most people fail to [Read More]

6 Non-Traditional Christmas Tree Ideas


The traditional Christmas tree has all the trimmings with tinsel, baubles and lights. However, more and more we’re seeing all different types of decorated trees. So let’s think outside the box for this year (and the next) with coloured trees, wall inspired trees and much more. The Coloured Tree Source: Pinterest Don’t be held back [Read More]

Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas


Let’s be honest – 90% of the fun of Christmas is presents, and a good portion of that is the wrapping (or un-wrapping). Regardless of what’s inside, there’s nothing quite as appealing as an attractive tree brimming with beautifully wrapped presents. For some of us though, it seems we’re born with two left thumbs when [Read More]

Ultimate Guide to BBQ Cleaning


Source: Ray White Having friends over for a BBQ or just cooking grilled weeknight food is an Australian ritual. It’s a show of Australian culinary excellence and the best way to cook for a crowd. It’s often debated whether webers, hotplates or even ground barbecues are the best method. However, something else that’s also talked [Read More]

How to Save Money on Christmas Decorations


As Christmas decorations fill department stores and Christmas carols play in every shop, Christmas season is well and truly here. Right now you’re more money focused than ever as Christmas Day plans are made, present lists created and party invitations start to arrive. But just because tis’ the season to be jolly, it doesn’t mean [Read More]

Home and Office Christmas Party Tips

DJ Santa Claus mixing up some Christmas cheer. Disco lights in the background.

Ended up with the responsibility of organising the family or office Christmas party? Well we understand how much pressure you’re under to pull off the end of year celebrations, which is why we put together some of our favourite Christmas party tips. Start Early It’s never too soon to start planning for your Christmas part. [Read More]

5 Top Flooring Trends for Home Design

The right flooring will set the tone for any space that why you should always favour quality and designer options. Carpet Court has the top flooring and home design trends and tips to help you decide which style is best for your space. It’s about general styling with the addition of new colours and textures. [Read More]

Clever Storage Tips Ahead Of Your Spring Clean

closet storage

Are you planning a big spring clean, but have no idea where to store all of your winter and autumn stuff? You are not alone! A recent poll conducted by online homewares retailer shows that 68 percent of Australians don’t think they have enough storage in their homes. “Lack of storage is very common, [Read More]

Sharing Economy And Tax: A Guide For Airtasker Members


We’ve worked alongside H&R Block to provide you, our Airtasker Members, with the most up to date information about tax and how it will affect you. Last year the Australian Tax Office (ATO) made an announcement outlining tax laws which apply to ‘regular’ income streams, also apply to peer-to-peer and collaborative consumption facilitators. Meaning that [Read More]

Revealed: 8 Interior Turnoffs That Scare Off Your Date

airtasker vacuuming house cleaning

According to new stats from relationship site, a messy or tackily decorated home is a deal breaker for many singles. “If you invite a love interest into your outdated and dirty home, they will undoubtedly question your taste and hygiene – or more specifically, lack thereof,” explains homewares retailer’s interior stylist Emma Blomfield. [Read More]

Home Renovation Ideas Under $150


We all know home renovations are rarely cheap, so when the time comes to refreshing your home we’re all guilty of trying to cut corners, or just putting off the inconvenience of it all for as long as possible. However, affordable home renovations can be easily done if have a bit of inspiration and not [Read More]

Removing Wallpaper Tips and Tricks

removing wallpaper

Wallpaper removal is definitely not a fun task at all, but sometimes it has just got to go. There’s no need to stress about how it’s going to come off because we’ve looked at all the removing wallpaper tips and tricks for you. Source: Blenture Now you just need to put aside a weekend to [Read More]

IKEA Furniture Assembly Game

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 5.06.45 pm

We discovered this IKEA game online and we thought it was too good not to share with the Airtasker community seeing as though furniture assembly is one of the top 5 tasks posted to Airtasker. So we’re challenging our pro furniture assembly Airtaskers to have a go and also everyone else who wants to see [Read More]

DIY Home Renovation Hacks

Image 3

Home renovations don’t have to be costly or require handyman help because making the smallest of changes can make all the difference. You can also go at your own pace with DIY home renovation projects by tackling one room at a time – not to mention the costs it will save you. However there are [Read More]

Kitchen Home Improvement Ideas

kitchen improvement ideas

Source: Iconic Home Design It’s said that the heart of the home is the kitchen. This couldn’t be truer with the kitchen being the place where people gather to eat, talk and socialise together. As an important area of your home, you’ll want to make sure that you’re comfortable using the space to cook up [Read More]

House Painting Hacks

house painting tips

Source: Quartzite House painting is not just a big job, but a huge job. It’s messy, time consuming and frustrating; not to mention the paint fumes are enough to make you wish you’d contracted a professional. Painting your house is never going to be a stress-free task, but it can be made easier and quicker [Read More]

IKEA Furniture Assembly Tips

ikea ad

Shopping for furniture is great fun (well for some), but when it comes to furniture assembly people can generally fall into four categories. 1. People that hate anything that comes in a flat pack. 2. People who enjoy trying to use the information-lacking instructions to successfully put furniture together. 3. People that know it has [Read More]

How To Clean The Oven


Cleaning the oven, one of the easiest house cleaning chore… to ignore. Close that oven door, and BOOM you can pretend all is well for a couple of more months (at least)! “No one else sees the inside,” your inner procrastinator whispers, “It’s what comes out of the oven that counts”. But this is one [Read More]

Airtasker Alerts: New Feature


We’ve just launched Airtasker Alerts, a brand new feature that will notify you instantly when there is a task near you that you’re interested in. This means you’ll never miss another opportunity to earn more with alerts sent directly to your email inbox. To activate your free alerts, simply add a keyword or phrase such [Read More]

New Feature: Airtasker Projects

airtasker multi runner

Do you have market research activity coming up or maybe you need some flexible promotional staff? Sounds like Airtasker Projects is just for you. This brand-new feature on Airtasker will help you hire multiple people quickly with minimum effort required. Before you had to create individual tasks, but now Airtasker Projects allows you to create [Read More]

We’ve Acquired Occasional Butler!


Today we’re pleased to share with you some awesome news – Occasional Butler has joined forces with Airtasker to create Australia’s no. 1 services marketplace! We’re super happy to welcome Occasional Butler co-founders Erz and Jodie Imam (who also founded Prahan, Melbourne co-working space depo8) to the Airtasker family as Community Advisors and together we’ll be working to build [Read More]

Take A Task Selfie To Win


Love earning money by completing tasks on Airtasker? Show us (and your mates) and go in the running to win some awesome Airtasker prizes. Take a snap of you completing the task and upload it to your Instagram, Twitter or the Airtasker Facebook page with the hashtag #taskselfie you’ll go in the running to win [Read More]

Work 2.0: A Time of Change


We are in a time of immense change when it comes to recruitment. The internet is transforming every sphere into a digital marketplace, including work itself. We tend to think about ecommerce in terms of Amazon and eBay: fast, transparent, marketplaces and exchanges for goods. But now the same is happening for skills and labour. [Read More]

New Features on Airtasker


It’s been a cracking start to 2014 with the new website launching and achieving some great milestones, including reaching over 100k Airtasker members. Our tech team has been working hard to make it a better experience for you by consistently improving the website. They’ve been also developing new features for both our Task Posters and [Read More]

Videographer Airtasker $500 Vouchers: Promotion

enter Pozible competition here

Here at Airtasker we provide an online community marketplace with access to skilled people to help individuals get tasks completed. As participants in the sharing economy, we’re always looking for new exciting opportunities for our Airtaskers. So we’ve teamed up with the guys at Pozible, a site designed to assist people raise funds for crowdfunders, [Read More]

eBay Pick Up and Delivery

ebay logo

It’s one of the ‘greats’ born in the dot-com bubble era, and these days eBay is still going strong in the shopping and online auction space. Personally, I haven’t used eBay before, yes shocking I know, but I’ve just always been a little bit apprehensive about buying used (or new) items off strangers online. To [Read More]

Price Guide: Airtasker Tasks


Not sure what to price an Airtasker task? We’ve put together a clever cheat sheet so you know exactly what to budget for and set the price of your next task. This makes it simpler and quicker to post a task. Please note: The amounts below are just a rough guide to get you started [Read More]

Top 5 Biggest Outsourcing Mistakes

Businesses large and small are outsourcing both product and services more than ever before. Not only are they utlising traditional outsourcing methods, but companies are turning to online outsourcing for a more cost-effective approach. As a conservative attitude towards the world economy lingers, online marketplaces such as Airtasker that offer a quick and efficient outsourcing [Read More]

Top Gardening Tips

Gardening tips

Gardens are the first thing someone sees when visiting your home and one of the most important things to have looking superb when buying or selling. Keeping a well-maintained garden isn’t has hard as you may think and we want to help you with some simple gardening secrets. Whether you’re a well-seasoned pro or a [Read More]

Meet Our Top Cleaners

Top cleaning tips

Did you know that cleaning tasks aren’t just posted daily but hourly, making it one of the most popular tasks on Airtasker and confirming it’s place within the top 5 most popular tasks. We find that everybody needs a little (or sometimes a lot) of help around the home, regardless of whether it’s a weekly [Read More]

Top 10 Tasks in March

salted caramel

Not sure about you but March flew by for us this year. Here at Airtasker HQ it was another epic month as we went over the 100,000 members mark. We also launched Task Insurance which is a brand new initiative as part of our commitment to trust and quality in your community. With plenty of [Read More]

End Of Lease Cleaning Guide and Checklist

End of Lease Cleaning Checklist

Moving out can come with a headache, but by giving your apartment or house a thorough end of lease clean, it could mean all the difference in getting your bond 100% back. End of lease cleaning professional services can start from about $200 and go up from there. Why not use some elbow grease, get [Read More]

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Alternative cleaning products

Bathroom cleaning is a chore that no one wants to do, but unfortunately it must be done and regularly. There’s a lot of advice and tips available however there are a few alternative solutions that caught our eye. Some are chemical-free cleaning solutions and others pure genius with a pinch of wacky. We’ve complied the [Read More]

The Ultimate April Fools Day Pranks

April fools day

Want to pull the greatest April Fools Day prank of all time but struggling for a little bit of inspiration? Don’t worry we’ve pulled together some of the best pranks to give you some great ideas for April 1st; making it a prank to remember for many years to come. From balloons to post-it notes [Read More]

An Airtasker Story – A documentary

Airtasker documentary

At the beginning of the year journalist Su-Lin Tan filmed a documentary on Airtasker. Talking to a couple of our top Airtaskers, she gives you a look into why these individuals are using Airtasker to earn money, and how businesses are also benefitting from the platform. Our top Airtasker, Alexa, has been completing tasks on [Read More]

How To: Prepare For An Airbnb Guest


Airbnb is a great way to earn some extra money when you’re not using your place or if you have a spare room available. It can be stressful letting someone to have free rein of your apartment or house and although it’s likely to be smooth sailing nor you or the guest want any surprises. [Read More]

Top 10 Tasks in February

It was the last month of summer, it has one entire day dedicated to love and it’s also the shortest month of the year. However here at Airtasker, February was the biggest month not only of the year but EVER. With more tasks posted than ever before and it’s no surprise that Airtasker played a [Read More]

Top 5 Cleaning Tips

Types of mops

There’s no better feeling than sitting back on the couch and admiring a clean and spotless house – but you can admit that it was a bit of a pain to get there. You might be lucky enough to have a cleaner or a flawless roster for your family or housemates so that cleaning is [Read More]

Moving House – Your Checklist

Moving house checklist

Moving house isn’t always as simple as packing all your belongings, hiring a truck and unpacking it all again. It can be a lot to take on-board and it’s a bit like cooking, you might get finished quicker but too many cooks can spoil the brew. Making sure that you have plenty of time to [Read More]

Collaborative Consumption (#collcons): A simple explanation


Despite it’s association with high tech companies like Airbnb, Lyft, Getaround, eBay and Airtasker, collaborative consumption as a concept is nothing new. In her amazingly pre-emptive 2009 publication What’s Mine is Yours, Rachel Botsman defines collaborative consumption as “a class of economic, arrangements in which participants share access to products or services, rather than having [Read More]

How To Disassemble & Move IKEA Furniture

Airtasker moving furniture

IKEA furniture is affordable and easy to assemble (apparently)- appealing to the masses as a low-cost alternative. We can see from the number of furniture assembly tasks, especially IKEA, that putting together the furniture is the least fun part of the process but eventually is completed and you can enjoy your furniture… But then you [Read More]

Celebrities meet Airtasker


Everyone starts somewhere right? Even today’s top celebrities such as Harrison Ford, Beyonce and Brad Pitt had interesting first jobs including gardening, wearing a chicken suit and telemarketing. We bet you can’t guess who did which job! We decided to match some of our most popular Airtasker tasks with celebrities, who knows maybe even you [Read More]

Top 5 Moving Tips

packing home items with Airtasker

So you’re thinking about moving house or just about to? Well first up, congrats that’s awesome news! We’re guessing you’re excited, extremely happy and maybe even slightly stressed at the thought of finances, moving logistics and possibly pre-move renovations. It’s important to remember that almost everyone has been through this, so don’t worry you’re not [Read More]

Guide to: New Airtasker Website

New site post a task

We’re excited to let you know that our brand-new-look website is up and running. Thanks to a lot of user feedback over the years we’ve been able to create a platform catering to the various needs of our Airtaskers. So what did we change? Here’s a quick sum up of the main changes: Mobile friendly [Read More]

Meet Our Top Handymen

Top Handyman

There’s no shortage of Handyman tasks on Airtasker ranging from basic light globe changes to building decks from scratch. We’ve handpicked a couple of outstanding Airtasker’s who between them have completed over 153 tasks mainly helping people with odd jobs around the house and garden, so it’ll be easy next time you need to find [Read More]

The Wedding Proposal


Traditional wedding proposals like finding a ring at the bottom of a champagne flute or getting down on one knee after hosting a picnic under the stars are cute and some would say “old-school romantic” but as times change, creative guys (and girls) have started coming up with more and more unique and quirky proposals [Read More]

Top 5 Painting Tips

Painting tips

Painting as a kid was fun however fast-forward to now and the excitement has worn off. Not only do you have to finish the job, but there’s no paint fights and even worse you discover any the imperfections in the coming weeks. If you’ve experienced any of the following: paint foaming, cracking, wrinkling, splatter and [Read More]

Top 10 Tasks in January


It’s been a huge start to 2014 for us at Airtasker with the new site launch, becoming officially available Australia-wide and of course being inundated with awesome tasks. From new year resolutions to weddings, we’ve had a wonderful month of impressive tasks and we wanted to share our top picks.

Top Computer & IT tasks


Websites are now a must-have for every business no matter if you’re software company or the local pizza shop. However with technology rapidly changing so must your business and fast. It’s this quick pace of change which catches a lot of businesses out as they look for quick solutions for building and updating websites, design, [Read More]

Top Business Tasks

business tasks

Small companies and entrepreneurs have a common problem trying to get the little day-to-day things done, distracting their focus from the bigger long-term gains. It’s not only budgets that are holding smaller companies back from employing the staff required but also not having enough work to justify a full-time or part-time role. This is when [Read More]

Top Marketing Tasks

marketing tasks

Successful marketing campaigns usually come down to great strategy and planning, however it doesn’t often require a huge team throughout the entire process, but rather just the implementation towards the end. Businesses are able to achieve maximum exposure during the implementation period by a hiring marketing ‘army’ in a low-cost and efficient way via online [Read More]

Airtasker Merch Store: Now Open

Airtasker merch store

As so many of our users have asked where they can get a world-famous Airtasker t-shirt we decided to build a Merch Store where you can now get your own! The Airtasker t-shirt is a must have for top Airtaskers. When you’re in the field or completing tasks, nothing says “pro” more than the way [Read More]

How To Wall-mount Your TV

mount tv on wall

You’ve purchased your new TV and bought the bracket but stuck wondering how to mount the TV on your wall. Well here’s a handy guide of important steps not to skip when mounting it on your freshly painted wall.

Top 5 Handyman Tips

Top 5 Handyman Tips

Some people are born with handyman skills, others have great mates to help out and if you’re like me I try to tackle things myself. But what seems like a simple fix often goes from bad to worse, sometimes much worse.

Top 10 tasks in 2013

Ever wondered what are the tasks that make us stop to chat about in Airtasker HQ? Well here they are in all their glory… from costume making (see awesome costume pic above), to picking up an engagement ring in Texas – we’ve seen it all! Here’s our list of top picks for 2013. P.S. Got [Read More]

Getting an ABN (Australian Business Number)

Apply for ABN

Do I need an ABN? When completing a task, a Task Poster may request the person completing the task (the Airtasker) to provide an ABN. An ABN is an Australian Business Number, which businesses and independent contractors use when dealing with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) or other government departments.  If the Task Poster is asking [Read More]

How to write a good task post:

July 2013 - blog

Whilst there is no such thing as a “good” or a “bad” posted task, here are some simple tips that can help get your task completed as easily and quickly as possible: The Do’s:  1. Details – When describing your task, be as detailed as possible and include any specific skills, experience or equipment required [Read More]

Use Airtasker to hire flexible staff in minutes:

Hire temp staff in minutes

Airtasker is an online marketplace that allows you to find flexible staff in minutes.  Airtasker is absolutely free to use for businesses and with over 65,000 Australian workers registered we can help you find great local people, whatever the job: > Temporary staffing – office assistants, data entry staff or customer service specialists > Project work – [Read More]

Green Money $20 Voucher Promotion

Our partnership with Green Money means you can earn a $20 Green Money voucher every time you post a task on Airtasker. How this promotion works: 1. Post a task on Airtasker for FREE.  Airtasker helps you find awesome, local people who can help with tasks around the home and office.  Think house cleaning, handyman [Read More]

We turned 1 – here’s a big hug.


Today Airtasker is turning 1 and although it sounds like a cheesy cliche, in this case it’s more than fair to say “it’s all thanks to you” – the folk who have discovered,  established and shaped the Airtasker community.  Now here’s a big (non-scary) hug from us! When we launched the Airtasker platform in early [Read More]

TaskBox is joining Airtasker!


Today we’re pleased to announce that we’ve just acquired TaskBox, another Sydney-based startup that connects individuals and businesses seeking to outsource everyday tasks to reliable and trusted people who can complete those tasks. The founders of TaskBox James Mather and Nick Roberts are going to join Airtasker as Team Advisors and will be responsible for [Read More]

Jobs Board Plugin Embed Instructions

Widget Screenshot

The Airtasker Jobs Board Plugin is a widget that allows you to serve a live feed of available tasks to your website users.  It’s a great way to share our “sticky” task content with your website community. The plugin is a small, simple JavaScript widget that can be easily placed onto any website using only [Read More]

We’re going into business!


Today we’re super happy to announce the launch of Airtasker Business – a dedicated business service aimed at helping organisations outsource almost any task that they need done within their business. So why did we set up Airtasker Business? We started noticing that more and more jobs being posted on Airtasker were coming from businesses [Read More]

We can grow a moustache for you!

Movember blog tile

Every year thousands of men all over the world take part in the challenge to grow moustaches to raise money for a good cause. But what about those of us who are follicly challenged in the facial area? This year, hire an Airtasker to grow a moustache for you (and all task fees wil be [Read More]

Creating jobs out of an iPhone queue

airtaskerSTATS copy

Today was a huge day for Airtasker, with community members using the power of a connected services marketplace to save time and earn money amidst the buzz of Apple’s amazing new iPhone 5 launch. As soon as the launch date was announced last week, eager Apple fans started posting tasks to line up and make [Read More]

Get an iPhone without waiting in line!

Steve P line up 1

The new iPhone is here and we’re super excited! To make sure we don’t end up waiting for months to get one, Airtaskers are lining up really early outside Apple Stores to be first in the queue. Want to get your iPhone early too? For $50, we can hold your position in the queue outside [Read More]

AirtaskerPRO: More Trust and Safety


Trust and Safety is one of the most important feature sets that we’re working on here at Airtasker so I’m super happy to announce that today we’re launching AirtaskerPRO – a feature that let’s you find an Airtasker runner who’s been video-screened, application approved and ID-checked by our community management team to increase the levels [Read More]

Airtasker Video Testimonial part 1

We recently went out and chatted with a few of our community members to get some feedback on how Airtasker has been helping them to simplify their lives. Here’s a preview of the video that we made to capture their thoughts.  We’d love to hear your Airtasker story in the comments below 🙂

Keep the feedback rolling!


Airtasker was featured on SBS World News a few weeks back and although the show makes it looks like we spend most of our days around the ping pong table, we really enjoyed being part of this piece and the feedback that we’ve received from our users and the audience since it aired. We hear [Read More]

We feel “so seductive”

A couple of days back the guys here in the office were literally ROFL-ing when Airtasker community member Chris F posted an arguably romantic task for someone to sing the “Hangover version of Candy Shop” to his girlfriend in a crowded food hall. We weren’t sure which of our trusted Airtaskers was going to be [Read More]

Airtasker 90 days in


What happens 90 days after you launch your new startup?  As everybody knows, nobody knows – that’s what makes it exciting, stressful and fun to hit the big green button and launch your business.  When Jono (Airtasker co-founder and COO) and I started out, we had no idea what we were up for.  We had [Read More]

Brisbane and Perth: Airtasker is here!

G’day Airtaskers! We’re super pleased to announce that this July 2012, Airtasker is launching in Brisbane and Perth!  You can start posting and running tasks anywhere in the states of Queensland (from 3 July 2012) or West Australia (from 10 July 2012) and start getting all those niggling extra tasks done – think a quick [Read More]