New Feature: Airtasker Projects

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Do you have market research activity coming up or maybe you need some flexible promotional staff? Sounds like Airtasker Projects is just for you.

This brand-new feature on Airtasker will help you hire multiple people quickly with minimum effort required. Before you had to create individual tasks, but now Airtasker Projects allows you to create one centralized project where you can assign one, two or fifty Airtaskers to get the project done.


Using Airtasker Projects you’ll be able to establish task requirements, such as:
– Mobile number
– Survey to complete
– Minimum past tasks completed
– Airtasker rating

Airtasker post a task multiple runner

What can you get done with Airtasker Projects?
– Mystery shopping
– Focus groups
– Questionnaire respondents
– Promotional staff
– Flyer drops
– Wait staff/ catering
– Data entry
– Office cleaning
– Moving personnel

So how does it work…

To start:
1. Tell us what the project is after clicking the post a task button.
2. Enter the total number of Airtasker required.
3. Review and assign Airtaskers to the project as they make you an offer.
4. The project will automatically finalise once all slots have been assigned or once the deadline of the project has passed.

airtasker multi runner

Work with the Airtasker worker once assigned:
1. A sub-task will be created for each worker that is assigned to a project.
2. Locate each sub-task to communicate directly with each individual worker using the private message feature.

Finish up each sub-task for a project:
1. For cash tasks, each worker will be paid by you and they then mark the task as complete in order for a review to then be left.
2. For tasks paid via PayPal, the worker must ‘send an invoice’ to you via Airtasker, which you will then be notified to pay via Paypal.
3. Once either of the above is complete, please leave a review for each worker on the platform.

Good luck and happy Airtasking!


  1. Rick K says

    Hi Team

    Great idea.

    Suggest in next version that you provide the Project Manager (Sender) with the ability to communicate with all the runners assigned at the one time. It is OK to communicate with two or three on an individual basis but over that number it will start to become time consuming if all you want to do is communicate a common message.

    Keep up the innovation


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