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In case you missed it, yesterday Apple announced that the highly anticipated Apple Watch with hit wrists on April 24th 2015.


At Airtasker we’ve been planning how we can integrate the Airtasker platform on the Apple Watch interface, and we’re happy to share the results with you below:

Assign Tasks

This screen shows a list of tasks that you (as a Task Poster) have assigned to Airtasker Workers, offering a snapshot of the task title and the due date. View more by tapping on the task.

If there are a lot of tasks in the list, you can scroll using the digital crown.

Assigned Tasks

Task Notifications

You’ll be able to receive customised task alerts on your Apple Watch. This will show you know all the task details so that you can make an offer straight away, or if you’re not interested, easily dismiss it.

Long look notification

Airtasker Calling

Once a task has been assigned, if the phone feature is activated, you will be able to call your Airtasker Worker or Task Poster for up to 20 minutes for free.

Call In Progress


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