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Verifications help to build trust in the Airtasker community and give you more information when deciding who to work with on a task.

Verifications icons and badges appear on a member’s profile when the specific requirements of that badge are met. An Airtasker Worker’s badges will be also shown to a Job Poster when they’re reviewing an offer.

Available verifications overview

1. Mobile:

    Verified when you join Airtasker, this allows you to receive instant task notifications and to make free calls via Airtasker.

2. AirtaskerPRO Badge:

    Earn this Badge by completing a questionnaire interview, which is reviewed by our Customer Support Team.

3. Payment Method:

    Make and receive payments with ease by having your payment method verified.

4. Police Check Badge:

    Provide peace of mind to other members by successfully completing a Police Check.

5. CommBank Identified:

    Stand out & let other members know CommBank has confirmed your identity.

6. Facebook:

    Connect your Facebook profile to build your online social reputation.

7. LinkedIn:

    Connect your professional Linkedin profile to build your online social reputation.

8. Twitter:

    Connect your Twitter profile to build your online social reputation.

Recently launched verifications

Commbank Identified

Pro Copy 22

We’ve joined forces with CommBank to offer you the CommBank Identified Badge.

It’s available to any member who is a CommBank customer, and will be displayed once a member’s full name and date of birth on Airtasker are verified against their CommBank details.

To ensure verifications remain current, the CommBank Identified Badge will be re-verified from time to time.

Learn how to add the CommBank Identified Badge to your profile.

Important notes:

CommBank has no knowledge of and makes no representation of any member’s ability to perform the tasks they bid for and takes no responsibility for services not delivered or completed to the desired standard.

Police Check Badge

Group 2

A Police Check Badge is only added to a member’s profile if they do not have a Disclosable Court Outcome (i.e. the Airtasker Member has a clean police history check) as notified to Airtasker by our verifications provider, and their name and date of birth details on Airtasker match those provided for the police check.

If you would like to add a Police Check Badge to your profile, you can read more about how to add the badge, or register your interest.

For more information about our verifications provider, RISQ, visit this page.

Adding verifications

To add verification icons and badges to your profile:

  1. 1. Go to Settings
  2. 2. Select Verifications
  3. 3. Select Add next to the badge

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