Airtasker Alerts: New Feature

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We’ve just launched Airtasker Alerts, a brand new feature that will notify you instantly when there is a task near you that you’re interested in.

This means you’ll never miss another opportunity to earn more with alerts sent directly to your email inbox.

To activate your free alerts, simply add a keyword or phrase such as “Clean” or “Moving House”. When a task is posted that matches these keywords we’ll let you know so you can make your offer first and earn money.


Here are a few example keywords for our most popular tasks:



  1. mohan says

    Lately Airtaker website become very very slow some time it’s take more than 5 min to post comment & offer. could you please Address this issue

  2. Katie says

    Hey Mohan, We are working on this and you should notice that the site is faster now. Thanks for getting in touch. Cheers, Katie

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