We’ve Acquired Occasional Butler!

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Today we’re pleased to share with you some awesome news – Occasional Butler has joined forces with Airtasker to create Australia’s no. 1 services marketplace!

We’re super happy to welcome Occasional Butler co-founders Erz and Jodie Imam (who also founded Prahan, Melbourne co-working space depo8) to the Airtasker family as Community Advisors and together we’ll be working to build the best possible platform for “getting it done”.

We’ll shortly bring the Occasional Butler user accounts across to the Airtasker community but if you’ve got an urgent task that needs to be done in the meantime, head over to Airtasker.

Here’s to getting it done together!
Cheers, The Airtasker Team

Occasional Butler co-founder Erz Imam: “We founded Occasional Butler in 2012 and have enjoyed building a fantastic community of great people helping each other get tons of tasks done. Tasks varying from ‘Waiter at my party’ to ‘weed the garden’ and ‘admin assistant’.  After meeting with Airtasker, we realised that we shared a parallel vision of how a services marketplace should grow and we could create an even better customer experience by forming one big marketplace across Australia.  We’re really excited to join forces with the Airtasker team and will continue to be involved in marketplace development as Community Advisors.”

Airtasker co-founder and CEO, Tim Fung: “We’ve been following closely what Occasional Butler has been doing in terms of building a strong marketplace and it made total sense for us to work together as one big community works even better than two separate platforms.  Erz and Jodie did an amazing job of building traction in some of our key task verticals and building a particularly vibrant community in Melbourne for people and businesses to outsource tasks, find local services or hire flexible staff online or via mobile.  We’re super excited to be serving Occasional Butler’s community members going forward and working with Erz and Jodie to build Australia’s no. 1 services marketplace.”


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